Illegal Immigration

“Asylum Seekers” Turn Down Opportunity To Come To USA After Discovering They Would Have To Work And Not Receive Welfare


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With all of the mayhem and chaos taking place on the border between the US and Mexico, we thought we would do a little digging to find out just what the facts are about the effects illegal aliens have on our economy and lifestyle.

According to a 2015 report that was released by USA Today:

About 51% of immigrant-led households receive at least one kind of welfare benefit, including Medicaid, food stamps, school lunches and housing assistance, compared to 30% for native-led households, according to the report from the Center for Immigration Studies, a group that advocates for lower levels of immigration.

Those numbers increase for households with children, with 76% of immigrant-led households receiving welfare, compared to 52% for the native-born.”

It should be noted that the USA Today article was published in 2015, when Barack Obama was President.

The report explains that over half of our country’s immigrants currently receive one kind of government subsidized welfare or another. This number is much higher than the number of American-born citizens on welfare, the report released late on Wednesday states.

Roughly 51% of immigrant-run households in the United States receive at least some kind of welfare, which includes Medicaid healthcare coverage, food stamps/EBT cards, school lunches, and/or housing assistance.

Comparing this number to the 30% of native-run households, is astonishing. This information was presented by the Center for Immigration Studies, which is a group that is know to advocate for low-level immigration.

Earlier this month the Daily Mail reported that: “A total of 71 asylum seekers on Nauru have turned down the chance to move to the U.S. after discovering they would need to work and wouldn’t get welfare.” 

Breitbart reports that During his final months in office, former President Barack Obama signed onto the Australian-United States refugee deal, in which he vowed to take in 1,250 Middle Eastern refugees, who were residing in Australia.

Back in February Breitbart News wrote:

The refugees – who are mostly adult, single males with mental health issues – were being held in detention centers on Manus Island and Nauru Island in Australia. Despite Trump’s original statement calling the deal “dumb,” the president has broken his commitment and has allowed the Middle Eastern nationals to be resettled across the country.

new report claims that 71 of the so-called “refugees” have refused to be resettled in the U.S. after they were told that they would have to work and not be eligible for taxpayer-funded public benefits and welfare.

“People who have refused to take a place in the US are not genuine,” Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said when speaking to the Daily Telegraph.

“Reports have come back to people on Nauru it’s all a bit financially tight there because you have to get a job and there’s no welfare there,” Dutton continued.

According to Breitbart, around 60 Pakistani and Afghan nationals who were residing in Australia were resettled in the United States in February. Prior to that resettlement, around 54 Middle Easterners resettled in the US due to the Australia-U.S. deal.

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Shirley August 13, 2021
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I m m­­­­a­­­­k­­­­in­­­­g o­­­­v­­er 15­­­-k bu­­­­c­­­­k­­­­s a m­­­­o­­­­n­­­­t­­­­h w­­­­o­­­­r­­­­k­­­­i­­­­n­­­­g p­­­­a­­­­r­­­­t t­­­­i­­­­m­­­­e. I k­­­­e­­­­p­­­­t h­­­­e­­­­a­­­­r­­­­i­­­­n­­­­g o­­­­t­­­­h­­­­e­­­­r p­­­­e­­­­o­­­­p­­­­l­­­­e t­e­­­­ll m­­­­e h­­­­o­­­­w m­­u­­­­c­­h m­­­­o­­­­n­­e­­y t­­h­­e­­y c­­a­n m­­a­­k­­e o­­­­n­­­­li­­­­n­e s­­­­o I d­­­­e­­­­c­­­i­­­­d­­­­e­­­­d t­­­­o lo­­­­o­­­­k i­­­­n­­­­t­­­­o i­­­­t. W­­­­e­­­­l­­­­l, i­­­­t w­­­­a­­­­s a­­l­­­­l t­­­­r­­­­u­­­­e a­­­­n­­­­d h­­­­a­­­­s t­­­­o­­­­ta­­­­ll­­­­y c­­­­h­­­­a­­­­n­­­­g­­e­­d m­­y l­­i­­f­­e.:) AND GOOD LUCK.:)HERE ➤➤
Sandra Lee Smith August 13, 2021
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I have said, for yrs, they come here expecting to be supported in the manner to which they would LIKE to become accustomed, not to become Americans, or help build our nation!  They are just leeches!  We don't need or want them!  Those who immigrate (NOT INVADE) to our nation, to become Americans in every sense of that term are welcome still.
Poppy Lord August 13, 2021
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Steve Barrette March 18, 2021
| |
The only reason they come here
Nick Cignetti March 18, 2021
| |
Stop the DNC drive that I call chumming for votes. Chumming is the practice of luring various animals
way2confused March 18, 2021
| |
Is ANYONE surprised? Oh, and they need to ship back pregnant women ready to give birth. The LAST thing we need are more anchor babies.
SJHPW March 18, 2021
| |
We have to stop this gravy train! We aren't even taking care of our own citizens at the level that immigrants, legal and illegal, are taken care of. We can't keep taking in all those who can't or won't even fight for their own country. We will look like the 3rd world nation they left if this continues. Our laws aren't followed by the politicians and they should be prosecuted for crimes against our country!
Patricia Ward April 27, 2019
| |
I am for 2nd ammendment 100%