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Breaking: Nearly 1 Million BS Ballots Found In Audit … In One County


According to the auditors in Maricopa County, Arizona, there were 700,000 ballots that were questionable. Some are definitely wrong, but many could have been honest mistakes, but until the servers and the Splunk logs are examined there is no way to tell. Hopefully, if the supervisors cooperate, we will find out which it was. There were over 9,000 mail-in ballots without envelopes. That should not be in any case. All should have envelopes.

The largest issue reported was related to early voting files which do not include early votes included in the final voted file.

The second-largest issue we noted in the Cyber Ninja report included 86,000 ballots where the insureds have no related fingerprints at all, which in this day and age seems unlikely.

There were also 17,000 ballot envelopes which are duplicates. That is another area where there is no doubt that these votes should have been disqualified.

From The Gateway Pundit

Lost votes are those votes where people voted but their votes were discarded.

Ghost votes are those votes cast by someone other than the voter assigned to the vote.

Dead voters accounted for a significant number of these anomalies.

From The Gateway Pundit

Doug Logan began his presentation by providing an overview of the process his team took in performing their work related to the audit of the 2020 Election results of Maricopa County.  Much of his team’s work was done at the Maricopa County Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

Logan then went on to discuss duplicates and the results of recounts of the ballots.  The numbers were similar to what was included in the draft report provided by Patrick Byrne shortly before the audit.

Below is a draft of the final report provided by Byrne.  This report shows:

In the 2020 presidential election, the margin of victory was only 10,457 votes, a small fraction of the 57,734 ballots with known issues. Again, this is almost 6 times the margin of victory in the Presidential race and is multiples of the margin of victory in other races. Based on these factual findings, the election should not be certified, and the reported results are not reliable.

The AG Mark Brnovich is investigating to see if criminal charges should be brought to bear. He says they already have three targets they are looking at with many more to come, I hope.

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