Biden Team Scrambles As New Poll Shows They Won’t Be Around Much Longer


The Democrat administration in DC are a hot mess right now and the world knows it after this week’s disastrous rollout of Joe Biden’s pullout of Afghanistan. Rumors are that Biden and Kamala Harris are deeply conflicted with each other and fighting like children in the White House over how to handle this massive disaster. All while a human tragedy is unfolding in the Middle East.

And the polls show the free fall in popularity for Joe Biden.

“Stunning new poll numbers from Rasmussen Reports suggest nearly 1 in 10 Democrats regret their vote in the 2020 Presidential election, with 12 percent of ‘Moderates’ saying the same, and 14 percent of Black Americans expressing regret.

Furthermore, asked how people would vote if a presidential election were held today, just 37 percent said they would vote for Joe Biden, down from 45 percent who said they did. Forty-three percent said they would vote for Donald Trump,” Raheem Kassam, editor of the National Pulse, wrote on Wednesday.

The Blaze reported:

“The American public is souring on President Joe Biden after witnessing the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal that his administration facilitated.”

According to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll, Biden’s job performance has plummeted as Americans have witnessed his administration’s Afghanistan blunder.

On Friday, the poll found that 53% of Americans approved of Biden’s job performance. By Monday, that figure had fallen to 46%.

 hit its lowest level so far as the U.S.-backed Afghan government collapsed over the weekend in an upheaval that sent thousands of civilians and Afghan military allies fleeing for their safety, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

The national opinion poll, conducted on Monday, found that 46% of American adults approved of Biden’s performance in office, the lowest recorded in weekly polls that started when Biden took office in January.

It is also down from the 53% who felt the same way in a similar Reuters/Ipsos poll that ran on Friday.

Biden’s popularity dropped as the Taliban entered the capital, Kabul, wiping away two decades of U.S. military presence that cost nearly 1 trillion taxpayer dollars and thousands of American lives.

However, a majority of both Republican and Democratic voters said the chaos was a sign that the United States should leave.

A separate Ipsos snap poll, also conducted on Monday, found that fewer than half of Americans liked the way Biden has steered the U.S. military and diplomatic effort in Afghanistan this year. The president, who just last month praised Afghan forces for being “as well-equipped as any in the world,” was rated worse than the other three presidents who presided over the United States’ longest war.

The United States and Western allies continued to evacuate diplomats and civilians on Tuesday, one day after Afghans crowded into Kabul airport in a desperate attempt to flee the Taliban regime.

Americans expressed a variety of opinions that may still be evolving as the Taliban completes its takeover of the country.

The Ipsos poll found that 75% of Americans supported the decision to send in additional troops to secure key facilities in Afghanistan until the withdrawal is complete, and about the same number supported the evacuation of Afghans who helped U.S. forces in the country.

Yet Americans appeared to be largely unsettled on what to think of the war, with majorities expressing somewhat contradictory views about what the U.S. military should have done.

For example, a majority of the 18-to-65-year-olds who took the Ipsos survey – 68% – agreed that the war “was going to end badly, no matter when the U.S. left,” and 61% wanted the United States to complete its withdrawal of troops on schedule.

Yet a smaller majority – 51% – also agreed that “it would have been worth it for the United States to leave troops in Afghanistan another year,” and 50% wanted to send troops back into the country to fight the Taliban.

In many cases, Republicans and Democrats appeared to share the same outlook on the war: six in 10 Republicans and seven in 10 Democrats agreed, for example, that the swift capitulation of the Afghan government “is evidence why the U.S. should get out of the conflict.”

About 44% of respondents said they thought Biden has done a “good job” in Afghanistan. In comparison, 51% praised the way former presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama handled the war.

Approval of Biden’s handling of Afghanistan is even lower than that of former President George W. Bush, who ordered the Afghanistan invasion and entrenched the United States in the costly and ultimately futile effort to foster new leadership in the country.

About 47% of Americans felt that Bush did a good job in Afghanistan.

To be sure, the latest polling should be viewed so far as just a one-week drop: it is still far too early to say how the Taliban takeover will affect Biden politically.



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compgirl13 August 19, 2021
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There is no way in hell 53% of Americans approve of Biden's job performance.  Unless they polled in Central or South America (although still doubtfull).
Ollie August 19, 2021
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Their polls are a figment of the DEMOCRATS Imagination and a figure taken out of mid-air ..... it's their so called EASTER BUNNY WISH POLL
FEDUP365 August 19, 2021
| |
Where the hell did lpsos (lost press shit on a shingle) get any of those BS numbers, polls don't mean squat just like joey ByeDense is doing a good job, give me a freakin break, that stupid SOB can't get up to a 10% rating even if he tried to buy it with all his bribe money from china and ukraine. Take your polls and stuff them.