Lt Col Vindman Confesses!


ICYMI … NSC leaker Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman testified on day 3 of the Adam Schiff Show Trial. On that day, House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes (R-CA) asked Vindman if he had discussed Trump’s phone call with anyone outside the White House.

Vindman said he spoke to two people, one of them being  George Kent, a State Department employee and ‘someone in the intelligence community’. who he refused to name but in his memoir he said that that person was Eric Ciaramella.

He also made the same admission in his public testimony. That means the whistleblower learned all he knew about the phone call with the Ukrainian president from Vindman. And as we now know, Vindman lied about Trump making a quid pro quo deal with Zelinsky. Trump offered no such deal but Joe Biden did make such a deal when he had the prosecutor investigating Hunter fired in exchange for a one billion dollar loan guaranty that Ukrain desperately needed.

Vindman feels safe in disclosing his criminal behavior because he knows that Democrats never send fellow Democrats to prison, they merely cover up the crimes. That means the whistleblower learned all he knew from Vindman himself and he did not admit to it during the Schiff witch hunt because it could have ended the impeachment process. And to think this jerk was in the military, but on whose side? He certainly was not on the side of truth or justice. I hope the sale of his book turns out like his military career, an utter failure.

From The Gateway Pundit

House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) quickly interjected when Nunes began to drill down to find out which agency this second anonymous person worked for.

Schiff said he wanted to “protect the whistleblower” and wouldn’t let Vindman answer.

Nunes then pointed out that Vindman previously testified in a closed-door deposition that he DID NOT know the identity of the whistleblower and if that were true then how would he know to keep the second person’s name private?

But during his public testimony, Vindman admitted to being the primary source of the leak to the whistleblower (Eric Ciaramella).

It was later discovered that Vindman also lied about the contents of the call. Trump did not offer the Ukrainian official a quid pro quo. Joe Biden did.

In his upcoming memoir, Vindman now describes himself as the whistleblower in Trump’s sham impeachment trial.

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toots September 30, 2021
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Liar liar liar pants on fire - another commie dem lies to congress and no problem - you and i lie to congress - probably not only jail but solitary confirement.  Double standard always - dems lie always - even if truth would work.
william g munson September 30, 2021
| |
Lets us see the Law applied here when you Lie under Oath to the FBI and Congress or a Judge  you Pay the Price and this Lie was against the President of the USA and   I want to know who paid him or told him to Lie  I think Adam the Shiftief  Shieft  Period
mark Foster September 30, 2021
| |
He got rewarded with a book deal, this is how most politicians get paid off. Look at the Clinton's book deals, look at Obama's book deals and look at Comey the director of the FBI, all setting fat dumb and happy with millions in what... "Book Deals"?
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Babsan August 6, 2021
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This should be mandatory jail sentence for lying under oath.Any peon that had done this would be in Graybar Hotel already
Abel Candia August 6, 2021
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Vindemann is still answerable to the UCMJ even though he is retired. As a retired officer he should know this. Take him to military courts martial.
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Ron C August 5, 2021
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Democrat's are so happy that there are double standards of justice in America...or the jails would be full of democrats if justice were to be equal....right?
paw August 5, 2021
| |
The reason the Democrats get away with this crap is because when the GOP come to power... THEY DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!!! Conscious, it was very difficult for Trump when he had 2 RINO's.... in Sessions and then the prince of RINO's Bill Barr.... Barr earned a few accolades... Brutus, Judas, cane toad.... all earned and most befitting. Not forgetting the scunk at the FBI Wrey.