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Impeach Biden Says Navy SEAL Who Killed Osama Bin Laden Says Biden ‘Surrendered To The Taliban’


The Afghanistan withdrawal has been so spectacularly awful that Democrats and even some of their puppets at CNN have been criticizing the Biden administration for botching it up and allowing our troops to leave the country without honor. The troops who served there over the last twenty years served with honor and dignity, but now, thanks to the petulantly childish Commander-in-Chief Joe Biden, the withdrawal has turned into an evacuation and a desperate one at that.

I personally believe Biden didn’t like the idea of people having the ability to say that his administration just followed the Trump administration’s plan to withdraw from the country. I believe Trump lives inside Joe biden’s head rent free because Joe Biden knows that Trump was far better than him at the job. Anybody else with a 3 digit IQ knows that President Donald Trump was one of the greatest presidents of our lifetime and Biden doesn’t like to live in his shadow. He has thrown out everything the Trump administration did, and he has wreaked havoc on our country from opening up our southern border to millions of third-world migrants that the American taxpayers have to support, to admitting they moved at least 40,000 illegal migrants who tested positive for COVID into American cities across the country, to reversing Trump’s energy policies taking us from being energy independent and the world’s largest exporter of oil to a country now dependent again on foreign oil and Biden begging for extra production from the OPEC Plus nations only to have the request declined, to destroying our economy and creating inflation by pushing through irresponsible spending bills and the list goes on and on.

For all of that, the administration has been able to cover for the addled president in cognitive decline, but the Afghan withdrawal has been so bad for America that even people we never expected to come out against the administration are doing so.

And now, Joe Biden is personally responsible for humiliating our military. The president didn’t want to execute Trump’s plan, and by the May 1 deadline, he didn’t have a plan of his own, so he extended the deadline, which inevitably angered the Taliban. Biden then put the whole affair out of his mind and never thought about again. We just have to assume that his people kept on him about coming up with a withdrawal plan of his own and I am betting in a classic Joe Biden move he got angered and told his military leaders to just get our troops out.

On Friday night, during an interview, Robert O’Neill, the former US Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden, the al Qaeda leader behind the 911 attacks, ripped Biden, saying that he needs to be impeached over the disaster that he caused in Afghanistan. And folks, make no mistake about it, Joe Biden caused this mess.

“Look, I don’t want to be in charge, but if I was, oh, I want to get the Americans? Cool. Give me nine guys,” O’Neill said. “I’m going to walk through the streets and I’m going to kill everyone I see and I’m gonna grab the Americans. It is not difficult. But we have these people who are in charge that are a disgrace. I’m amazed that there hasn’t been at least 30 generals and admirals that haven’t resigned or been fired today.”

He’s right, especially about that last part. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin should have already resigned in disgrace. Instead, they have been making up excuses for Biden and changing their tunes as the events in Afghanistan have unfolded. Apparently back in April they and other Pentagon leaders told the Biden administration that a withdrawal path that the president was suggesting would cause serious problems from the Taliban, and now in order to cover for Biden’s lies that no military personnel ever told him there would be trouble they are saying they did not foresee the problems that are happening right now. Either way, they should resign for their failures and incompetence.

“This is nonsense. It’s insulting,” O’Neill said about how Biden has handled the Kabulsituation. “Every veteran, Marine, Airman, and Navy SEAL, Coast Guardsmen, everyone I’ve talked to today, all they tell me is they feel gross. And that’s how you should feel, you should feel gross. We don’t ask the Taliban permission. You know what we do? We kick their ass. That’s it.”

“I’m very, very angry because over 400 combat missions in so many different fields of combat, I have never once lost a fight. My team has never lost a fight. I don’t know any Marine who’s lost a fight, and that includes the Taliban,” he continued. “When we meet them face to face, we crush them. We were pretty good for the past four and a half years at impeaching a president for no reason. If anything deserves an impeachment, it’s right now, because we don’t do this. We don’t ask the enemy for permission. We go in there. We crush them. We win every single time, and then we leave with our people.”

“It’s infuriating that I have to talk to my combat veteran friends that fought for so many years, and they’re wondering why, why do we fight? For these people that just hid there until we elected people in suits that can’t do anything. And then they surrender?” he added. “Are you kidding me? This president surrendered to the Taliban. Does it get any more embarrassing? Should I not be embarrassed as an American right now, wondering what I fought for?”

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graceythecat August 30, 2021
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Impeach and remove ALL communist democrat cult party members from ALL offices because they put this puppet dictator regime in place!
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Taxman NC August 23, 2021
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When we impeach Biden we also need to impeach Harris/Pelosi and Schumer! They are equally at fault for the Border problems, Immigration problems, Afghanistan problems, energy problems, economy problems. All in all they have failed America! Get rid of all of them and reinstate Trump!
THX 1138 August 23, 2021
| |
Leaving behind that much taxpayer funded military equipment and weapons, one would figure constitutes giving aid/comfort to the enemy during a declared war.