September 27, 2022

Audio: Biden Campaign Oversaw ID Theft For Absentee Ballots In 2020 Election

Syndicated Via National File| PATRICK HOWLEY|

Identities of living and dead people were stolen in Harris County, Texas to fraudulently vote in the 2020 election, according to bombshell audio obtained by NATIONAL FILE. A convicted forger who mailed the fraudulent ballot applications in Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s district worked as a campaign assistant for Sheila Jackson Lee’s 2020 campaign, and has gotten paid by Jackson Lee’s campaign efforts in the past. The Joe Biden campaign’s 2020 Texas political director Dallas Jones oversaw this alleged voter fraud operation and he was interrogated by the FBI in the last weeks of the 2020 election according to insiders. The audio below includes phone calls in which people confirm that their identities or the identities of their dead relatives were stolen in Harris County. This information has been provided to the Texas Secretary of State for the purpose of aiding Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office in formal investigations.

AUDIO CLIP 1: WOMAN SURPRISED TO FIND OUT SHE HAS BEEN VOTING: “They’ve got a Sylvia Thomas…voting in Harris County,” said private investigator and former FBI Special Surveillance Group member Charles Marler, who called Sylvia Thomas and correctly cited her February 19, 1940 birth date. Sylvia Thomas says “I’ve been away from Harris County” and confirmed that she has not voted in Harris County in recent years even though someone has been obtaining absentee ballots on her behalf. The woman does not recognize the name of Tomar Bishop, who obtained the absentee ballots associated with Thomas’ identity, or Gloria Palmer, the recent Sheila Jackson-Lee campaign PAC vendor who oversaw Tomar Bishop. Sylvia Thomas wonders “What else are they doing?” in addition to fraudulently voting on her behalf. Here is Sylvia Thomas’ absentee ballot application in the 2020 election (with her address obscured), which is just one of the fraudulent absentee ballot applications in the possession of NATIONAL FILE:

AUDIO TWO: A DEAD MAN APPLIES TO VOTE: In this call, private investigator Charles Marler confirms with a woman in Harris County that a man who applied to “vote” in the election named Jesse Burks passed away on November 4, 2015. The woman confirms this death. The dead Burks’ address matches the address of the “voter.” The woman does not recognize Tomar Bishop, who obtained the absentee ballot, or Gloria Palmer, who mailed the dead man’s ballot application in.

AUDIO THREE: A DEAD MOTHER APPLIES TO VOTE: Private investigator Charles Marler confirms with a woman in Harris County that her mother Gloria Chambers, born in 1946, voted in the election despite dying in 2010. The daughter of the deceased voter does not know Tomar Bishop, who obtained the absentee ballot, or Gloria Palmer, who mailed the dead woman’s vote in. “That’s fine, because we don’t know either one of those people,” said the daughter of the dead voter, consenting to cooperate with Marler’s investigation.

heila Jackson Lee’s campaign paid convicted forger Gloria Palmer as a “campaign assistant” multiple times in 2020, according to Sheila Jackson Lee’s campaign financial disclosures. Investigator Charles Marler confirms that the Gloria Palmer, who was paid by Jackson Lee’s campaign, is the same Gloria Palmer who mailed in the absentee ballot applications in 2020. A record shows Sheila Jackson Lee For Congress PAC paying Gloria Palmer for canvassing and campaign work in 2018. Here is a record of Sheila Jackson Lee’s campaign paying Gloria Palmer to be a “campaign assistant” in 2020.

Investigator, Charles Marler, tells NATIONAL FILE that “The vast majority of victims are people who are not aware their vote was stolen. In Harris County the first ballot in from ballot harvesters is counted, all second votes are discarded for that individual.”

Democrat political strategist Damien Thaddeus Jones, who served as regional political director for Beto O’Rourke’s U.S. Senate campaign, has come forward to blow the whistle on a massive voter fraud ring in Harris County, Texas. The voter fraud ring is overseen by Dallas Jones, who served as Texas Political Director for the Joe Biden presidential campaign. In this stunning audio obtained exclusively by NATIONAL FILE, Damien goes into detail about Dallas Jones’ fraudulent activity and work for Biden. On the tape, “Sheila” refers to Sheila Jackson-Lee. This article below delves into the massive evidence of voter fraud — including photographic evidence and sworn affidavits — that emerged in Harris County in 2020, and how its direct link to the Biden campaign provides even more justification for President Donald Trump’s ability to claim victory in the presidential election.



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Babsan August 18, 2021
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This is the crimes Ol' Joe was bragging about in one of his "limited"pub lic appearances befor the elction.Remember?He called it the biddesy voter fraud organization ever established
Sharon Krotts August 17, 2021
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This cannot be tolerated! May their sentence be swift and just. America is waiting...
Christina F. Jones August 17, 2021
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Lawrence June 30, 2021
| |
And the only question remaining is whether Bidet remembers any of this.
William G Munson June 30, 2021
| |
What time was Shiela and the others arrested?  Like they did Roger Stone for saying he may have Lied and this is much Worst too and it time they get busy doing the Job fair too   share the H### out of this too
aL June 30, 2021
| |
Yes, this is an issue.  But, the major fraud occurred in the voting machines, as well as the thousands of ballots Dems counted with no chain of custody verification.
September June 30, 2021
| |
And in the end, nothing will change and only the little guys will get charged. 
Lorraine E Blazich June 29, 2021
| |
Voting in our country is now and always has been a National Disgrace.  The democrats have been cheating for decades and nothing has ever been done to stop the fraud and cheating.  It is obvious that the RINO leaders actually support the democrats and never object to their cheating.  The democrats are all completely united and the republicans are split between RINOs (republicans in name only) and conservatives.  So coming out the gate their division is going to make them weak and easy to beat. 
flashy0ne June 29, 2021
| |
All of this is piddling stuff.  The REALLY BIG fraud occurred during the early morning hours when things were "supposed" to be shut down.  Before and after the witching hours, things hummed along rather smoothly.  However, during a few 'unmonitored' hours, there was a tremendous Biden 'dump'.  This stuff SHOULD have been examined IMMEDIATELY  --  obviously, it wasn't !!!
Saddlebum June 29, 2021
| |
I don't know what the big deal is. Anyone that has half a brain knows Donald Trump won the Presidency. Now, let's start rounding every one of the crooks up starting with Sheila Jackson Lee. This does nothing but prove demoncrats are evi lying thieves.