May 29, 2022

OMG… NYT’s Reporter Shut Psaki Down After Bogus ‘Options’ Excuse

You know Biden is screwed when an ultra-liberal news outlet like the New York Times rips his administration for choosing the dumbest possible course of action in Afghanistan.

Thanks to Biden’s poor planning the terrorist organization ISIS-K felt emboldened enough to bomb Kabul airport where countless Americans and allies were attempting to leave.

The attack resulted in over 60 deaths including 13 US service members who were there helping evacuate the Taliban-ridden country.

White House Press Secretary claimed that Biden’s options were limited but several members of Congress have argued there were other ways. Psaki claimed Biden only had two options:

The Press Sec sneered at the first options saying, “you send tens of thousands of more troops in Afghanistan to potentially lose their lives, that’s an option. Some have called – some support that. That’s their prerogative.”

Psaki then claimed the only other option available was to “pull out” adding, “you don’t put anyone at risk, you don’t put troops at risk, and you don’t evacuate more than 105,000 people, that’s another option.”

That’s when a surprise took place… A shocker to the stage as Michael Shear from the New York Times called BS on Psaki. “You guys have said repeatedly – presented this idea that there were only two choices. What evidence do you have that there weren’t other choices that could have been made? I mean”… Shear scoffed.

Psaki interrupted the reporter and demanded he tell her another option— Shear was happy to oblige:

“[Biden] could have said to the Ghani government in May, that we’re gonna start a mass evacuation of all of the U.S. personnel, we’re gonna put out an announcement that says, you know, “We advise all of our Afghan allies who worked with us to start evacuating as well.” It would have been a show of no confidence in the Ghani government, there might have been other repercussions, I’m not suggesting that’s the right way to have gone, I don’t know, but it is another option. And I’m sure there’s ten other options that I haven’t thought of that – so why do you present it as these being the only two options?”

Psaki was visibly irritated by Shear but he was right and she knew it. Psaki was forced to admit there were other options but claimed ‘all options have consequence’ insinuating that ISIS-K would have attacked then. Shear didn’t accept that response either and argued that the Taliban had not taken over the region at that point—So her excuse was garbage.

The Press Sec then called him a backseat drive and huffed along with the briefing.


You could tell by the brief but heated exchange that Shear got to Psaki. More importantly, it was great to see the liberal media calling the Biden administration out and stabbing into the false claim that the Afgan pullout was somehow a ‘success’.

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