August 11, 2022

Crenshaw Slaughters Biden For Choosing The ‘Stupidest Possible Option’, ‘We’re Paying In Blood’

Photo via video

Former Navy Seal, Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw couldn’t mask his disgust for Biden’s handling of the Afghan withdrawal following the terror attack on Kabul airport, Thursday.

Crenshaw deemed Biden’s pullout as the ‘dumbest possible option’ adding that we are paying for it now in blood. The Afghan vet said this was bound to happen saying, “there are people out there that want to kill us,” Crenshaw decried.

“I encourage the American people to accept the reality of the situation, Crenshaw said. “We’ve been wishing for a different situation, wishing for a different reality for a very long time, and that got us into this mess.

We have to acknowledge that there are people out there that want to kill us, that wake up every single day, and if they have any space whatsoever, any room, any time whatsoever, they’re planning an attack on the homeland”

Crenshaw slammed Biden for being willfully oblivious saying, “that’s the way it is. I wish it were different. It’s not different. And we have to acknowledge that fact. Biden has refused to acknowledge that fact.”

Crenshaw also addressed the liberal media’s claim that blame should go to previous administrations, “every president since Bush has had to deal with this really difficult decision – Obama, Trump. But Biden is the only one who really followed through with the stupidest possible option,” Crenshaw growled.

He added, “now we’re paying in blood for it.”

Crenshaw said there is still hope and detailed a way that, he says, Biden can recover America’s dignity and save our citizens and allies:

“These people deserve to be saved, whether they’re citizens or whether they’re interpreters that I knew, that I worked with who have done more for this country than most citizens of this country.

We need to help them. And we’re not going to leave until the job is done. That has to be the first task order to the military. We’re telling the Taliban we won’t leave until the job is done.”


Thirteen U.S. service members were killed and more than a dozen others injured in an attack outside the airport in the capital of Afghanistan on Thursday, opening a deadly new chapter in the massive U.S. effort to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies ahead of President Biden’s August 31 deadline to withdraw.

The Pentagon said a suicide bomber detonated an explosion that tore through a crowd waiting at an entrance to the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, where thousands of people have gathered every day since the city fell to the Taliban, desperate to board flights out of the country. Another explosion struck a nearby hotel, the Pentagon said.

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