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⚠️ Martial Law Threatened if More People Don’t Get Vaccinated: “Just Get the Damn Vaccine” [Video]


I would say it’s getting to the point that I hardly recognize this country anymore, but that ship set sail long ago.

Whatever happened to individual liberty?  What happened to Republicans at least pretending to care about our God given rights?

Keep in mind this is the language and talking points coming from the ‘right’, that is how far the left has moved the ball  down their commie court.

I’m no doctor, not by a long shot, and I don’t pretend to know what is best for each individual human being.  The decision to get something injected into your body should be between each patient and their doctor.

Threatening Americans with martial law (let’s be serious, ‘lockdowns’ are essentially martial law) if every single citizen does not get injected is next level authoritarianism.  This is something I never, in my wildest dreams, imagined we would be discussing this happening here, in the so called ‘land of the free and home of the brave’.

Cristina Laila of The Gateway Pundit reports:

‘Maryland Governor Larry Hogan on Thursday lashed out at unvaccinated people and threatened to impose new lockdowns and mandates if more people don’t roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated.

Hogan said nearly 78% of Maryland adults are fully vaccinated for Covid-19, but that’s not good enough.

Hogan said vaccine holdouts are falling for misinformation and conspiracy theories online.

“Look, I don’t care what misinformation or conspiracy theories that you have heard. The plain and simple fact is that these vaccines are working,” Hogan said. “If you’re still unsure about the vaccines, here is the important fact for you to consider, nearly every single person hospitalized or dying with Covid-19 in Maryland right now is unvaccinated.”

Governor Hogan threatened new mandates, school closures and lockdowns if more people don’t get vaccinated.

“Those of you who refuse to get vaccinated at this point are willfully and unnecessarily putting yourself and others at risk of hospitalization and death. You are the ones threatening the freedoms of all the rest of us, the freedom not to wear masks, to keep our businesses open and to get our kids back in school and tragically it may be only a matter of time until you do get COVID-19,” the RINO tyrant said.

“Please, just get the damn vaccine,” he added.’


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Nick August 8, 2021
| |
Greg Zotta August 7, 2021
| |
This Ignorant anti-American RINO POS authoritarian tyrannical Governor Hogan was giving out misinformation.  First lie is masks can stop the spread of the virus.  Masks are INEFFECTIVE and a symbol to see how compliant the populace is so they can control the people through FEAR.  Second lie the delta variant is worse than the original China virus.  The delta variant is more  contagious than the first wave but it is less lethal. Many people who test positive do not even know they have the virus. It is up to every individual to be responsible for their own health. This FOOL like many DemonRATS are pushing the vaccines  instead of therapeutics, like hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectrin.  These therapeutics are the cure. If you get sick by being prescribed those drugs you recover from the illness.  But there is more money made in the vaccines than other drugs. People need to get on with their lives like they were doing prior to this virus hitting the country with no restrictions.  
confusednomore August 7, 2021
| |
people will die if this is mandated.  And the blood will be on the hands of democrats
Anthony Leeser August 7, 2021
| |
Fuck that jab. Fuck that mask.
Jesse August 7, 2021
| |
This man is a Democrap which means he is a LIAR. 
Dave August 7, 2021
| |
So excuse me, but why are his freedoms more important than my freedoms? FTMF!
r August 6, 2021
| |
Fuck him
Joseph Adamski August 6, 2021
| |
Perhaps the good people of Maryland should create a concoction of thier own and force Their commie mayor to take that jab. Would there be any differance in what he is forcing  them to do? I see no differance do you?  
Sunshine Kid August 6, 2021
| |
Is there any truth to the supposedly Twitter post that the CEO of Pfizer had to cancel a trip to Israel because he wasn't fully vaccinated?  I don't know because I got the info from another source, and do NOT have a "bird call" account.
m.s. August 6, 2021
| |
I'm NOT going to take any EXPERIMENTAL vaccine.  None of the Covid-19 'vaccines' have gotten FDA approval - NONE have gone through long-term testing for side effects, etc...
kevin August 6, 2021
| |
all these people are going to die the vaccine is killing people.
Missy August 6, 2021
| |
There is this place called "Hell"... and these evil miscreants can go there. They're going there, anyway... but, sooner is better than, later.
Sandra Lee Smith August 6, 2021
| |
It's high time mr hogan learns a thing or 3 about humans & drugs!  Not all of us can, or SHOULD, " just take" those jabs!  1st, they are not vaccines; 2nd, some of us have medical histories that say "HELL NO!" to many pharmaceuticals, in particular vaccines, & especially these jabs in particular!  So take your threats & peddle them in China, bud!
Rick Pierson August 6, 2021
| |
Trust me Im a goverment moron and live at faucis feet and need to be culled from the herd as I am a government retard. BTW Bunhole, show me an ACTUAL VIAL of Fauxflu specimens use for PROVING there are live cultures of this, NOT some made up DIGITAL signature used in the FAILING PCR test which are a joke. TILL then crawl back under the rock your ignorant POS self came from
Harold August 6, 2021
| |
It's time for all out war.  The Declaration of Independence states we can legally overthrow our Government if they become Tyrannical.  
Nicolas P Cignetti August 6, 2021
| |
Which approved vaccine should one use????????????????????????????
Patrick Hayes August 6, 2021
| |
People in hospitals are not dying of Covid but they may be dying with it. Heart disease and cancer takes out the vast majority of people in this country. Fully two thirds of Americans are obese and they wonder why they are getting sick. I had Covid and I got vaccinated but the second shot almost killed me. It's simple. If we want to live in a free country stop voting for Democrats and send a clear message to Republicans if they don't stop cooperating with the facsist Dems we will get rid of them also. 
sg August 6, 2021
| |
so how many shots is TOO MANY? hopefully the families of people infected BY the vaccine will SUE the governor and his incompetent staff. maybe this irratiional struggle for power will STOP!  
Abbie Brady August 6, 2021
| |
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Bob Trahan August 6, 2021
| |
Martial law.  Lmao.  go to hell Joe.
greg August 6, 2021
| |
He's not lying.  The vaccines ARE working.  They are killing people left and right.
Granny Joanne August 6, 2021
| |
See how he used the word "nearly," and safe and effective means you will definitely get the next varient.  
K Call August 6, 2021
| |
Beltway report: your headline for this story is ridiculous! 
cristina george August 6, 2021
| |
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