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Deadbeat Dems Vote Against Holding Biden Accountable, Their Reasons Will Make Your Blood Boil


The US s now paying for Biden’s deadly mistake in blood following the horrific bombing at Kabul airport in Afghanistan. The death toll rose Thursday from 12 to 13 American service members with dozens more injured. The ISIS-K suicide bomber also claimed 90 Afghans as they tried to flee the country following a full Taliban takeover.

Thousands have gathered at the airports since the Taliban set a deadline for Americans to evacuate despite fears of a possible attack. What choice did they have? Presidentish Biden didn’t demand more time or push back at all.

Currently, we still don’t have any idea how many Americans are still stranded and we can all thank Democrats for that after they unanimously voted down a bill that would have held Biden accountable and made the White House update the Senate daily with realtime numbers.

Wisconsin Rep Mike Gallagher (R) says their reasoning isn’t what you think. He explained that Democrats are protecting their own interests and not Biden:

“They did that because they didn’t want to endanger the $5 trillion monstrosity, the Bernie budget, that Speaker Pelosi has been focused on forcing through Congress on a purely party-line vote,” Gallagher said. “So they’ve revealed their priorities. Rather than saving Americans, they’re focused on this absolute progressive blowout budget, which will be damaging to America. It’s one of the most shameful things I’ve seen in my entire five years in Congress.”


According to Reuters, Thursday’s attack marked the first U.S. military casualties in Afghanistan since February 2020 and represented the deadliest incident for American troops in the country in a decade.

At least two explosions tore through crowds that had thronged the gates of Hamid Karzai International Airport desperate to leave Afghanistan since the Taliban seized power almost two weeks ago ahead of U.S. President Joe Biden’s Aug. 31 deadline to withdraw American troops after two decades.

About Erica De LaVega

Erica is a syndicated opinion columnist for the Beltway Report and Project Saoirse.

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these lying, corrupt dems need to rot in evil monsters are right in hand with MR. biden...for once in your lives DO THE RIGHT THING, you guys are freaking cowards and need to be run out of office, hopefully 2022 will do just that....COWARDS, NO BALLS, NO SPINE
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Shocked & Appalled August 27, 2021
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They are all scum of the earth. If you are still a proud Democrat, so are you. It is high time to understand that the opposition to freedom & the bright light of day is the enemy, not some friend with a few different ideas. 
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Bill G August 27, 2021
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But... but... but.... the Taliban are our friends - they have promised to kill us and we don't even have to ask. They will soon be coming to a place near you, and they don't needs maps. GPS devices, or compasses.
Glen August 27, 2021
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Only way to hold anyone. Accountable is at next election vote all trash out make clean sweep 
Vanessa R. Cantu August 27, 2021
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Carlotta August 27, 2021
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Screw Joe Biden and the whole administration they all ,suck  and so do the RINOS they have no spine or backbone to stand up for what is right even pushing people to get a vaccine even though you still can get Covid