September 27, 2022

Breaking: Key Witness Disappears In AZ Voter Fraud Case

In December, the FBI raided the home of the mysterious Elliot Kerwin and they seized 8 hard drives, 3 computers, and several USB flash drives in Arizona. Then a funny thing happened. All of the seized material and Elliot Kerin have all disappeared from sight. What was the goal of the raid? Was it to seize evidence or to hide it. Surely, nine months after the fact, we should know something.

It’s notable to add that at the same time, AZ GOP Senators were fighting desperately to bring the legislature back into session after being adjourned Sine Die due to COVID19 lockdowns per Gov. Ducey.

The GOP Times wrote,

“The Arizona legislature is currently fighting to call the legislature back into special session to consider withholding their Electoral college votes, to hold a full forensic audit of Dominion voting machines, and to decertify the election results. It is interesting that this story was withheld from the public eye until now as it only adds more weight to assertions that the election in Arizona was compromised.”

AZCentral also reported that investigators were specifically searching for, “records, information and communications related to:

-Login credentials and accounts.

-Voter registration records and information, including protected voters’ information.

-The transfer, sharing, or dissemination of voter registration records and information, including protected voters’ information.

-Unauthorized access to the office’s website and computer systems.

-Attempts or threats to damage computer systems.”

Now, the question is what happened to all of the evidence, and what happened to Elliot Kerin? Both have disappeared from sight with no explanation. What is Christopher Wray hiding? He personifies the Deep State and the evidence is probably in a safe hiding space waiting for the Durham Report that we will never see.

When President Trump takes back over this country, he must dismantle the Deep State in the FBI and DOJ. If he can’t fire them, he can give them an office, a phone, and absolutely no duties.

I have to admit that I am curious about what they seized from Kerin. From the details on the search warrant, he was involved in something to do with the 2020 election. I’m betting whatever it is, it is damaging to the Democrats. But we will never know what was seized.

Ivan September 28, 2021
| |
He was Clintonized
Drosack September 28, 2021
| |
Imagine my surprise.
Lovely September 28, 2021
| |
Hopefully this will not stop the audit and we still have the proof of the riged elections in AZ and other States.
CaptTurbo September 28, 2021
| |
If not an Arkancide this is very closely related. 
Pam August 27, 2021
| |
Biden taking lessons from CHINA.  
Tim Kuehl August 16, 2021
| |
It pains me to say but I haven't trusted the FBI since 2009 when Obama began politicizing it. There is valid reason to believe Christpher Wray did not like nor want President Trump to win reelection and would do anything in his power to get him out of office including refusing to investigate sworn testimony and evidence of fraud in the 2020 election, much of it with video proof. So given the fraud, deceit and I dare say what I believe amounts to  treason the FBI leadership has displayed under Mueller, Comey and Wray I beleve Elliot Kerwin was kidnapped by the FBI, given a new identity and the evidence of election fraud they seized was destroyed. 
Paula August 15, 2021
| |
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JayKay4 August 14, 2021
| |
Here we go again with the shenanigans by the corrupt FBI.  While we don't know for certain what they are doing, we do know that they are obviously up to no good.  When an organization is guilty of much more crime than they are solving, it is time to desolve the organization.  They are doing more harm than good.  We have the fox guarding the chicken house.
Rosie Wade August 14, 2021
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Swave n deBoner August 14, 2021
| |
It's a very big esert out there. Lots of places to bury things, just like outside Vegas where all the old "Dons" are buried. I'm certainly not enamored with the FBI code of conduct. They seem to work only for the Democrats & we all know that lying, cheating & stealing IS the Democrat way.
Michael Hicks August 14, 2021
| |
The Banana Republic FBI & DOJ wanted to erase this man. He and all his info have been vaporized, too much is involved in the stolen election. Sounds just like the tactics we have heard about in the past with Putin. The more we hear this kind of stuff, the more and more we know the election was stolen on a large scale.