Barack Obama

Ops! Press Sec Psaki Lets Slip Who Is Really Calling The Shots For Biden …


In a stunning admission … and not stunning because it’s hard to believe, but rather stunning in that I never expected her to admit it, Biden’s Press Secretary, Jen Psaki admitted who the real boss is.

Ever since Joe Biden was proposed as a possible candidate for president his main pitch is that he was part of Obama’s regime.  Let’s be honest, there is no substance to Joe, even when his brain seems to be functioning.

The man is a walking …sometimes talking, gaffe machine.  If he’s not molesting women and kids or smelling their hair, he’s making off color racial remarks or stopping mid sentence because he forgot what it was he was trying to recite.

We have long discussed who was really calling the plays behind the scenes.  We often postulate that it’s the CCP and large donors from the Fortune 500, banks and Big Tech.  The one, most obvious name that keeps coming up is Barack Obama.

Well, it looks like we need to guess no longer, as Press Secretary Psaki, let the cat out of the bag …

The Conservative Treehouse reported:

‘Perhaps the most consistent question about the installed dementia patient occupying the oval office, is about who actually is planning the policy, scheduling the implementation and giving Biden his instructions after his breakfast pudding.  

For those who have followed politics closely, the answer has always been obvious: Barack Obama and the Chicago crew.

JoeBama is not a meme, nor is it a snarky slap at the current White House occupant, it is a reality.

Barack Obama and his ideologues (who took over the DNC) are now completely in control over the leftist policy execution.  

Obama with the help of his former administration crew, eliminated the remaining remnants of the Clinton machine, installed Tom Perez and then set about absorbing the AME church network…. that’s where James Clyburn came in, to endorse Biden as part of the final stages of the plan.

Today, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, the former spokesperson for Obama’s State Department, essentially admitted that Obama’s network was in charge, and Biden receives his instructions from the crew.’   READ MORE HERE


Remember when Obama told us that he was going to ‘fundamentally change the United States of America’?  He wasn’t joking.  THIS is what it looks like.

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livid September 29, 2021
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Pelosi let it slip today also- she said theya re carrying out oboma's agenda.
Babsan September 29, 2021
| |
Treason in the Highest Elite of government in America.Obama,Biden and their goons have to be cut out,brought to court and dealt with accordingly
notu September 29, 2021
| |
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Nick August 8, 2021
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abinico warez August 7, 2021
| |
Obama controlling sleepy Joe - we are doomed.
Sandra Lee Smith August 7, 2021
| |
Thing is, O was never more than a PUPPET himself; Clint Eastwood had it  right a decade ago, when talking to the empty suit in a chair!  That's all he ever was. You have to look much deeper & further afield, & likely will never know the specific names of their puppet masters.  In all probability, if you did hear their names, they would not resonate because you've never heard them before.  I don't know theis names either; I do know who the GROUPS are that comprise the inner circle, but ultimately, the 1 calling all the shots is Satan himself; this is HIS "show", his time, as prophesied, leading into God's judgment on humanity.
AL August 7, 2021
| |
No matter how strongly Dems and the MSM deny it, there is a deep state. There are 3000 people who participate in conference calls with Obama, and it is only logical and rational to assume most of them are still in Federal Civil Service and the Military. Conference calls with 3000 people require a a significant amonut of planning and coordination. Where did that come from? "3000 members of the Obama Administration". An AP article let it slip. Associated Press: 17 May 2020 HEADLINE: “Obama criticizes virus response during online graduation speech. “ The AP article stated that Obama made the comments during an online graduation speech. A few sentences further, the AP stated Obama also made the remarks during a routine conference call “with 3000 members of his administration.” He’s been out of the White house since 2017, but conducts conference calls with 3000 people as “members" of his administration!  The AP did not pursue it. It is only logical to assume that most of the 3000 are in Federal Civil Service and the Military. Conference calls of that magnitude require a vast amount of planning, coordination and support, which means a lot of people who know intentionally look the other way, or are happy to join in. No chance of it now, but, if the DOJ or FBI examined the phone records of those calls, they would find most of the participants are currently in Federal Civil Service and the military. Gee, ya think they were working to undermine the Trump Adminstration? Yep. As surely as the sun came up.
Robyn August 7, 2021
| |
Everyone knows that Biden is a FIRST CLASS IDIOT!  We all knew that he is just a PUPPET WITH A HEAD FULL OF SAW DUST!!!!!
Drosack August 7, 2021
| |
notu June 22, 2021
| |
they are going to take this as far as they can seeing how much the people will endure without flinching 
aqp67 June 16, 2021
| |
Puppetent Joe-Bama My, but isn’t it curious how Despite his “historic” electoral popularity, Joe’s leaning on Obama now? No, it’s really not at all surprising. It’s pretty crystal clear in fact That Joe’s once just spotty intellect Is no longer even at all intact- He’s the dummy in this ventriloquism act. And he was chosen by association For his past, albeit useful, Gaffe riddled, vice presidential, Ease of manipulation. In case you doubt this hypothesis Take just a moment here now To carefully consider this. Joe was sold to us as merely moderate Yet since he’s been in office * Like a commie he has clobbered it! And by it, I mean our country… Now, connect this crucial dot To the one that you just got- Hillary was supposed to be Barack Hussein O’s “third term” Until We the People clobbered her When with our vote, Trump, we did confirm! Yes, We the people and our champion Disrupted Obama’s fundamental (Undermining of America) transformation. So after Trump had won it again They had to steal it back. Because he was just like Sherman Tearing up their railroad track! And if you doubt the truth of that, And declare, “But their case was dismissed!” You’d do well to remember that It was not dismissed- it was merely “dissed” When those whose duty it was Failed to even look at any of the evidence.  
J. Stan June 15, 2021
| |
Obama made infanticide legal in this country.  Before him, the Born Alive Infant Protection Act passed the U.S. Senate unanimously.  From there it has been a moral decline into geriatricide ( with COVID as the excuse) the sexualization and medical abuse of children, and eugenics.  Leave the demonrat party with your soul and denouce the evil they are promoting. 
Patrick B Hayes June 15, 2021
| |
Obama through Biden is continuing his failed Presidency for a 4th term and the results are plain to see even for a blind Democrat. 
ROSE June 15, 2021
| |
jan deen June 15, 2021
| |
My late friend and well established healer /psychic said this destruction was coming in Obama first month in office.  We failed to take him seriously.  Sorry Bob, where ever you may be.  You were right again.
Missy April 9, 2021
| |
Americans have the right to know things the Government deems as "classified." We (OVERLY)pay their salaries. They work for us. They answer to us. Not the other way around. I could draw up a huge list of things that, I do not care for regarding how the US Government does things. And that is no matter who is at the helm. Trump has done his own fair share of trampling the US Constitution. But, on his worst day--- he is still 101% better than Biden or Obama. Frankly--- I understand Joe Biden was executed in 2019 for crimes against children/humanity. I also, understand both Barry and the Mooch were executed for their crimes. In fact--- Barry rolled over on the Mooch aka Big Mike. He chose firing squad. Big Mike requested lethal injection. They've both either been cloned.. have doubles... or CGI is in use when we "see" them.
Grace April 9, 2021
| |
America is now a one party country ruled by global socialism whoes intentons are to shred the Constitution and the Bill of Rights replacing them with the communist manifesto. If you think I'm wrong, challange me. Read your newspapers, listen to our media. Listen to the bleating of the puppet in the White house. Take a concerned look our open borders. Do you think for one moment over a million undocumented migrants scatted throughout the country with a over million unregesterd illegals already living here are going to be sent back to place of origin? They are part of the well planed UN sponsored migration which is going on all over the world. There is no country in the European Union ,include Britain, that hasn't suffered massive invasions of illegal migrants from the sand pits in the middle east. Even Canada has witnesed vast changes as migrants with no intention of assimilation have easly gutted their parliament because their leader was weak. The transporting of the vast populations of South America into North America to make the continent one big America. The next border to disappear will be between Canada and United States; one big America. The wild cards are China and Russia with China favored to win the prize.  I'm old, born in 1930. I have paid close attention to the subtle changes instituted by the Ambitious globalists. watched a member of the Global Ambition, George Soros, funded by the conspiricy while posing as a hedge fund billionair chip away at our freedoms and buying our politicians till there are hardly any branch of our government that hasn't been infested. . Religion is being supresed. Children indocternated to the new Woke Order. Still wondering what Bill Gates is going to do with the vast amount of farmland he bought. Someone mentiond re-education?  In 1937 while listening to a BBC reporter describing and attack on China by the Japanese I asked my father who was going to win. He said he couldn't predict that war but eventually there would be a one world government and China would be in charge. That phrophcy has been at the forfront of my curiosity.  Former president bought an Island off shore. Did he finaly realize no matter your good intentions, you can't climb a glass mountain.  
janice April 9, 2021
| |
I said from the very start Obama was in charge. What a DOG.