July 6, 2022

[VIDEO] Shocking Film Of School Violence Shows How Dem School Board Members Have Destroyed North Carolina Schools

Days after a violent outburst in a public school, the news finally covered a tragic story of what has happened to North Carolina Schools.  After many years of Democrat domination there, started by the Democrat administration of Obama, activists have pushed for school policies that demand zero discipline for any Black students or violent offenders, leaving children and school employees sitting ducks’ for violence. Some School Board members even demand that law enforcement is not allowed to protect anyone.

“Far left radical Judy Justice, for example, a member of the school board made statements that they do not want SRO, (School Resurce Officers) in schools because they would frighten students.  But we aren’t there to enforce laws, as she knows, we are there to protect the students,” one Handover County law enforcement member told me when I asked about the arrest of a 15-year-old, for attempted murder, in a New Hanover School this week.

Key Point: Eric Holder under Barack Obama reconstructed school discipline for minority students, and now years later, the consequences are obvious, and the consequences are exactly as predicted. Leftist school board members carry on his policies.

Everything Democrats touch- they destroy. Here is proof:

On Monday 15yr old Chance Deablo was taken into custody.  He is facing numerous charges, including Attempted 1st-degree murder; Assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, inflicting serious injury Sheriff believes the victim’s injuries are not life-threatening.

Watch the crazy video:

The News and Observer covered the story and reported:

On Monday morning, a 15-year-old boy was arrested and charged with attempted murder, accused of shooting a student at New Hanover High School in Wilmington.

About 3:10 p.m., the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest in a tweet. Police said Chance Deablo, 15, is charged with attempted first-degree murder, assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill or inflict serious injury, possession of a weapon on school grounds, and discharging a weapon on school grounds, according to the tweet.

One student was injured in the shooting and taken to the hospital. The shooting took place about 11:30 a.m. Monday, J.J. Brewer, spokesperson for the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, said over the phone.


Consider this 2014 article in investors.com:

Holder’s Anti-Discipline Push May Threaten Students

Despite growing classroom violence, the Obama administration is strongly advising schools to relax classroom discipline, arguing “zero tolerance” policies discriminate vs. minority students.

Attorney General Eric Holder and Education Secretary Arne Duncan Wednesday issued “recommendations” urging schools to find ways to avoid suspending or expelling students who act out. They also suggested administrators think twice about involving police in campus altercations.

The two Cabinet members argued that suspensions deny minority students time in the classroom, causing them to learn less, drop out of school and end up in prison. They say “harsh” disciplinary codes are feeding a “school-to-prison pipeline.”

Critics fear the policy will backfire by increasing classroom disruptions, making it harder for minorities to learn. Given increasing student threats against teachers in urban schools, they say it could also make it more difficult for districts to retain good educators who are dedicated to closing the academic achievement gap.

“Secretary Duncan focuses only upon the fact that, as a group, African-American students are suspended and expelled more often than other students,” U.S. Commission on Civil Rights member Gail Heriot told IBD. “By failing to consider the other side of the coin — that African-American students may be disproportionately victimized by disorderly classrooms — this policy could easily end up doing more harm than good to the very group he is attempting to help.”

Schools Targeted

The danger, she and others say, is that schools will sacrifice safety to get their numbers right with the government. That sounds a lot like quotas, which are illegal.

The administration has sent lengthy letters to schools formally outlining the new federal policy. While nonbinding, the guidelines come with a veiled warning. If ignored, schools could face prosecution or denial of federal funding or both.

The Justice Department has already sued school districts in Florida, South Carolina, and Mississippi for implementing allegedly racist disciplinary policies.

The Education Department is actively investigating more than 20 schools and districts, including Seattle Public Schools, for the same thing. In addition, agency investigators are following up on more than 1,250 complaints filed by minority students and parents, and civil rights groups.


Frequently people don’t really know the people on their local school board, and for years voters have ignored these important races.  Hopefully, voters will begin to realize how important it is to investigate the background of the people on these boards.



AL September 4, 2021
| |
I am disappointed the article did not mention the name of the Obama/Holder   initiative to "reconstruct schools discipline " for minority students.  It is the Promise Program.  It is framed as preventing minority student misconduct from involving law enforcement. The premise is that minority students must be coddled, and their violent actions must be handled with a soft word, and a return to the same classroom, often in just afew hours.  The underlying premise is that contact with law enforcement put marks on thier record thst cannot be overcome as they apply for jobs, etc. Poor little misunderstood darlings!  They'll eventually get tired of all the violent stuff as they grow up, and we can't damage their self worth and self image with actual consequences, ya know? The program has produced many sterling luminaries, like the FL high schol shooter. After all, he was only on the law enforcement radar (but never charged) 31 times in 18 months.  Gee, another 50 or so interactions with soft words mighta got him on the right track, ya know?
ABUTOM September 4, 2021
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They Black
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lharmon September 2, 2021
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Seems like all the violence is black on black.....let them go ahead and kill each other.  Theory of "Natural Selection".  This is what you get when you put in democrat policies that reward single parent households.  No father figures.
Gerald Ladd September 2, 2021
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Northern NiggeRATS move here from the north, and do the same things they did up north, that destroyed their home states.
Richard Hoard September 2, 2021
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Mark Foster September 2, 2021
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Well at least racism isn't responsible for this ill behavior?
The Last Conservative September 2, 2021
| |
One of the main problems is that the minority community has such a chip on their shoulders, that they will not open their eyes to ANY problems needing to be solved.   It's the classic  'not-my-child' !  syndrome.   They look to society, in general, to tolerate their barbaric behavior without admitting that it is THEIR CHILDREN who are and create the problems that disturb the normal order of things.   A classic example of liberal and Leftist reasoning !    Liberals think that . . . if left alone, it will solve itself !   The Leftist idiology is simply allowing destruction to have its way . . . to destroy the system as a whole.   Both idiotic and psychotic !! 
Richard Hoard September 2, 2021
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Ano Nymous September 2, 2021
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Anyone happen to notice WHICH studens were fighting and WHICH students were trying to get the hell away from the one's who were?