September 27, 2022

ALERT: Declassification Confirms Our Worst Fears

I firmly believe that Donald Trump did what he thought was best for America everyday that he was president.  That being said, if we are being honest, the man did make some huge mistake.

Most of those mistakes were made in choosing people to fill important positions within the federal government.  In fairness, he had to have his appointments confirmed by the Senate, so his hands were tied to an extent.

Trump also had to deal with the fact that he was surrounded, on all sides, by turncoat vipers and grifters.

Among his worst decisions were appointing Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, William Barr as Sec. of State and perhaps the most damaging to the republic, Christopher Wray as Director of the FBI.

The FBI has been a political influence and compromise operation since its formation, but under Comey and now Wray the politicalization of the department has entered banana republic territory.

Rather than making things better, the FBI has become the most obvious tyrannical organization in the United States.

Now, Fox News has obtained documents which show just how badly Wray’s FBI have trampling our Constitutional rights …

Fox News reported:

House Republican Reps. Jim Jordan and Andy Biggs are demanding answers from FBI Director Christopher Wray after a newly declassified opinion from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court revealed “widespread” FISA violations.

Republicans, throughout the Trump administration, were vocal about abuses of FISA after the FBI obtained a FISA warrant against former Trump campaign aide Carter Page. Wray last year called the actions taken to obtain that FISA warrant “unacceptable” and told Congress they “cannot be repeated.”

But, last week, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence declassified an opinion from the FISC – the court with oversight of the FISA system – which Jordan and Biggs said revealed the FBI “has been seriously and systematically abusing its warrantless electronic surveillance authority.”

The opinion, from November 2020, detailed the FBI’s “apparent widespread violations” of privacy rules in conducting surveillance under section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, but was not related to the controversial FISA warrant against Page. 

“We write to request information about the FBI’s illegal spying activities,” Jordan, of Ohio, and Biggs, of Arizona, wrote to Wray Tuesday.

Section 702 authorizes the attorney general and the director of National Intelligence to jointly authorize warrantless surveillance of non-U.S. persons reasonably believed to be located outside the United States, subject to limitations.

The section requires the adoption of “targeting procedures” to ensure that acquired information is limited to non-U.S. persons to prevent the “intentional acquisition” of U.S. domestic communications, according to U.S. Code. The section also requires the use of minimization and querying procedures, specifically requiring that the government obtain a FISC order for any review of Section 702 query results in criminal investigations unrelated to national security.

But, the opinion revealed that the FBI “violated the querying standard” after the Justice Department audited the government’s compliance with Section 702 querying safeguards. The FISC determined that the “FBI’s failure to properly apply its querying standard when searching section 702-acquired information was more pervasive than was previously believed.”

The opinion further documented that “the government has reported numerous incidents regarding searches of section 702 FISA information without first obtaining court permission.” Pointing to the discovery of 40 queries in which the FBI accessed information for investigations involving “healthcare fraud, transnational organized crime, violent gangs, domestic terrorism involving racially motivated violent extremists, as well as investigations relating to public corruption and bribery” — all unrelated to foreign surveillance.’  You can read the rest at Fox

We all knew this was the case, but seeing our worst fears realized, and coming to terms with the fact that the entire government has been weaponized against Americans is terrifying.

Anyone still saying ‘that can’t happen here’ need to take stock and realize that it has been happening here for decades now … Trump was merely a short reprieve.

Betsy Barnicle August 19, 2021
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How about the illegal unmasking? the Rosen warrant by Holder, the destroyed/erased cell phones.  Clapper once 'accidently' left his cell phone under a chair in Trump's Oval Office...came back for it, sheepishly...freakin' outright spying.
ROY S. MALLMANN II August 18, 2021
| |
After the audits prove that PRESIDENT TRUMP was re-elected for a second term, he needs to return with a vengeance and go after every single miscreant that did him wrong and broke the law.  I am talking Grand Juries and criminal charges.  This has got to end.  If we cannot take ALL OF THE CORRUPTION out of the government using our laws, then maybe the purification of a revolution is needed to smoke out the tyrany.
Elena August 18, 2021
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Michael J Hicks August 18, 2021
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The FBI, no matter how good they may have been in past generations, in todays world, the FBI is bad. They live on their past reputation but are constantly breaking our laws. Nobody is behind bars for all the bad deeds they committed. We have enough to deal with having an illegitimate president killing our Nation.
SammiJoCole8 August 18, 2021
| |
STOP the FBI!  This BS has gone on long enough!  Get rid of Wray!
Daniel R Smith Sr August 18, 2021
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Babsan August 18, 2021
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Traitor were hung on the public square way back when America was run by law abiding Ameri cans.Let's adopt the old rules
Saddlebum August 18, 2021
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All anyone has to do is just look at the face of this guy. Anybody with a half a brain can tell this fake is as crooked as a snake. This shill should have never been put in this position, get it out now. 
Jesse June 23, 2021
| |
While I agree with the Author on what he says has happened to the FBI it started father back than Comey it started with Mueller. 
Recce1 June 23, 2021
| |
Let's face it, it's quite likely NOTHING will be done to hold these CRIMINAL TYRANTS accountable, including firing, by the governmenet. Big Brother is far too compromised and corrupt. Perhaps the only recourse is to dust off the Declaration of Indpendence, take it to heart with a vengeance, and as Jefferson said, water the Tree of Liberty.
SUSAN DILLEY June 22, 2021
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Lovely May 6, 2021
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My question is. Why since Republicans were there, these mistakes and bad behavior from FBI and republicans were never stop leagaly. Instead the FBI and Democratic Party took advantage because no Republican was able to make a law to stop any thing like that when they were majority? I see doble standard every where.
Babsan May 5, 2021
| |
These Democrat errand boys are the ones earning the High Crimes and Misdemeanors investigation.They area hiding the largest "pile of manure"/Crimes in America's entire existance
Skeptical May 5, 2021
| |
Seems to me the Constitutional language concerning,'high crimes and misdemeanors' was intnded for these rascals.  No way is the excuse,"I was just following orders", or "the law did not exactly say I could not, so I did" will work. Unethical acts of leadership in criminality must have its appropriate price. 
Stan Stanfield May 4, 2021
| |
We were told long ago by the purported Good Guys that 'after Declas would come the unseaing of indictments,' as a part of the process of the setting to rights of terrible things in this country.  Where is the rest of 'Declas' which can lead to that Great Unsealing that we have been led to expect would happen??  So the question is not just Where is Durham???  Waiting...and getting damn tired of it.  The Biden faux Administration is wreaking havoc on the country, in collusion with the Democrat-contorlled Congress.  I want to see some Justice served in this country.  Tempus fugit. P.S. Crrect your error.  Wm. Barr was not appointed as President Trump's  Sec. of State.  And note that that is still Pres. Trump.  The 19th president thereof.  Of the Restored Republic.  Or at least, so we American patriots have been led to believe.  But granted, it's hard to know what to beieve, these dark days.  And getting darker by the moment.  On one level, at least.  The level that we are living on, day by day.  And wanting to see some Light at the end of this tunnel.  Enough's enough.