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Video ALERT: NYC Devolves Into A War Zone W/ Mass Shooters On Scooters Wounding 10


A very disturbing video of two men casually walking down the street in New York City firing a hale of bullets, wounding ten people, and of their escape on mopeds have been released by the police.

Included among the victims was a 72-year-old man. None of the wounded have life-threatening injuries.

NYPD officials released a surveillance video that shows two men wearing masks and hoods as they opened fire on a group standing in front of a barbershop and laundromat in the Queen’s neighborhood of Corona. All told, eight men and two women were shot Just before 11:00 PM on Saturday.

NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig said that seven of the victims were believed to be innocent bystanders and the other three are thought to be members of the Trinitario, a Dominican street gang.

They are believed to be the intended victims in the shooting. Police found forty shell casings during their original search and they have found a few more since.

The shell casings were found at the scene near casings were recovered from the scene near 99th Street and 37th Avenue.

The shooters had two men on mopeds ready to make their escape.

James Essig said :

“This was a brazen, coordinated attack, for lack of a better word. This is unacceptable, and it has to stop.”

“There’s just one common theme, I want to get out there, that’s a recurring theme that keeps happening, and it has to stop throughout the city. That’s gang members; that’s guns, multiple guns on the scene, scooters being used, masks; and lastly, unintended targets getting hit. This is unacceptable on our streets in New York City, and it has to stop.”

From The Blaze

“Trust me when I tell you, if you allow gangs to get footholds in this city, we have a real problem,” New York City Democratic mayoral candidate Eric Adams said. “This is a crisis.”

There were no suspects in custody as of Sunday morning, according to police.

Authorities are asking anyone with information about the shooting or the suspects to contact @NYPDTips, or call them at 800-577-TIPS.

There were 18 people killed or wounded in seven separate shootings in New York City on Saturday, the New York Daily News reported.

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GLENN August 3, 2021
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The same punishment for them ..the ten people get to open fire on them.  that should be our law.  what punishment you hand down to others illegally should be their punishment.  Done by the person you punished or a relative if you murdered their love one.   that is pure justice.   GODS JUSTICE..  
Swave n deBoner August 3, 2021
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"This is just unacceptable & it has to stop!" Now picture saying it with a lispe & in a high, almost fallseto voice because that is exactly how the gang banger thugs will take it. 
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MarvinG August 3, 2021
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NYC is getting exactly what they voted for! Couldn't be happier for them!!