September 27, 2022

Is It Time For A National Divorce?

Novelist and social media personality Kurt Schlichter in 2016 published the book The People’s Republic, a novel about how the United States split in half with the leftist states filled with people who hate the US pulling from the union and creating their own nation they called The People’s Republic.

Without giving too much away, the growing political and cultural divisions in the country in a not so distant future America finally split the country apart. The United States remained where freedom loving Americans thrive and live in a Constitutional republic, while The People’s Republic, the former blue states, begin to collapse under the dead weight of their politically correct tyranny.

The two countries are like night and day. For example, in the PR, if you are in a restaurant and you ask for a menu, you might be asked to leave for making offensive statements. That’s because in the People’s Republic, there isn’t enough food to go around to actually have a menu with a variety of choices, so people have to look up at a chalkboard to see what they do have that day. And if you order coffee, it had better be “responsible coffee,” meaning the coffee grounds are used more than once, because in the PR, coffee is not so easy to get and ordering undiluted real coffee is seen as a sign of wasting food.

Every time one of the things Schlichter wrote about in the PR that comes true in real life, I tweet out to him “You sir, are a prophet.”

Hollywood leftist Sarah Silverman, American comedian, actress, singer, and writer, has a podcast called “The Sarah Silverman Podcast,” and she recently talked about maybe it’s time for the country to get break up.

“If people aren’t getting along, like, in relationship, they break up. You know? So, like, don’t we just finally just realize that these states aren’t working and, like, divide up into, like, two or three countries? Like, USA 1 and USA 2, and they can be USA 1. Like, the conservatives can be USA 1, because they love being number one and that… It means something to them. And I’d love to have that be theirs. So they can be USA 1. We’ll be USA 2. And we’ll be allies! And you’ll come over here, and we’ll go over there, and many times when you go to a different country you have to get a vaccine. That’s it.”


I don’t think there is anything I agree with Silverman politically. In fact, I know I don’t agree with her on any of her leftist ideology. But I do agree with her on this. I do think it’s time the red states and the blue states get divorced. Blue states have become a rotting cesspool of top-down tyranny filled with gaslit boobus Americans who believe anything their leftist government tells them even in the face of empirical evidence proving them wrong.

I live in Pennsylvania, which right now has a radical tyrant Democrat governor Tom Wolf, but we have a Republican legislature and so there is a chance a Republican can take back the governor’s mansion in the next election, so long as we don’t use that infamous voting system again, I think we have a shot. And if the nation did get a divorce, I would go live with Dad in a red state.

Yeah, I think it would work out nicely for both sides. Red states could keep the name The United States of America while the blue states could go with whatever they want; The People’s Republic, The Woke States of America, The Leftward Land of Silliness, whatever. They can figure it out for themselves.

Why am I advocating for a national divorce? Because I don’t want to live in a land where people force other people to get vaccinated when they don’t want. I don’t want to have to be around people who actually believe that unvaccinated people can get vaccinated people sick. That kind of stupidity can be dangerous.

I don’t want to live in a land where the government blocks live-saving medicines because of politics.

I no longer want to see government-sanctioned child abuse of children being forced to wear masks for hours on end every day when they don’t want to and the science says they don’t have to, especially toddlers.

I’m tired of tyrannical governments telling me I have to lose more of my freedoms because they are following the science when I know darn right well the science says the exact opposite of what they are saying.

I’m tired of watching news networks that no longer even try to act like they aren’t reporting lies.

I’m tired of being mandated with draconian mitigation rules only to see Democrat leaders violating their own rules time after time after time.

I want to be able to trust science again without everything being rigged to match a political narrative of the day. I’m tired of being gaslighted into thinking science dictates things like if a man puts on a dress and identifies as a woman, he is a real woman or that science says that white people are born racist.

I’m tired of being told I’m going to end the world via climate change because I’m breathing by lunatics with university tenure.

I want to live in a society where I can share my ideas and converse with other people and have good, honest debates without being censored by Marxist millionaires who don’t like competition in the arena of ideas.

I’m tired of cancel culture where when you speak freely and honestly it could cost you your job or business because some leftist freak was offended by your free speech.

I want to be able to worship my God however and whenever the heck I want without the government looking for any excuse to take that away from me.

I no longer want to live in a world where politicians are releasing violent criminals by the thousands in our neighborhoods, while at the same time they fight to take away my right to own a gun to defend myself and my family.

I don’t want my kids being taught in schools to be racist toward other people with critical race theory that does nothing more than make children, especially white children, feel horrible because of the color of their skin. I want my kids to live among minorities who are not woke lunatics.

I don’t want to be surrounded by people who blame all of their failures on other people they never met.

I’m tired of politicians who tell me that I owe everyone else a living to the point where taxes go up so much it’s hard to support my own family.

I want to know when I cast my vote that it counts. Win or lose, I want to know my vote counted. We don’t have that now, because leftists have corrupted our electoral process for power and greed.

I want to live in a country where citizenship means something, a land with borders and an organized immigration system where the government does its job by protecting the citizens, which makes citizenship worth something. I want politicians who promote “America First” policies in everything they propose.

It would be one thing if the country was just filled with liberals and conservatives, because they can get along. They share common goals. The woke Marxists, on the other hand, have nothing in common with liberals or conservatives and I think it would be great if they pulled out, created their own living Hell, and stopped trying to bring us with them.

So yeah. I think we should start talking about a national divorce where leftists can create their own world to live how they want without having to be so angry at those of us who still want to live as free adults. When the divorce is finalized, I’ll choose to stay in the US. Oh, and we get to keep the kids.

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Sam Dehne September 21, 2021
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Eight Months In "People's Republic of America" Pipeline cancellation, Crazy China virus mandates, Out-of-control spending, American international embarrassment, Ubiquitous gaffes ubiquitously, in No honorable strategy for America, Southern border invaded by aliens, criminals, and potential terrorists, Teachers’ union dictating policy,  Afghanistan debacle, Neverending Wasteful spending, Tree huggers running the country, $Trillions of wasted taxes… the list goes on, and on, and ON)*This is what happens when China's Dominion Voting (Stealing) Systems are instigated all over the nation.
Steven September 21, 2021
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Sarah Silverman is an evil cunt that should've had the teeth kicked out of her stupid head many years ago. She'll never step foot in my red state, because if she does I'll meet her outside the airport for her long awaited ass kicking.
Sam Dehne September 21, 2021
| |
Dozens of "I want to live in a land that... " Add this one: I want to live in a land that is free from tragically and fraudulently elected Chinese puppets like the binden administration of goons. Sam
Michael Hicks September 21, 2021
| |
" United we stand, divided we fall". The last major war we won was WWII. The reason we won was because, we were a United Nation. I was just a young boy then but I remember, we were together. Politically, our country is alreadt divided. biden is the 100% compulsive liar. Pelosie is a power hungry hater. The propaganda media, FBI and State Dept. are arms of the Marxist democrat party. The answer is.....we are presently a mess.
David Carlisle September 21, 2021
| |
Just as the Bald Eagle needs BOTH right and left wings to soar the USA needs BOTH the conservative and liberal wings to 'soar' even though what each deems important isn't what the other deems important.
CrazyHorse September 21, 2021
| |
That's the way it was meant to be. See the tenth amendment - States' Rights!
Gene Wang September 21, 2021
| |
No it is not time for a divorce. It IS time for US Constitution loving people to unite and reclaim control of our government by whatever means necessary.