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Trump Exposes Bill Barr & His Role In Facilitating Election Theft


ICYMI … President Donald J. Trump spoke to a very enthusiastic crowd of about 4,000 Conservatives at CPAC in Dallas, Texas, at their conference called “America Uncanceled.”

“The Republican Party has truly become the party of the working man and women, we live by the words by our National motto, In God we trust. These things must define the Republican Party.  Look how many people are joining.  You were in big trouble 5 years ago. We want historic victory in 2022.  Our Country will soon stand proudly for free elections.  The election of 2020 is the number one issue that people want to talk about. Together we will save this country, ” Trump said.

The crowd was anticipating an announcement that he would run in 2024 and an update about his class-action lawsuit announced recently against Big Tech. Instead, Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, told Right Side Broadcasting to get ready because Trump would talk about 2021 and not 2024, setting the expectation that Trump would speak about the number one issue on their minds Election integrity.

With the crowd chanting the USA! The USA! Trump started his speech thanking the proud patriots trying to save the country and reminding the people that the fake media had said Texas was in “play,” meaning Trump would lose. Trump won Texas.

I didn’t want to say this, but I am very disappointed that Bill Barr could never hold anyone accountable for the countless abuses of power by Democrats, no one who spied on our campaign, not the authors of the phony dossier, not the women who defamed Bret Kavanagh,  numerous crimes,  criminal referrals for lying to Congress, illegal leakers, no one responsible for corrupting our elections.  He wanted nothing to do with it, and perhaps it is understandable.  He became a different man with Democrats said that he would be impeached. I got impeached twice, and I became worse.

“Bill Barr would not allow a US attorney in PA to investigate voter fraud. The just came out in a letter. The Justice Department didn’t call out the late-night voter fraud.  The ballots were stuffed.  That is all in court now, let’s see how it finds out,” Trump said. 

“Barr said he saw nothing.  By the way, there was no water main that broke. Barr said they never heard about that; Trump said referring to a water break announcement that caused Republican poll observers to leave the roll where tallies were happening.

“We got 12 million more votes than Biden,” Trump told the crowd talking about the 2020 election. “Democrats are vicious.  They were going to impeach him, and now he votes with the Democrats. The hearing was the most vicious in the history of our country.”

“I came down the escalator with our great future First Lady,” Trump said to cheers. That is when all of these witch hunts started because I put America First and because of MAGA and more votes, 75 Million in history.  More than Obama and Clinton, and I got 12 million before than 2016. And it is a disgrace that I lost, they made our movement stronger.”

“We will beat radical socialists and Critical Race Theorists. We will restore free speech and fair elections and make America great again; it is very simple. This is the greatest political movement in history, and not even fake news can challenge that. You never stopped fighting for me, and I will never stop fighting for you, I promise, Trump said.

Trump slammed the Democrat party for persecuting Republicans and letting Democrats commit crimes, and also, for now, it is Republicans who wanted to defund the police, which never happened.

“Let’s make it simple- Vote for MAGA!  MAGA, MAGA, MAGA,” Trump said. He defended gun rights and the second amendment.  “Democrats and radical left want to eradicate all the amendments.  Alot of people are joining me in a major class-action lawsuit. We are suing Facebook, Twitter and Google,” he said.

The speech was widely viewed online.

Trump talked about the Hunter Biden Laptop scandal that emerged months before the election. The New York Post was banned on Twitter for reporting on the scandalous laptop that contained evidence of bribery and other crimes.

“There are very bad things going on in the country with voting, and people know that bad things are going on.  The officials in Georgia let us down. Their new law is making it easier than before, even thought people think it is getting better there.  The Federal government is going after them is because the are an easy target,” Trump said.

Trump referred to the mandated consent decree, which is illegal because the Georgia legislature didn’t pass it, and mocked Joe Biden’s cognitive decline.

“It is a disgrace to our nation what happened, and we are being scorned.  We are the majority, and it is not even close. And when you look at their policies, you will know.  The left is always fighting the things we want. The radical left cheats, and the media cheats and lies about polls and tries to suppress the vote.  In 2016 the exact same thing happened when ABC news had me down 19 points, and I won the state.  The same people did it again. We beat them by surprise in 2016, and the people are with us. 58% of the people said that the Media is an enemy of the people.

Before Trump spoke, announcers reported on polling that showed if Trump was running for President, 70% were ready to commit to voting for him, and if Trump wasn’t running, the next best choice for the Conservatives at CPAC was Ron Desantis.  Mike Pence got between 0 and 1%.

Trump also received a 98% approval rating from the attendees of CPAC.  “Our movement has just begun,” Trump told the crowd. “We are going to have a great victory than we ever have.  Even after everything that has happened, we will take back our White House.”

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Barr is just another traitorous piece of shyt that should be hung as a traitor imho
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paw July 12, 2021
| |
Even as an Australian, for well over a year I kept posting "Barr is a # 2 Jeff Sessions, just a lot more sophisticated" and I was being ridiculed. Sadly, I was proved right; Immediatly after the corrupt Mueller investigation he should have appointed a special counsel to investigate the Mueller investigation and he did NOTHING... that was a cler sign to me... this guy is a cane toad, a Brutus at the Trump table. Even the likes of Joe DeJenova were convinced that "Barr" was the man... he was a cane toad.
Orange peel July 12, 2021
| |
Bill Barr will only get a joe shoving democrat's crap to the uneducated fools. Barr  betray America and President Trump. A deep state gutter rat who will pay for his crimes against the constitution and America. Who you think wrote a lot of joe Biden EOS! Bill Barr! Benedict Arnold of America. Who was the traitor who told President Trump to hire Barr?  Every turn there is a democrat screwing over the American people.