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Fall Out From Obama’s Super Spreader Birthday Party Is Devastating


Isn’t it funny how the press takes every opportunity to knock Republicans over COVID-19 even if they have to make it up, but when they have an incident when a Democrat has a super spreader event with no masks and a spike in the number of cases occur, they suddenly become mute?

Andrew Cuomo was forced to resign for sexually harassing women when his policy of sending COVID patients to nursing homes actually killed people, even if the number of deaths is in dispute.

Barack Obama held his 60th birthday party in the exclusive Martha’s Vineyard community. Just after it ended, there was a sudden spike in the number of COVID cases. But, you will not hear a word of it from the lapdog press. People roamed the party without masks or any social distancing.

Annie Karni, a White House correspondent for the NYT appeared on CNN and said there was no risk of CONID infections because the crowd was sophisticated and vaccinated.

This continues the long streak the Times has of being wrong on every subject.

It is a streak that began when they claimed that Noah was a conspiracy theorist and that his boat would never have to be used and continued when the Enron financial advisor, Paul Krugman,  urged his readers to invest all of their money in betting on Hillary in 2016.

Sixty-three people were diagnosed with COVID in one week, the highest number since April. Hundreds of people attended the former President’s 60th birthday party at the Obama mansion in Martha’s Vineyard.

But it’s okay to do that as long as your invitees have been vaccinated and are sophisticated, otherwise more people would be getting the disease.

From Breitbart News

Photos of the party showed many of the guests without masks, mingling, drinking, and dancing in close quarters.

The Tisbury boards of health spokesperson Maura Valley told the Daily Mail it was “a little too early” to know whether the boost in cases was a direct result of Obama’s birthday party, but cases continue to rise following the event.

Prior to the party, Obama and his staff tried to claim the event would be “scaled back” with just close family and friends as a result of the spread of the Delta variant of the coronavirus, but it was still a big party, with 300-400 people attending.

The Daily Mail also reported that six staffers tested positive at the Harbor view Hotel, where some of the celebrities attending the party stayed.

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Bill W Murphy September 14, 2021
| |
Mute ?  How 'bout deaf and dumb and then dumb and dumber.  No respect for these "cats" -- no matter their gender(s).  Funny -- Ha-Ha !!!
BornSkeptik September 13, 2021
| |
I don't see where there's any proof that this was a causal event. The fact is, there were numerous super spreader events on the island that week.  I'll certainly agree the birthday party was tone deaf. And that's all they're guilty of. 
alicia cervera September 11, 2021
| |
Despicabe. Always them breaking the rules and turn around and accuse othrs. Im fed up with these scums.
notu August 22, 2021
| |
they don't care sure you'll complain a little bit and then it will fade away it just doesn't matter just like cuomo willl fade away after he leaves.
notu August 22, 2021
| |
he is stereotypical! 
william g munson August 21, 2021
| |
Wow Media still MUTE  Too
Swave n deBoner August 21, 2021
| |
I have two friends who recently died of the virus. They were both vaccinated with two shots each & then they contracted the virus & it killed them both. Vaccination shots are a joke. Masks are a joke as the virus molecules are much too small for the average cloth mask to stop going in either direction. Thank God the virus is not more potent, killing only 24 of every thousand who contract it.  
EUGEN August 16, 2021
| |
Monica August 16, 2021
| |
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red August 16, 2021
| |
I'd be laughing if it weren't so stupid how moronic these liberals are. Pitiful. Obama needs to go down as one of the worse presidents we had. It's not a long list, but so far only dems are on it.
Brian August 15, 2021
| |
Perhaps I've missed it, but this article does not directly connect the 63 COIVD cases with Obama's party. It certainly implies it, but doesn't link nor quote external source that makes the direct connection.  Purpisefully misleading, or assuming readers are accessing the same news sources as the athor?
Laura Baxter August 15, 2021
| |
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Nicolas P Cignetti August 15, 2021
| |
What first has to be done is to look up the definition of vaccine. From that you can educe that we really have no vaccine but an ongoing experiment. Now do the logic and reasoning that is if you have a functional brain located in the proper place in your body!
confusednomore August 15, 2021
| |
I hav a great idea for a tee shirt.  "I'm Sophisticated.  I don't need to wear a stinking mask."
Desert Dweller August 15, 2021
| |
If they all start dropping dead of covid, at least the world will be a better place!!  imho
Gerald S Ladd August 15, 2021
| |
As most people there are perverts, I was thinking that venereal disesees might be a bigger problem.