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Judge Hands Roy Moore Huge Win Over False Allegations


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Nearly four years after Leigh Corfman accused Roy Moore of sexually inappropriate behavior, derailing the 2017 Alabama Senate election and handing the Senate seat to Democrat Doug Jones, Corfman’s ensuing defamation lawsuit against Moore’s campaign has been dismissed.

Following her wild accusations that upended the 2017 Alabama Senate election, Corfman sued Moore’s campaign for statements he made in his defense. That case has now been dismissed by Alabama circuit court judge John E. Rochester on August 5, 2021.

In the summary judgement, which is only one page long, the judge declares that Corfman “was a limited-purpose public figure as a matter of law” at the time the statements about her were made, and that her “evidence fails to factually or legally establish clear and convincing proof” that Moore or his campaign published any statements considered to be defamatory. “Accordingly, the Court finds there are no genuine issues of material fact in dispute and Defendant Judge Roy Moore for US Senate is entitlted to Judgement as a matter of law. The pending counts and claims in this action against Judge Roy Moore for US Senate are hereby Dismissed.”

Roy Moore released a statement noting that this dismissal has been coming for years. “The court has finally recognized what we knew all along. My campaign for US Senate has in no way defamed plaintiff Leigh Corfman,” said Moore. “We look forward to proving in open court, before a jury, her political motivation for making false allegations in my Senate campaign.”

A spokesperson for Moore added, “After over three years and hundreds of thousands of dollars, plaintiff’s claims against Judge Moore’s campaign committee have failed, and plaintiff, Leigh Corfman, has been found to be a limited-purpose public figure as a matter of law, making it even more difficult for her to prove defamation in this case.”

Corfman’s case against Moore was complicated by an apparent admission from her own lawyer, Eddie Sexton, who said that she “f**ked everybody in Gadsden,” and admitted that he himself had a sexual relationship with Corfman, according to deposition transcripts obtained by this reporter in 2019. Sexton also suggested he planned to drop Corfman as a client because he did not believe her claims against Moore, and a Breitbart reporter said that Sexton “Sat there several times talking sh*t about [Corfman].”

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Hang the bitch!! imo
Jesse August 11, 2021
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This is the first step in fixing the LIE about a good man. Had the Courts folowed the law and not their politics Moore would be Senator. A Democrapic oprative told everyone that he helped commit Election FRAUD. He bragged about bringing in two bus loads of people to vote and did so in at least two counties. Had the Judge done as their oath says Moore would have won by default and the Democrap candidate and this Oprative would be in a prison for their crimes of Election FRAUD and Tampering.