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BREAKING 2024 Poll Shows Surprising Candidate With A HUGE Lead Over the Field


UAFReport| Daniel| I keep saying it and people keep ridiculing me for it, but as great of a president as Donald Trump was, his running in 2024 may be a mistake. He may not secure the nomination and his support is decreasing rather than increasing.

As I’ve reported in the past, I think that President Trump is one of the greatest presidents that we’ve had, if not the best, but he had to fight tooth and nail on literally everything that he did. If he had decided to give out free turkeys for Thanksgiving, the Democrats would fight him on it because he didn’t test the turkeys or because he had close ties to the turkey donors. It didn’t matter what it was, right or wrong, they fought him on it.

That said, I think that more conservatives would want someone like Ron DeSantis to run for president rather than President Trump once again. In fact, I’m nearly certain of it. I’ve been saying for several weeks now that more people seem to be showing more support for DeSantis than they are for Trump. This would even explain why President Trump has been so bold as to attack DeSantis for seemingly no reason.

Several polls have shown this and a new poll in Florida shows that DeSantis is actually dominating Trump.

The Daily Wire reported,

A new poll surveying Florida residents has found that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would trounce former President Donald Trump in a 2024 Republican Party presidential primary.

The poll, conducted late last week by Sachs Media, found that DeSantis beats Trump by a whopping 45 points, 66% to 21%.

The poll from Sachs Media, whose polls correctly showed DeSantis winning re-election by double digits, found that respondents “trust” DeSantis “more” than Trump to “be a good role model for young people,” 89% to 4%, “have a moral foundation for choices,” 81% to 12%, “unite voters around a common cause,” 76% to 19%, and “be respected by other world leaders,” 68% to 26%.

Republican voters want DeSantis over Trump, 46% to 39%, and Independent voters also want DeSantis over Trump, 34% to 21%. For all voters, DeSantis had a 15-point lead over the former president, 43% to 28%.

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