September 27, 2022

Even Dems Are Calling For Election Audits Now … No One Trusts Our Elections Anymore

This would be comical … if the future of our republic was not in the balance.

Ever since we were told that one of the least likable candidates in modern history, Joe Biden, received more votes than any man or woman ever to run for POTUS (over 80,000,000 votes!) all those of us on the right ever wanted was an adult, just some basic transparency to reassure the nation that our elections are on the level.

After the Democrats and the media spent 4 years telling us that the 2016 election was not fair because it was ‘hacked by the Russians’ (whatever that even means) one would think they would jump at the opportunity to restore faith in American’s elections … and, at the same time, rub Trump’s nose in his supposed big loss, right?  Wrong.

Apparently it all comes down to who it is thinks they got ****** upon hearing the results.  If a Republican raises questions and asks for transparency we are working for the Russians and trying to destroy out Democracy.

However, when a Democrat thinks they were robbed, all of a sudden an audit is the only logical solution …

Joe Hoft writes for The Gateway Pundit:

Hell has frozen over and the most radical and insane of all American politicians, NYC Mayor de Blasio has called for an election audit.

The NYC elections for mayor have turned into a liberal nightmare:

NYC Mayoral Race Devolves into Chaos After Board of Elections Retracts Vote Totals Due to a “Discrepancy”

135,000 “Test Ballots” were left in the system?

BREAKING: NYC Board of Elections Admits Leaving 135,000 “Test Ballots” in System Prior to Election

The Far-left Washington Post blames the NYC election nightmare on the process?

New Yorkers can say a lot about their primary debacle, but they can’t say they didn’t see it coming. Three years ago, when momentum was building for a new ranked-choice voting system, a government reform commission looked at two fundamental questions: How could they make it work, and what might wreck it? Easy: The city’s board of elections, dogged by “poor poll-worker training” and other basic problems.

But Bill de Blasio, the outgoing mayor, has now done the most sensible thing and has called for an audit:

JimB August 17, 2021
| |
Most Americans will never believe Joe Biden won the 2020 election without the help of Massive Fraud.
Laura Baxter August 15, 2021
| |
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Dee August 15, 2021
| |
Why in this old info being regurgitated now ? To keep our minds off forced vaccination? Thalidomide, anyone? 
Jim August 14, 2021
| |
Trump won in a land slide. The filthy, corrupt, lying & cheating Democrats flat out stole the election. Period. 
Lefe1960 July 2, 2021
| |
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Jesse July 2, 2021
| |
You know things are bad when one like DeBozo whines. 
ROND July 2, 2021
| |
Lisa July 2, 2021
| |
HAHAHAHA, I love when the other shoe drops...F U dems
Bruce Frank July 2, 2021
| |
I believe that they think that if they call for audit, they may be able to control the investigation.