Government Corruption

Tyranny! DOJ Will Torture US Reservist, & Political Prisoner Hale For YEARS Before Even Presenting Evidence


DOJ Attorney Kathryn Fifield told Judge Trevor McFadden that she will not be able to prosecute Timothy Louis Hale until 2022 and she claims that is a conservative estimate.

Hale has been held as a political prisoner for six months now and even though the judge is angry with Fifield for arresting Hale before gathering evidence against him, he did not order hale released by his torturers.

Remember, Hale was arrested for trespassing, obstruction, and disorderly conduct. All are misdemeanors and he could be held longer than the time he is sentenced for even if he is convicted.

The January 6th political prisoners have been beaten on a regular basis with one man losing an eye from one of the beatings he got.

Amazing isn’t it. Liberals don’t want terrorists waterboarded but they are okay with beating Americans, blinding them in the process.

Judge Trevor McFadden told the far left DOJ attorney, Fifield, “You would not arrest [someone] then gather evidence later. That’s not how this works.” But he is mistaken. Considering everything else they are doing, manufacturing evidence after the fact is no biggie.

Julie Kelly wrote about Timothy Hale-Cusanelli at American Greatness:

During a status hearing Friday afternoon for Timothy Hale-Cusanelli, an Army reservist arrested on January 15 for his involvement in the January 6 protest in Washington, D.C., an assistant U.S. attorney admitted the government will not meet its discovery obligations for all Capitol defendants until early 2022.

Kathyrn Fifield, the lead attorney representing the Justice Department, informed Judge Trevor McFadden that the “incalculable” volume of video collected by the government related to the Capitol breach investigation will prevent defendants and their lawyers from accessing the full body of evidence against them for several more months. “No system exists to wrap its arms around [all this evidence],” Fifield told McFadden. This includes at least 14,000 hours of surveillance video plus thousands of hours of body-worn camera footage from law enforcement.

Fifield resisted setting a 2021 trial date for Hale; McFadden and Jonathan Crisp, Hale’s court-appointed attorney, told the government last month that unless a plea arrangement was agreed upon, a trial would be set for later this year because Hale already has been incarcerated for more than six months. “If we do set a trial date, the government cannot meet discovery obligations until early 2022. That’s a conservative estimate,” Fifield said.

The judge set a trial date for November 9th and Fifield doesn’t even need to think about asking for a continuance because this judge will release Hale with prejudice for not receiving a speedy trial like the constitution guarantees.

Corrupt Fifield could be putting off the trial dates as far ahead as she can in an effort to get them to confess in order to get away from the Gestapo.

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JC August 4, 2021
| |
It is time for the courts to end this travesty. The DOJ and Nancy Pelosi need to be brought to release these people and be held responsible for the illegal imprisonment of these people and be charged for the criminal treatment they have received. Pelosi should be charged for her illegal acts. She is a wench!
Elinor Ann DeMendonca August 3, 2021
| |
Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty.  Make America Great Again.  Let the person go.  Try him when DOJ gets their act together.  Because the DOJ is not well not the fault of the man in prison probably longer than he would be sentenced for the relatively minor infractions of which he is accused.
Centurion August 3, 2021
| |
Whatever happened to "no cash bail"?
Harriet Dunn August 3, 2021
| |
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Lisa August 3, 2021
| |
this is sheer lunacy...they are holding him as a political dissenter in a prison, they don't have all the evidence until 2022? are you freaking serious? this is NOT OK, it should be illegal what they are evidence to put him in prison yet unprepared to prosecute him? this a hole judge should have released him...THIS IS  UNAMERICAN
Michael Hicks August 3, 2021
| |
There was many movies made that follow this script. A guy winds up in a small town, gets thrown in jail for drinking too much. The mayor or shefiff decides to conger up a crime against the stranger. Next thing you know, he is being charged with a murder he knows nothing about. That is exactlly what is happening here in real life. As a caveat to that. We have a real crime that is being covered up by the same people. The murder of Ashli Babbitt. What happened to our AMERICA? The DOJ is banana republic in your face.
Times UP August 3, 2021
| |
Nazi Germany IS HERE !
porterv August 3, 2021
| |
Kathryn Fifield is Lavrentiy  Beria.  When the American guards were doing these things to Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib you never believed that they could mistreat Americans this way.  But a sadist is a sadist is a Democrat.
Guest August 3, 2021
| |
Why hasn't the military stepped up or why hasn't a judge stepped up, or why haven't armed American MEN stepped up?????? Oh. I forgot...this is AMERIKA.
Desert Dweller August 3, 2021
| |
"an eye for an eye!" lock the traitors up and see how they like torture!!!~  start with fifield!!!  imho
Recce1 August 3, 2021
| |
I supose that in our USSA there's no right to a public trial without unnecessary delay, the right to a lawyer, the right to an impartial jury, and the right to know who your accusers are, and the nature of the charges and evidence against you. I mean, man, who cares about the 6th Amendment.   What evidense has to be "DISCOVERED"? What evidence has to be manufactured? Which politician's desire for revenge has to be met?   But here's a suggestion, should the persecuted be found not guilty, or suffer more punishment that the charges call for, how about subjecting the prosecutors and the judge to the same sufferings, INCLUDING any torture and injuries!   I'm not talking about restitution despite that it should occur. I mean actual physical retribution. Wouldn't that be fair in an autocratic socialist syem? Any eye for an eye, literally?   And yes, much of the above is bitter satire.