Video: Dem Rep Fights Cops After He Crashes Truck Into Ditch, Wassssted


In Case You Missed It … I think the problem that most people have in understanding government and especially undertanding those who run for office, is that they think that politicans are ‘statesmen’ and out to ‘fix’ the government.  This is demonstrably false.

While I am sure some people drag their family through disgustingly dirty elections, spend thousands, if not millions of their own money, and beg for millions from special interest groups with the hopes MAGA, history shows that the VAST majority devolve into grifters, obsessed with power.

This is why Trump was such an anomaly, while he was not perfect, I do believe he spend his own money, and ended up losing billions, to do what he thought was best for the country.

However, most ‘elected officials’ are lawyers, that should be the first clue that something is wrong.  Take this typical Democrat political for instance.  The man is not a politician, he is a gangster.  When you look at politics as you would a gang, things make a lot more sense.

Here, the equivalent of a Capo in the Michigan Democrat Party Gang threatens a police officer who came to help him after he crashed his car into a ditch .. while WASTED:

The Gateway Pundit Christina Laila reported:

‘Dashcam video of a drunk Democrat Michigan lawmaker resisting arrest after crashing his SUV into a ditch was released this weekend.

26-year-old Michigan state rep. Jewell Jones was seen driving erratically on I-96 before he got into an accident in Livingston County on April 6th.

State Troopers arrested Jones after he crashed his SUV into a ditch

“I’ll call governor Whitmer right now,” Jones can be heard saying on the video. “I’m a state rep.”

Law enforcement struggled to arrest Jones and had to use a taser and pepper spray to get him under control, according to a police report.

State Troopers were seen taking a belligerent Jones to the ground where he threatened to unleash the might of the state government on them – “I run y’alls budgets” Jones said to the cops.

“Police said Jones — who refused a blood test — had a blood-alcohol content of 0.19% after a warrant was obtained — more than twice the legal limit,” according to Click on Detroit.

Jewell Jones faces charges including resisting and obstructing officers — a felony — driving with a high blood-alcohol content, reckless driving and possessing a weapon while under the influence, Click on Detroit reported.’


As George Carlin said ‘It’s a big club … and you ain’t in it!’  Luckily for the good and honest people of Michigan, these cops were not going to be strong armed by some punk.  Good for them.  It’s a shame that doing the right thing could very well end up costing them their jobs.

Go only knows what wicked Whitmer is capable of …

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Sandra Lee Smith August 25, 2021
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Why is it a certain class of people believe their crimes should not be penalized, while going overboard on penalties for all others???
Morgan Wilkins August 25, 2021
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Old wolf August 25, 2021
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He's a delusional Democrat  , their above the law . Or think they are . Good for the cops for taking him down a noch or two . If with ore trys to save him , them they should arrest her to for corruption.  The law is the law no matter who you are .
PROUDWHITE August 25, 2021
| |
Again, the DEMOCRATS surround the wagons and pretend that a "further investigation" is needed. Of course, the VIDEO must NOT be believed. SCUMMBAG Democrats, only care about what a REPUBLICAN breaks the Law.  Watch<<INFAMOUS Race Cards will be played, because the CRIMINAL is  a Negro.
Orange peel April 26, 2021
| |
When your governor corrupt who's a Democrat the democrats reps think they can do anything they want. This man deserves jail time. Not the first time he's been drunk while driving. But doesn't have to worry corrupt judges and governor will get him off. 
ONLYJB1 April 26, 2021
| |
Typical hoodn****r
Ollie April 26, 2021
| |
Black Privilege, look at me I'm Black I can't be wrong 
Barbro April 26, 2021
| |
Another drunk Democrat that is an ass
grrumpa April 26, 2021
| |
He's black so I think he thinks he should get away with this. Poor baby.
SCOTT ZAGURSKIE April 25, 2021
| |
To bad I wonder how many times e got off because of who he is, they all think they are above the law.