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ALERT: Biden Regime AG Will Bury Durham Report


It was just about a week ago that Rep Devin Nunes said that John Durham would be turning in his report any time and that people would be going to prison.

Now, just one week later he is not nearly as sure because now he believes that Merrick Garland will sit on Durham’s report and no one will ever go to trial. He is right. Now, aren’t you glad they never voted for his appointment to the Supreme Court?

Since becoming the head of the DOJ, Garland has proven that he has no place on the nation’s highest court. He is just a puppet of the left and he does not have the brainpower or the integrity to sit on any bench.

Nunes believes that Garland will give the culprits cover and refuse to accept the report or to prosecute any of the guilty.

Just a week ago, Nunes said:

“I just have to have faith ultimately, that there’s that, you know, there was a special counsel created, Durham does have the power. We’re fully expecting him to deliver the report. It may not be as broad as we want it to be. But look, there are some major perpetrators. I think, as you and everybody else know, we’ve made over 14 criminal referrals. That doesn’t mean 14 individuals, that means 14 different criminal referrals involving multiple individuals.… And this is one of the challenges.”

Former AG Bill Barr appointed Durham as a special counsel in December of 2020 because it is much easier for Biden to fire a US Attorney than it is to fire a special counsel.

I am convinced garland would fire him anyway if it weren’t for the fact he can bury the report permanently.

From PJ Media

Donald Trump has been suspicious about the fate of the Durham report for some time now. In May, he released a statement simply asking, “Where’s Durham—whatever happened to the Durham Report?” In June,  he said that Durham had “seemingly disappeared from the planet.”

Should we be concerned? Is Nunes really lacking confidence that the Durham report will ever see the light of the day, or is he trying to put Garland in a position to prove him wrong?

Honestly, I’ve had my doubt that the Durham report will ever get released. If it’s as damaging as many of us suspect, it won’t get released without a fight.

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Suzanne Boyes August 11, 2021
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Sandra Lee Smith August 11, 2021
| |
Who didn't see that coming?  Of course it'll be buried.  Anyone who expected otherwise was fooling himself!  Barr knew that too, when he suppressed it.
Cathy August 11, 2021
| |
Why can't the republicans  supeon the ag and make him deliver the report
Ethel D. Byler August 11, 2021
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DANIEL August 11, 2021
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Jesse August 11, 2021
| |
When Barr started saying the report would not be released until after the Election I knew the fix was in. When Barr sold out to the Democraps there would be no Justice and with Pedo Joe in power we can see how TRUE that FACT is. 
ONLYJB1 August 11, 2021
| |
Hey numb nut, Durham has already begun destroying his own evidence. He was placed by Bill barr to do one thing. Gather and destroy all evidence to the COUP.