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Soros’ Org: ‘Shoot All Republicans’


The liberal organization, ‘Free Press’, drafted a letter to the Federal Communications Commission urging more control over conservative media outlets. The petition, which was signed by 4,858 members of Free Press includes some fairly colorful comments. One, in particular, that’s catching attention asked if Republicans should be shot in order to protect what they call ‘Democracy’.

The comment came from a California member named David Lyons who wrote:

“How come we have racist horseshit like FOX and the other ultraconservative outlets and Christians owning most of our media. What
happened to separation of church and state? Are we going to have to shoot Republican to reclaim our democracy?”

According to FreeBeacon, Free Press pushed hostile rhetoric against conservatives. Its CEO Jessica González has a long track record of demonizing political opponents, writing in 2018 that civility is “bullshit.”

The petition, which was obtained by the Free Beacon, reads:

“Since a police officer murdered George Floyd last year, the ensuing racial reckoning that’s taken place in our country has forced
public and private institutions to acknowledge their history of racism.

Journalists of color have challenged several major media organizations to address the harm they’ve inflicted within their newsrooms
and in communities of color at large. But media institutions alone are not responsible for the anti-Black racism that exists in our media
system. Federal policies and the choices that lawmakers and regulators have made have also played a foundational role.
This is why we are calling on the Federal Communications Commission to investigate its own history of racism and examine how its
policy choices and actions have harmed Black people and other communities of color.

We urge the FCC to conduct this investigation in the spirit of President Joseph Biden’s executive order on racial equity, which directs
government agencies to examine how “entrenched disparities in our laws and public policies, and in our public and private
institutions, have often denied that equal opportunity to individuals and communities.”

The pro-big government group receives funding from the Center for American Progress, Tides Foundation, and George Soros’s Open Society Foundation. Influence Watch dubs all three major donors to Free Press which might explain why the group published Lyons’s comment without fear of repercussions.

About Erica De LaVega

Erica is a syndicated opinion columnist for the Beltway Report and Project Saoirse.

Longshorts September 28, 2021
| |
How about we kill George Soros and anyone connected to him? That might include every Democrat in the Nation! No "due process", just stand them against a wall and execute them as they have publicly condemned themselves in public media, on national TV, and in the newspapers. Proof enough exists to forego trials by jury. Just eliminate them and bury them in a mass grave. Save our tax dollars for something useful for a change.
Karoline September 28, 2021
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SSGDave762 September 25, 2021
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Personally, I'll volunteer to face "David Lyin's" one on 1, CQB, 100m or 1000M, to "Save OUR Democracy" because Advocating for the Murder of American Citizens simply because they won't APPEASE the LEFT is Terrorism, and I've dedicated my Life to Wiping Out Terrorism when i took the Oath. Maybe he'd rethink his hateful speech if he had to show the Conviction of his attitude.....
Autumn September 25, 2021
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marlene September 25, 2021
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"Even better, shoot all globalists to protect humanity"
chopperk September 25, 2021
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Bring it on MF'er!
Cerys Rose September 25, 2021
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