Government Corruption

The Biden Administration Is Lying To You About Afghanistan


Do you still believe your government is working on behalf of the American people? Do you still believe that the federal government is working to protect you? Your rights?

If so, then you haven’t been paying attention. Senior White House, Department of Justice, Intelligence, and military officials lie to you every day. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky lied four times a couple weeks ago about CDC data. Government officials now lie about things that are very easily revealed as lies. They don’t care.

James Clapper was the Director of National Intelligence under the Obama administration and he lied during Congressional testimony when asked if the NSA was collecting records about millions of Americans. He said the NSA was not collecting information on Americans and a few months later, reporters discovered that Clapper lied. He was never held accountable for that.

John Brennan, Obama’s CIA chief lied to Congress when he testified that the CIA was not spying on the US Senate. Later on, he had to change his story after the CIA got caught spying on the Senate. Nothing happened to him for lying to the US Congress. In fact, Brennan went on to be the most public and grumpiest anti-Trumper of the lot, knowing he could still be held accountable even under a new administration. He just didn’t care.

That’s the problem today. They know that we know they are lying to us and they no longer care. There used to be a time not all that long ago when you would lose your job if you got caught lying. Now, it’s used on your resume to get an administration position.

Though it’s really bad now, the government overstepping its bounds isn’t a new thing.

A professor at Georgetown once wrote, “The FBI has a lead. A prominent religious leader and community advocate is in contact with a suspected sleeper agent of foreign radicals. The attorney general is briefed and personally approves wiretaps of his home and offices. The man was born in the United States, the son of a popular cleric. Even though he’s an American citizen, he’s placed on a watch list to be summarily detained in the event of a national emergency. Of all similar suspects, the head of FBI domestic intelligence thinks he’s “the most dangerous” at least “from the standpoint of … national security.”

The man that the FBI determined was so dangerous to our country that he was to be arrested if something happened in the country that was considered a national emergency was Martin Luther King, Jr.

Admiral John Kirby serving as the press secretary for the Department of Defense for the Biden administration is just out and out lying every time he is on a news program answering questions about Afghanistan. Fox News’ Bret Baier asked the admiral, “Does the US military consider the Taliban an enemy?” The spokesman for the Defense Department could not say that yes, the Taliban is our enemy.

Kirby responded with gibberish about the thing they are working against right now is “time and space, and we want to get as many people out of Kabul as we can … in as little amount of time as we can.” He went on to say, “There are no hostile interactions right now between American forces and the Taliban, and we want to keep it that way.” Really?

What is he talking about? There are hostile interactions going on right now between the Taliban and American citizens who can’t get out of the country. An enemy is deemed so when it is against the American people more so than US troops. Our military troops fight the enemy on our behalf. Admiral Kirby is playing word games with the truth. He wants you to believe the only violence that could take place in today’s Afghanistan is between the Taliban and US troops, and that’s just a lie.

Baier then asked Kirby, “If the British can take their paratroopers and they can get in vehicles and go get their people and get them to the airport, why can’t the US do that? If there is a deal with the Taliban to provide safe passage, why is it left to the Americans outside of that ring to get there on their own? Why can’t we send vehicles to go get them?” He asked fair and straightforward questions.

Kirby responded saying, “We have not seen any great impediments to the safe passage that the Taliban has agreed to facilitate. Americans are getting through those checkpoints and they are getting onto the base, on the airfield, and they are being flown out of Kabul.”

Folks, we know from people on the ground that the Americans are not getting through the lines. Many are not getting on the planes, because the Taliban are controlling all the roads and they are not letting people through. It’s stunning how much the Biden administration trusts the promises of Taliban terrorists against the people on the ground who are calling loved ones and telling them they have no way to get out.

According to the administration’s own information, the majority of people who are being taken out of the country are not even American citizens. Kirby is just lying, and this administration has no problem with that. The data and the facts do not support what Kirby is saying, and this regime thinks we have to believe what they tell us no matter what. The truth no longer matters to the people in this administration.

But it matters to people who have loved ones over there who are desperately trying to get out.

From opening up our borders and letting in tens of thousands of illegal migrants, at least 40,000 testing positive for COVID that we know of, while at the same time talking about locking Americans down again along with mask mandates and talking of mandating vaccinations, to destroying our economy practically overnight, to forcing critical race theory to be taught in our public schools, and now lying about the botched withdrawal of our people out of Afghanistan making us a laughingstock to the world, one has to wonder if you wanted to destroy the United States would you do anything differently from what the Biden administration has been doing since January?

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Old Sarge September 4, 2021
| |
"The Biden Administration Is Lying To You About Afghanistan" You think?
Gerald S Ladd August 25, 2021
| |
The asshole administration lies about everything, not just this!
Linda August 22, 2021
| |
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Tim Toroian August 22, 2021
| |
More and more this administration sounds like the fascist regime it claims not to be. Just like ANTIFA uses the same tactics the Brown Shirts and others did in the 30. That last sentence is a history test,
paw August 22, 2021
| |
This corrupt incompetent administration is the sweetest gift to America's enemies..... not long before China walks into Taiwan. The only time Biden spoke the truth was when he said "we have the most sophisticated voter fraud plan in place for this election". The gutless weak Supreme Court owns this dotard in the WH and so does former AG Bill Barr... the cane toad and Judas at the Trump table.
Pemberton August 21, 2021
| |
I can believe that there is lying going on, because the Kabul evacuation is so tenuous.  The least action against the Taliban, both verbal or by action, at this time, could explode a very sensitive situation. The first shot fired by an American soldier, even in protection of an American citizen, could set the Taliban off and creat a massacure. Let's keep cool until this whole evacuation is over and then take what steps are necessary. There is no question that Biden and his staff have screwed this evacuation up, by announcing a departure date and not followed the intelligence that was given.  This evacuation should have quietly started months ago, without announcement or fanfare.  God help us in the next three years of Biden.
Charlie Taylor August 21, 2021
| |
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Shirl M. Carpenter August 21, 2021
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John H Montgomery August 21, 2021
| |
Thought officers had integrity. The mouthpiece of Biden. Just say you fucked up and corrected it  
Kathie August 21, 2021
| |
Ok, we have moved 17,000 people out of Kabul but only 2500 were Americans and they think there are a total of 5000 to 15000 Americans still in Kabul. Why do they want us to believe they don't know for sure? At the beginning of all this word was there was more than 15000. we are going to have to go back in and take over that part of that country at least. Why didn't Biden administration knowing we were going to pull out, order all Americans to leave first, then diplomats,then take allies, military equipment then evacuate the military. This is so wrong and why didn't Biden and administration work with other countries letting them know or coming together on how to do this so they could get their people out too. Biden just wanted notoriety and fame to be the one to say "he did it" so he could say he accomplished something but just like our southern border, just because Trumps name was attached to it, he threw out all sane projectives and good planning. Everyone one, generals , Dept. Of defense, Pelosi, all should be held accountable and arrested when all is done. Americans need great people to investigate  all this swiftly not take years to complete and not an all out democrat board.
ROND August 21, 2021
| |