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ALERT: ‘We Will Force Vaccines’ To Work, Eat, Learn … Then Claims …


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Oregon state Rep. Lisa Reynolds, a pediatrician, upset both her constituents and Americans across the country when she informed two people who say they will not accept the COVID-19 vaccine that the government will “force vaccines” on all Americans who wish to eat in restaurants, work inside office buildings, or go to school. Today, she claimed it was a typo.

In a deleted tweet, Reynolds said that one of the controversial vaccines “should be required to eat indoors at a restaurant, to sit in a classroom, to work in person” and added the hashtag “#MandateVaccines.” When she understandably drew ire, she doubled down.

To two different people, potentially her constituents, who declared that they will resist forced vaccination, Reynolds replied “that’s fine, really. We will force vaccines. We will make it a prerequesite, though, for indoor dining, working in the office, and furthering your education.” She copied and pasted the response and offered it to two different critics.

Today, almost a full 24 hours after declaring that the Oregon government would “force vaccines” and make them necessary to engage in normal life, then repeated her claim two more times in responses to Twitter users, she claimed it was all simply a typo.

“Typo yesterday,” asserted Reynolds. “I would not force a vax or any medical treatment on anyone,” she explained, directly contradicting what she wrote three times on the previous day. Then, Reynolds appeared to contradict herself again. “However I do support vax mandates (except for medical exemptions) for health care workers, k12 teachers + staff, university students, etc.”

Reynolds’ original declaration that the government would mandate vaccines, which she seemed to double down on in her later tweet claiming it was all just a crazy “typo,” came on the same day it was revealed that Joe Biden’s White House is discussing banning Americans who resist the controversial vaccines from interstate travel.

As National File reported, Joe Biden’s administration is currently operating “with restraint” when it comes to coaxing Americans to receive one of the controversial COVID-19 vaccines, according to White House officials per the Associated Press, but will soon ratchet-up its totalitarian “strong-arming from the federal government” in a bid to force the 90 million Americans resisting the vaccines to accept the controversial shots. As Americans become “ready” for “strong-arming” from the Biden regime, the administration has “discussed” options including “mandating vaccines for interstate travel,” effectively stopping vaccine resisters from moving freely throughout the United States.

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ron September 23, 2021
| |
Jesse September 2, 2021
| |
I will just stop doing those things. Like my wife's cooking better than anything any Restaurant puts out anyway. 
Desert Dweller September 1, 2021
| |
Someone, parties unknown, will put a bullet between that bitches eyes...wait for it! imo
Robo August 27, 2021
| |
Please no more of your "leadership" Lisa, sit back and relax, keep your seat warm elections will solve all your problems. We can stand no more of your leadership. It is a failure. Look at the Oregon losses. Many people hurt some killed, millions in destruction, many businesses defunct, not good enough, got to wreck more? Please just don't do anything, the record in oregon speaks for itself, we can't afford any more "help"from you people. Relax, different reps are coming. Someone with the intellect to properly represent the people and not support terrorists like ANTIFA. display common sense in this pandemic.
Desert Dweller August 21, 2021
| |
Lisa Reynolds should be expecting a VERY SHORT LIFESPAN imho
Dean Peek August 21, 2021
| |
This woman needs to be tied down and given an overdose of heroin. It's for the good of the people. 
Tam O'Shanter August 20, 2021
| |
Her mouth got her bit in the a$$, so suddenly her entire comment was a 'typo?'
Desert Dweller August 20, 2021
| |
Burn this witch at the stake!!!
TexasOlTimer August 20, 2021
| |
A typo is a mistake in tybing a word - what she did was say what she thought until it appeared it wasn't popular and then did a bit of a flip-flop.
JimB August 17, 2021
| |
But if you want to Loot, Steal and Burn Buildings you will be exempt. All other activities will require proof of vaccinations.
Scott August 15, 2021
| |
Politicians like this are why the Second Amendment exists. Pretty soon, we will need to use it, as all reasonable avanues have been destroyed by these hateful socialists
Laura Baxter August 15, 2021
| |
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Koby August 15, 2021
| |
One has to absolutely wonder why Democrats are in such a hurry to force white Americans to get the experimental gene therapy? What exactly are they trying to force into our bodies???? They're not forcing the "vaccines" in communities of color, nor to the illegal immigrants crossing our southern border. One has to wonder if they're trying to eliminate a good portion of white America?
Desert Dweller August 15, 2021
| |
The HELL SHE WILL,,We the people say get the hell out you demonic bitch!!!   imho
Holtsys August 15, 2021
| |
Anyone trying to force a non-vaccine shot of poison into you is EVIL.  Especially someone who is supposedly trained in medicine.  That is the ultimate evil because they know the vaccines are not vaccines and they also know that the virus has never been isolated.
Grapple cylinder August 15, 2021
| |
Typical demonrat, all they know is lies and deflection
confusednomore August 15, 2021
| |
yo Lisa you dullard extrodinaire.  You forget YOU WORK FOR US.  It is not YOUR job to force anything upon the people. Try to forcibly give me a shot and I guarantee someone, and it won't be me, will die.
Sunshine Kid August 15, 2021
| |
On Justice with Judge Jeanine, one doctor let slip this gem:  "The vaccine has been under development for four decades." Oh, really?  That was four DECADES (40 years) before the COVID-19 was dumped on the world by China!  This means that COVID-19 was DESIGNED to fit the vaccine, not the other way around.
Kay August 15, 2021
| |
So healthcare workers, children, students and anyone working in education should be forced to take a vaccine that is not approved by fda nor known side effects but not everyone? Please allow me to vaccinate the politicians, scientists and big pharma people who are pushing this.  
Harold Scott August 15, 2021
| |
The former Chief Scientist for Pfizer, Mr Yeaden in a recent speech told women of child bearing age; "DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE!"  His reasoning BASED ON THE SCIENCE shows the truth!  FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!  Not only that several Physicians/Scientists have been on KTRH-Houston in the last 10 days saying; "THE VACCINES ARE THE PROBLEM!"  Lisa Reynolds is an IGNORAMUS!
Susan Briggs August 15, 2021
| |
Pharmaceutical companies have been let off the hook for potential lawsuits arising from their vaccines.   A company that forces their employees to vacinate has not............  
Olive August 15, 2021
| |
What is the difference really, she supports mandates at schools, universities and for health care workers.  Why is that okay?  It is not, all these dictators can pound sand.  We will not comply
Swave n deBoner August 14, 2021
| |
I believe that Ms Reynolds is yet another power & control hungry Marxist.