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Biden Is Building The Wall! There’s Just One HUGE Catch


On Tuesday, as Democrats offered up a pair of spending proposals, they made it clear that they have zero intentions of directly addressing the immigration crisis that is transforming America for the worse while at the same time they want to hand out US taxpayer money to address border security concerns elsewhere in the world. They’re not even trying to hide it anymore. The Democrats do not care what the crisis at our southern border is doing to Americans.

Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee on Tuesday released a Department of Defense funding bill that allocates $870 million to enhance border security for Middle Eastern countries. Here’s what sections 8148 and 8149 of the bill say.

SEC. 8148. Of the amounts appropriated in this Act under the heading ”Operation and Maintenance, Defense-Wide”, for the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, $370,000,000, to remain available until September 30, 2023, shall be available to reimburse Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, and Oman under section 1226 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016 (22 U.S.C. 2151 note), for enhanced border security, of which not less than $150,000,000 shall be for Jordan …

… SEC. 8149. Up to $500,000,000 of funds appropriated by this Act for the Defense Security Cooperation Agency in ”Operation and Maintenance, Defense-Wide” may be used to provide assistance to the Government of Jordan to support the armed forces of Jordan and to enhance security along its borders.

As Democrats in Washington, DC spend nearly a billion dollars of our money for the “enhanced border security” of other counties they don’t find it necessary to put up a single dime for a border wall at our southern border to combat the unprecedented number of migrants pouring over our border every day to the tune of about three-quarters of a million a month all thanks to the executive orders of the Democrat house plant in the Oval Office.

To add injury to insult, the House Democrats also put up a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) budget plan the same day where Democrats are calling for eliminating over $2 billion in border wall construction funding that was already appropriated. If this goes through, the Democratic Party will have reduced federal funding for the border wall to $0.

Just think about what they’re doing. President house plant writes executive orders that pretty much eliminate a border at all. He implements an open borders policy and then he gets support from the mainstream media when they lie and say that there is no crisis at the border for several months. Now they are openly saying they want absolutely nothing to do with the border wall. The next thing we will see is the Democrats will try to appropriate funding to demolish parts of the wall that have already been built.

There are still parts of the border wall that have gaps that leave large spots in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas wide open to migrants crossing our border illegally from only God knows where.

Democrats are telling Americans in border cities that they couldn’t care less about the strains and the chaos that their policies are putting on them. They also don’t care about the federal agents who are being overwhelmed at our border because of their policies. This is all by design. Democrats look at migrant illegal aliens and illegals who are already here for decades as “unregistered Democrats” to who they will give full blanket amnesty including voting rights prior to the 2022 elections. You can count on that. They want to do to the entire country what they did to California. They want to force the country into a single-party rule.

In typical Democrat Newspeak, their spending plan proposes to “make responsible investments in border security,” found in a summary brief. What are the “responsible investments?” They include earmarking millions of your tax dollars for “migrant processing improvements” and “migrant child caregivers” and money for “Civil Immigration Enforcement Operations.” The Democrats’ idea of improving border security is to make it easier on illegal migrants coming into the country. This is unamerican.

“Biden has enacted the most radical open borders agenda imaginable,” Donald Trump said in a commentary published in The Washington Times. on Wednesday title, “I built the wall; Biden built a humanitarian catastrophe.”

“This is perhaps the first time in world history a nation has purposely and systematically dismantled its own defenses to invite millions of foreign migrants to enter its territory and break its law,” the 45th president said.

Trump blasted Joe Biden for his “utterly depraved” policies that included bringing back catch-and-release, tearing up asylum agreements with Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, and announcing “that anyone on the planet who lives in a crime-afflicted area now qualifies for asylum in the United States.”

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Sunshine Kid August 6, 2021
| |
Democrats are traitors to the nation.
Lisa August 6, 2021
| |
JC, is this for real? can't he be impeached for this? for his whole border openings to illegal aliens? MR. biden is breaking the law for aiding and abetting these illegal aliens, for NOT securing OUR border...what a  sham
glenn398 July 1, 2021
| |
Would be amazed if even one foot of border wall is built. This just looks like a bride to all those that hate us. 
Ken Skinner July 1, 2021
| |
That Pallet of cash I bet is going to iran just like that muslum Racist  presdent obamma & his heshe mickeal sent there when he was pesadent 
Lisa July 1, 2021
| |
that tells you right there that MR. biden IS FOR border security, but just to other countries, not ours...OUTRAGEOUS...I cringe now every time I hear MR. biden or see him on tv...I don't know if America can bounce back from his distrastous policies and failures
Jack Van July 1, 2021
| |
They are implementing the Cloward/Piven strategy. Shipping illegal aliens to every state and offering money with strings will just increase dependency on the govm't, until the whole thing crashes. They hope to be in charge after that happens. History says they will go down with the rest and be replaced by someone tougher.
William G Munson July 1, 2021
| |
impeach them if they give any of the TAX Payer Money to overseas Countries for any use to border Security  Period    We the People are tired of these things going on and they borrow money to make our grand kids Pay it too and their Kids too if ever they get to pay for it  Period