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Terrified Parents Leak Letters From Schools, Here’s What They Say


“Social-Emotional Learning” is a buzzword that is being thrown around in discussion about the failings of the American schools, but what is it all about, and why does it scare some parents so much? 

As kids return to school in the Fall of 2021 parents around the country are more skeptical of schools than ever before, and the excitement over a new year of learning is unfortunately diminished for many American children.  What was once a hopeful American institution of learning, has now been transformed into an oftentimes secretive chamber of regulations and teaching tactics that parents do not really understand.

Oftentimes parents feel like they don’t have any advocates or anyone to talk to, so many chat groups and groups have sprung up around the United States full of frustrated parents. In one such chat room on social media, a father from Colorado posted a letter from his son’s guidance counselor, and he showed his specific concerns in highlighter:

“I am your student’s counselor. I am here to support them both academically and with any social-emotional issues, they may be going through,” the letter reads.

The parent obviously is frightened enough to remain anonymous and has crossed out the identifying information on the letter. I explored with the parent his feelings about the letter, and why it was alarming to him.

The parent told me that he was concerned about the use of pronouns and the tone of the letter in connection his son’s guidance at school to something called Social Emotional Learning, which he didn’t know about.

The pronouns were concerning for the father because he felt as if he had not given his consent to have his child in a learning environment where confusion about sexuality was being focused on and actually pushed, and he was worried that Social Emotional Learning gave someone who was gender-confused an edge to manipulate his child into adopting foreign concepts that would be harmful to the child’s education.

These are legit concerns, and the problem is that parents do not have an advocate for their concerns currently with our school system designed in a way to cut the parents out of the loop and give authority to school officials – who sometimes use professional jargon to discuss professional development issues that are foreign to parents.

So what is Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), and is it possible that it could benefit a student?

The answer is that it depends on what you want your child to learn in school.

SEL is a teaching style of communication that is housed in the “Equity” movement which is funded by the Department of Education to be distributed to local schools by way of teacher training, public speakers, continuing education, professional development, social justice activism and curriculum development.

The ideas that makeup SEL are based upon a decades-long belief in something called “emotional intelligence” which many proponents believe is a superior way of measuring a person’s skills, wisdom and potential in the workplace.

h and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

Also known as “emotional intelligence,” SEL has five core concepts; you can read more about each one below and discover ways to incorporate them into academic and unstructured class time:

Relationship Skills
Responsible Decision-Making
Social Awareness

Obviously, these topics are concerning to parents who want the schools to focus on building skills like reading, writing, Math, learning a trade.

The answer to whether or not the focus on feelings over facts, is dangerous, is in the idea that if the adult using the communication tactics to push the focus has an agenda, it is dangerous for children because it is not only removing the opportunity to teach a marketable skill, it is pushing a personal agenda.

Sort of like pushing personal pronouns.

If a parent wants their children to learn job kills, it is dangerous. Not many people get jobs for understanding some people’s use of personal pronouns.

And therein lies the real issues of our day. We have a divided country, and one side is not being heard or respected.

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red August 30, 2021
| |
They threw God out of the classroom, and now they need to replace Him. For most kids, it's something stupid and have no respect for it. Freinds who are gay have shown me that their problems are just as high in nations where it's accepted and probley worse than in nations where it's illegal. Where its acceptable to be gay, they can't get help. Then, gay rape, suicide following that, and so on are common. Like the US military, for example.
BlackPanther August 30, 2021
| |
It has now become apparent that who runs and who is elected to a school board IS VITAL.  The days of the least qualified person being elected because no one else would run are over.  Then vet the heck out of the superintendents and principals before they are hired.  There are plenty of educators out there who want our kids educated not indoctrinated.
graceythecat August 30, 2021
| |
And this is why the communist democrat cult party is touting "free education" to indoctrinate the young minds into being communist democrat cult party members!
mas August 30, 2021
| |
Homeschool!!!! It is a HUGE sacrifice, but aren't our children worth it????
Taras Merza August 28, 2021
| |
What is a "504"?????????????
Steve Johnson August 28, 2021
| |
SEL is just one more poisoned arrow in communist cancel culture. In this case it is used to mentally molest our children with propaganda and brainwashing in a number of areas, including perversion.
Lee Anne August 24, 2021
| |
I worked as a Behavior Specialist for years with kids who had emotional issues. I worked with social/emotional issues. It was things like, "how to handle frustration without flipping out, how to communicate your needs to the teacher, how to focus in class." Maybe this is different, but ALL staff helps with "social emotional issues."
Sherry M. Lee August 24, 2021
| |
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Bob August 24, 2021
| |
I as a parent wpuld want to know EVERYTHING that my kid (or Grandkid!) was being "taught."  I retired in 2002 AND EVEN THEN I called a few teachers out for preaching Left-Wing claptrap!  Parents have to PAY ATTENTION at all grade levels and ESPECIALLY if their kids go to college, where LOTS of their hard-earned money is being spent.
Chloe Fleming August 24, 2021
| |
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artichoke August 24, 2021
| |
It isn't Equity.  Equity is much worse.  Equity says the more successful groups have to be handicapped to give success to the less successful groups, i.e. communism by group. SEL can be bad or it can be OK, depending on implementation.  Kids do need to learn from their emotional episodes. The parent should watch closely what this counselor does.  But being "terrified" would be a vast overreaction.