The Nickname Staffers Gave Biden Is The Funniest Thing You’ll Hear All Day


According to Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec, White House staffers have a really funny nickname for Biden.

He says they call him “The Nightmare on Elm Street.” That’s funny, I know a lot of conservatives that would agree.

That was the day that a staffer sent him a note saying he has something on his chin. Whatever it was, Biden wiped it with his finger and then ate it.

From The Gateway Pundit

After the staffer gave Biden a note that said, “Sir, there’s something on your chin,” Biden wiped his chin…then put whatever was on his chin in his mouth.

This guy has the nuclear codes.

The Hill reported:

President Biden’s approval rating has dropped to a new low of 50 percent in Gallup’s opinion poll, according to results published Friday.

Biden’s approval rating dropped 6 percentage points from June in the new poll, which surveyed 1,007 adults between July 6 and July 21.

The lower rating comes amid new fears about inflation, a rising number of coronavirus cases and a slowing vaccination rate.

Broken down by political party, only 12 percent of Republicans give the president a positive job approval rating in comparison to 90 percent of Democrats and 48 percent of independents. The survey notes that his approval ratings among Democrats and independents are the lowest for those two groups to date, while the Republican rating was up 1 point.
In the most recent Rasmussen Polling, Biden has fallen to 46%. It would be even worse but they only polled immediate members of Biden’s family.

And being Democrats they all got to vote seven times, including Joe’s great, great grandparents. Then they hired Twitter to delete 90% of his dislikes.

Everyday Americans already knew Biden was a nightmare, they just didn’t have his street address. But look, if God wanted Biden to do good things for you, He would have made you an illegal alien, Russian, Iranian, or Chinese.

Democrats now feel free to denigrate the American voters, now that they know they don’t need their votes to win elections. That does away with the dependence they felt before the voters got wise to them.

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Ollie August 3, 2021
| |
50% , where , who , Derrrrrrr , did they only count Obama and Michael , or did they pull that number out of a HAT 
Patrick Hayes August 3, 2021
| |
What is is these people are approving of in these polls? Do they approve of the Ameican government ceding control of our border to the murderus Cartels/ Do they approve of Bidens' family getting richer and richer off his political career? Do they approve of the insane surge in violent crime across the country? Do they approve of the total waste of trillions of dollars that will and can never be repaid? Do they approve of inflation at 10%? Do they approve of Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and the PRC laughing at us everyday and doing whatever they want? Biden has always been an imbecile as well as corrupt. Who are the idiots who ignore reality and continue to vote for Democrats and most of these moronic Republicans? Real American's had better do something in the mid terms.
Swave n deBoner August 3, 2021
| |
That may be a perfect description for Biden, a NIGHTMARE!
Nick Cignetti August 3, 2021
| |
How could anyone show respect for a man that has a concrete record of acting  unethical. no integrity and immoral fool for almost 50 years of recorded acts.
Gerald S Ladd August 3, 2021
| |
50% aproval? I doubt that very much.
ROND August 3, 2021
| |