Breaking: Crisis Explodes W/ Leaked Footage [Video]


On Friday, undercover audio footage of the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas exposed him in a rare moment of true confession, stating that the mess at the border is “unsustainable” while at the same time footage from Bannon’s War Room explains why that may be the case. Biden’s designed crisis on the United States’ Southern border is destroying communities in both Mexico and the United States. The Biden administration refuses to allow media to investigate or cover what is happening, but a leaked audiotape and independent journalists are showing the carnage. Listen to the footage:

Consider this footage with reporter Ben Bergquam, who talks to Steve Bannon, about what is happening in Mexico:

Bergquam, the chief investigative reporter for Real Americas Voice, interviewed a Mexican reporter named Oscar El Blue and also spoke with Steve Bannon on the War Room Pandemic podcast on Friday. Both Bergquam and Bannon, consider the border one of the most important stories to follow for the 2022 elections and beyond, and they report on how Democrat Joe Biden’s policies are impacting the people in both Mexico and the United States of America.

“Immigrants from Hatti and Africa, who are carrying terrible diseases, are displacing MS13 by taking over areas in Mexican communities,” Berquam said. “You think of MS13 as the bad guys, and these people are worse. It is all being pushed by the Global elite.”

Bergquam talked about his interview with El Blue: “El Blue says this is new colonization, with the immigrants who are taking over these communities, there are too many diseases that hurt the people, and it is all meant to cause a destruction of the US economy. That is going to cause a disaster. It is by design. I was told that the Mexican people are being hurt by this because of a 2018 UN agreement with Mexico to protect the immigrants,” Bergquam told Bannon.

In the interview, Bergquam spoke with El Blue, who was on the Guatemala border. El Blue reported that the area was being run over with immigrants from Hatti and Africa. “You used to be able to walk in the downtown area and now you can’t because of these immigrants who have overwhelmed the business of the Mexican people,” El Blue told Bergquam.

According to El Blue, the immigrants had set up merchant tables, without permits, in front of the business, telling patrons of the business that they would not be allowed to enter the Mexican storefront unless they purchased something from immigrants merchant tables first.

El Blue described a protest over the situation to be held on Saturday. “The immigrants from Hatti,” El Blue said, “also took over an apartment building of 200 apartments, charging 350 pesos night per person, and stack up to 20 people in a room.” “They are being so aggressive, we had to report from the car, because they even told us that we could not report on the story in our country.

When Joe Biden lifted the tariff there was an enormous influx of people with diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea and AIDS from immigrants whoare overwhelming the system. It is unbelievable.” El Blue said. Bannon was shocked at the report. “This interview by Ben Berguam is so powerful and shows what the Global elites think of the working class of both Mexico and the United States.

This is the future of our movement. We are going to get 2/3 of the Hispanic vote because of the elitists who run DC, who got the Biden regime in office, and this invasion of the Unites States comes up from Mexico. Look at the devastation,” Bannon said.

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Desert Dweller August 21, 2021
| |
  Buydung refuses to allow??  WHO IN HELL is buydung and who in hell is so marxist as to follow his insane leadings??  
Monica August 16, 2021
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red August 16, 2021
| |
Still, the dnc has done something great. I can sit down next to a Mohawk at a pow wow and we remain polite, not scowling at each other. Black and white Hispanics are meeting with American Indians now, and with American blacks. White, black, American Indian and Asian Americas are shoulder to shoulder. Jews, Hindus, and Muslims are sitting down to speak in equality. It’s like a miracle, and probably is how the dnc with it’s greed and bigotry managed to get us all together against them. We pray all ungodly protection and wealth be destroyed from all liberal politicians. Walk in beauty
Richard Forward August 15, 2021
| |
I would really like to pose a question to Traidor Joe....how's it feel to be a Catholic so close to spending an eternity in purgatory? 
AL August 15, 2021
| |
"The Biden administration refuses to allow media to investigate or cover what is happening..." The point of the media is to cover stories and investigate.  It is not a game of "mother may I?"      Especially beginning with Obama, the MSM have dedicated themselves to fawn, gush over, and excuse, and or outright ignore everything involving Democrats. They themselves have refused to cover and investigate. Now - the idea that the Biden Admin is refusing??? MSM “coverage” of Obamacare is a classic example. Obama promised people would keep their doctors and healthcare plans. When it was obvious he had lied about it, the media pivoted away. Gushing stories about it were like stories with a headline: Titanic! People Arrive in New York!” Just no mention that the ship sank, more than half the people died, etc, etc. More recent examples: VP Biden bragging about getting the Ukraine prosecutor fired.  Hunter Biden’s drug escapades. Hunter’s dirty business deals involving “the big guy” while the big guy denies knowing anything. Hunter has “lost” 3 laptops with all sorts of incriminating things on them.The media was desparate to ignore all that - especially leading up to the election. Now, they edit out Biden’s mental lapses, and “explain (spin) his lies. If tens of thousands of illegals flooded the National Mall and began looting and burning DC, the MSM would gush about how immigrants make our conutry stronger.
Laura Baxter August 15, 2021
| |
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Barbara August 15, 2021
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Desert Dweller August 15, 2021
| |
Who in hell is braindead buydung to not allow the media to disclose whats happening on the border?  We HAVE NO media. we are supposed to have free speech and the media has thrown that away and become marxists!  to hell with all of them AND buydung!  imho
Grapple cylinder August 15, 2021
| |
Who's paying for all of them to get to the border, especially the ones from Africa?