OMG What Pelosi & Feinstein Do To Babbitt’s Mom Is Unconscionable … Do They Lack Souls?!


Ashli Babbitt, the Air Force veteran and small business owner from California who was shot and killed by a Capitol Police officer even though she was unarmed and not a threat to anyone when she was murdered has had her story whitewashed by the Democrats in charge of the nation’s capital.

Ashli’s mother has had to suffer in silence up to this point and to make matters worse, she’s not getting any answers from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or her US Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA). In fact, the two of them have ignored her dozens of attempts to reach out to both of them. For that matter, no other politician has reached out to her, Democrat or Republican.

That’s no way to treat an American citizen whose daughter was shot and killed.

But this is how Democrats treat constituents who have the death of a loved one that is controversial and would cause potential political problems for Democrats. Remember the mother of Sean Smith who was killed in Benghazi after the Obama administration abandoned him and three other Americans including a US Ambassador, who went public and revealed that neither Hillary Clinton nor then President Barack Obama would respond to her many attempts to find out why her son was left behind to be killed in Libya?

Micki Witthoeft, Babbitt’s mother, spent some time with conservative author, filmmaker, and pundit Dinesh D’Souza for a podcast to discuss Ashli’s death and the aftermath.

Witthoeft says that on top of zero communication from Feinstein and Pelosi, neither the Department of Justice nor the Biden administration have answered any of her questions about the day the still unnamed and protected Capitol Police officer shot and killed her daughter. To this day, that officer’s identity has not been disclosed even though Democrats are known for demanding the identity of officers who are involved in shooting deaths when it’s a black person who was fatally wounded.

“I knew that my daughter had been shot but there had been no official contact with our family as to who [shot her] — and my son-in-law actually learned of Ashli’s death by seeing it on TV, but it was still hard to get confirmation from anybody. We called hospitals, it was just hard to get confirmation at that time. So his confirmation of his wife’s death came through the television,” Witthoeft said of that horrible day for her daughter and their family.

Ashli’s mother said 3 weeks after her daughter’s murder, she began calling at least one politician every day in Washington and California hoping to get answers. She would have settled for any details over the death of her daughter.

“I started with Nancy Pelosi. And I called Nancy Pelosi and I called Dianne Feinstein from three weeks after Ashli’s death to currently. Nancy Pelosi I have called no less than a dozen times. I have never received any kind of correspondence from her. She will not call me back. I’ve emailed her, she doesn’t email me back. I’ve had absolutely no response,” the grieving mother told D’Souza.

Witthoeft said when she called Feinstein’s office, her staff was “just awful.” That makes sense, because their boss has been known to be just awful too. She said when she called the office, one of Feinstein’s staffers didn’t even recognize Babbitt’s name. This was a constituent of the senator and the name was universally reported throughout the world.

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Need a body? The dnc can provide one. The so-called riot wasn't doing any actual harm, except for the nazis planted among them. So, the dnc needed a body, only it backfired. No riots to blame on us, no demands for gun reform. And now they're guilty of both the riot and murder. How much will they pay to be absolved? Probably not much, and they'll pay in tax dollars. They always do.
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Desert Dweller August 17, 2021
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Burn those two witches at the stake!!!!
SammiJoCole8 August 17, 2021
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The muderous Capital Polic Officer's name is MICHAEL BYRD!
David August 17, 2021
| |
 Need to go face to face with these people and tell the press when you're going and that you intend to be LOUD!
Art Warmack August 17, 2021
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It is time for American Patriots to take up arms and fight back against our own tyrannical federal government. What the hell else can we do? RESIST at all cost, freedom is more important than life.......we fight for freedom not just for ourselves but for those that come after us. We are armed, show them we don't need "F-15's and Nukes" as Josef Biden insists. Stand up, stand tall.
Truth_Seeker! August 17, 2021
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Of course Pelosi, Feinstein, Obama, Biden, Schumer etc all the leftist llioberals have NO SOULS! Those bodies or skin bags are now occupied by possession of demons. The original owners of those bodies made a deal with Lucifer and are all in H E L L now!
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