Videos: What The Taliban Is Doing To Americans Is SICK


Thanks to Joe Biden, the scene outside the airport in Kabul is bloody and violent, including the terrorist group ISIS. The Taliban is now confiscating the driver’s licenses and passports of Americans. Biden’s State Department sent out blank US visas, which are being filled out by everyone, including members of the Taliban. I don’t know the Taliban bothers when they can just walk into this country from Mexico with Joe Biden’s blessing.

Because of the blank visas, Afghanis are packing the airport at the same time that Americans are having a tough time making it to the airport. This is just adding to the chaos. The confiscation of identifications could be the warm-up tosses to taking hostages since it is clear that Joe Biden is making excuses instead of plans. They have nothing to fear not even fear itself.

Even if Americans can somehow manage to cross the city and get past Taliban checkpoints, once they get to the airport, they are unable to get to evacuation planes because their airport is packed with Afghanis. They are packed like sardines and the Biden administration are loading planes on a first-come, first-served basis.

The New York Post reported the Taliban is confiscating US passports and driver’s licenses:

In the latest blow to those running up against the clock, Afghan-Americans on Thursday said that Taliban fighters are now attempting to take their U.S. passports and identification orders in an attempt to stop them from leaving the country.

“I got to the gates and was about to show my passport, but the Taliban got it, and he said you are not allowed to go through and wouldn’t give it back,” one Afghan-American, who served for several years as an interpreter during the war and has his home in the U.S but requested anonymity for safety reasons, said. “I was lucky a U.S. Marine was right there and forced him to give it back.”

According to several others, some have not been so lucky — hamstringing their chance to make it home ahead of the Taliban’s officially assuming of the throne.

“U.S. passports, driver’s licenses — they are confiscating those pieces of documentation from American citizens,” said Ephraim Mattos, a former Navy SEAL and founder of the humanitarian organization, Stronghold Rescue and Relief, which is working around the clock to evacuate Afghans interpreters and helpers. “They lose proof of who they are, and this has happened on multiple occasions in multiple places.”

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Biden Sucks August 23, 2021
| |
Biden put about the same amount of time planning the Afghanistan withdrawal as he does planning his going to the bathroom!  Hmm, I need to pee, hmm, let's evacuate troops from Afghanistan! 
Lisa August 23, 2021
| |
this is so outlandish...these American citizens and their allies are going to be hunted, killed by execution and MR. biden and his team CAN NOT OR WILL NOT get the Americans out...way to go MR. biden
tapito August 23, 2021
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PROUDWHITE August 23, 2021
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FUCKIN BIDEN and ALL you POS Democrats.Hope YOPUR familty receives , what these INNOCENT people are getting!
Caitlin Coles August 22, 2021
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ROY S. MALLMANN II August 22, 2021
| |
Acknowledge that the election was stolen and bring PRESIDENT TRUMP back.  He had a plan on how to do it and it is not tool late to reverse course and implement it.  President Trump did win the election which is why the Democrats do not want audit.  Trump will get all of our equipment out as well as all of our people and all of the Afghanis out that helped us.  Biden has flat given up and went back to his basement.
TammyLynch August 22, 2021
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