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OMG: Ashli Babbitt’s Mother Exposes Pelosi, How She Orchestrated the Death of Her Daughter


ICYMI- Since that fateful day, there has been a growing number of questions surrounding the events of January 6at the Capitol, and getting more grotesque at the center of it all is the unnecessary death of Ashli Babbitt.

On Tuesday, we watched day one of the January 6 committee where members of Congress Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) and Adam Schiff (D-CA), both established Trump haters, broke down into tears while speaking to witnesses during their testimony, performances that left us wondering how long they practiced in front of a mirror before the show went on. I for one came out of it wondering how much House Speaker Nancy Pelosi encouraged members of the committee to pour it on thick.

As the witnesses and specially selected members of the committee spoke about what a horrible day January 6 was for them, I don’t remember a single one of them mentioning the only person who was murdered as a direct result of the riot, Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt.

Michelle Witthoeft, Ashli Babbitt’s mother has since accused Speaker Pelosi of orchestrating her daughter’s death.

“My daughter was a California constituent, and Nancy Pelosi not only, I feel like, orchestrated the death of my daughter,” Witthoeft said.

The security for the Capitol building that day was very lax, and the responsibility for that lies on Pelosi. The Sergeant at Arms for the House reports directly to the Speaker and he declined numerous offers of National Guard troops to come in to protect the Capitol days before January 6. Knowing that a very sizable crowd of thousands of people would attend the protest of the theft of the 2020 election the Trump administration made the offer of up to 10,000 National Guard troops and the Sergeant at Arms declined every offer. The former Capitol Police chief Steven Sund testified that he requested National Guard troops and his request was denied days before the January 6 riot. The only logical reason for security enhancement requests being denied was because Nancy Pelosi was behind it.

If Pelosi was not behind turning down National Guard troops and other extra security coming in to protect the Capitol that day the most dangerous place to be would be between Nancy Pelosi and any television news camera, mark my words.

With the amount of police in Washington, DC, and it is sizable with a number of police agencies you probably have never heard of, it is criminal that the Capitol Police were so woefully unprepared that day. And you will hear no one on the January 6 committee mention that fact.

“I’ve reached out to Nancy Pelosi’s office several times, and she has yet to call me back because she’s too busy playing in her clubhouse with all of her elite people,” Witthoeft said.

The slain Babbitt’s grieving mother went on to remind Pelosi something the Speaker has long forgotten which is who she really works for.

“You know, it’s the people’s house. It’s not your house, Nancy,” she said.

There is no evidence that has yet come out that Babbitt acted recklessly enough to warrant a Capitol police officer to shoot her. If there was you know the Democrats would have produced it by now.

There’s no talk of Babbitt attacking police officers, starting a fire, destruction of property, and again, we know if there was the Democrats would have paraded it out long ago. The CNN cretins and the MSNBC freaks would have started and ended their programs claiming Babbitt deserved to die that day. But alas, nothing has come out to date.

In fact, we have all seen the video of Babbitt’s murder. All she did was hop up on a windowpane, the glass broken long before she arrived, and balanced herself there trying to get a look at the other side of the hallway. There were multiple police officers very recognizably clad in dark gear and outfits standing right behind her when the Capitol Police officer took careful aim and shot Babbitt, the result causing her death.

Isn’t it amazing that we still have not been told the name of the police officer who murdered Ashley Babbitt? Whenever someone is shot and killed by a police officer, regardless of the facts of the situation, the Democrats and their associated mobs immediately demand to know the name of the officer before any of the facts have even gotten out. And if they withheld the name for the safety of the officer and his or her family, conspiracy theories of a cover up begin immediately. Yet, we still have no clue what this officer’s name is. And that’s because the Democrats are protecting him.

Babbitt’s mother is now demanding to know who is responsible for her daughter’s death.

“The Capitol Police should be held accountable like every other police department in the country.”

Not only is the Capitol Police being shielded from any liability, but Pelosi is seeing to it that they become a national police force by creating Capitol Police field offices in states.

Former President Donald Trump has asked, “Who shot Ashli Babbitt?”

Trump’s question forced national awareness, which caused Babbitt’s name to start to trend on Twitter.

Back in April, Babbitt’s family announced they were suing the Capitol Police for “at least $10 million” in damages.

The Biden/Garland corrupted Department of Justice released a statement after running an investigation in April:

“Prosecutors would have to prove not only that the officer used force that was constitutionally unreasonable, but that the officer did so ‘willfully,’ which the Supreme Court has interpreted to mean that the officer acted with a bad purpose to disregard the law,” the DOJ said.

I would argue the shooter did act willfully and with bad purpose. He took careful aim at Babbitt when multiple police officers were standing right behind her and he fired his weapon.

“As this requirement has been interpreted by the courts, evidence that an officer acted out of fear, mistake, panic, misperception, negligence, or even poor judgment cannot establish the high level of intent required under Section 242.”

In other words, they are never going to give out his name let alone question why he shot and killed Babbitt. Her death has been whitewashed and that’s why no one will mention her name during the kangaroo committee’s works. So all the other police shootings in American cities where officers have been tried, convicted, and sentenced by the Fake News media, have met the same standards they are saying need to be met by this Capitol police officer, who fired his weapon into a crowd of people with police officers standing right behind her.

Despite how the Democrats and their boot-licking sycophants in the Fake News media portray the January 6 riot as an “insurrection,” it was not. No one there who participated in the riot wanted to take over the US government, and as insurrections go, it would go down in history as the worst insurrection the world has ever known as the most the riot did was delay the actions of what Congress set out to do that day; confirm the theft of the 2020 election.

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Either Ashli Babbitt was killed by a  recklessly careless LE officer, who shot her while there was a crowd of ppl behind her, most of which were other LE officers, who could very well have been shot in the process if the shooter had missed, OR she was shot, but survived, and is being kept somewhere safe, OR she was never shot, but it was made to look that way. She grabbed the right side side of her neck, yet the stories say she was shot in the front, in her left shoulder. There was only a drop of blood. How did she die? Did she bleed out? There was no blood in the video, and the LE officers just stood around, with no sense of urgency to get her medical attention. Could it be that she wasn't really shot? Or were they just that willfully negligent?   A new story says the DC medical examiner ordered her body to be cremated 2 days after she was shot, and supposedly killed. What are they hiding? What are they covering up? Personally, I think she was part of a military operation to steal the electronic devices of congressmen such as Pelosi, to get into them and gather/confirm Intel that Pelosi planned this, among other things. I think Babbitt is being kept somewhere to protect her, but I could be wrong. She had a military background, and was a Trump supporter. Maybe she was to be a distraction, or run interference, while others grabbed up the electronic devices. Just a theory. Another point of note... It doesn't look like the shooter aimed anywhere near Babbitt's chest or even her neck. Looks to me like he aimed further to her right, maybe into a wall. He even gestured with the gun hand, to someone to move aside, before he shot. He moved his gun hand to his right, like he was motioning them to move aside, to the left. Then he shot his gun. 
jan deen August 4, 2021
| |
Getting away with murder was a great start to a terrible administration-- will go down as the worst in American History.
Jro August 3, 2021
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Because you REFUSE to put the name of the story's author, I REFUSE to take this news source too seriously. 
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Phuck U. Biden July 29, 2021
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Fellow patriots, Let's face the facts now. Ok? If we were still living in a Constitutional Republic Nasty Nancy would have been thrown in jail with the rest of the Communists in the DNC. As I have said a few times now, we are so far gone that only a civil war can possibly bring us back. And only if the Communists are hunted down day 1 and executed while there is a chance.
NCHunny July 29, 2021
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Yes, Pelosi did.  She's a wicked sub human
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