Video: Pissed Off Biden Voter Wrecks Sleepy Joe With Epic Mic Drop Live On CNN


Those of us on the right saw this coming a mile away.  We were well aware that the election was between the global establishment banking cartel and special interests vs an imperfect, yet not bought and paid for, proud American, Donald John Trump.

Sure Trump has his warts, just like we all do.  However, the man put his country first and kept his promises.

Now, if we accept the premise that Biden got more votes than anyone in the history of American politics (LMAO) I guess one can see how people like this exist.

Personally, I think most Americans knew that a vote for Biden was a vote or Obama 3.0 and more never ending wars, more grift and destruction of America’s power.

However, apparently some Americans really did believe Joe was a man of the people.  Unfortunately for this young man’s world view, he quickly learned that was not the case …

The Gateway Pundit reports:

‘A young Democrat voter in Minnesota complained to CNN about a lot of promises unkept by Joe Biden and the Democrat party.

“They’re putting the stimulus check on the backburner. They’re putting the minimum wage hike on the backburner and they’re dropping bombs in Syria right now, and those bombs are kinda expensive for a dude that owes me $2,000.” the Biden voter said.

Joe Biden’s killed tens of thousands of energy jobs his first day in office when he canceled contracts with the Keystone XL pipeline.

Biden also bombed Syria to punish Iran for its attacks on US forces in Iraq.

Rep. Matt Gaetz blasted Biden earlier today for his broken promises: “Joe Biden has had more attacks on Syria than he’s had press conferences and so you have to ask to the progressive voters, is this really what you expected?”

Joe Biden also promised that $2,000 checks would go out the door “immediately” if the Democrats won the senate – the $2,000 has turned into $1400 and the Democrats narrowed the eligibility for stimulus payments.’

This is a great line and the memes featuring it have went mega viral.  The fact that this guy said it on CNN is hilarious … it sure would be a shame to see this go viral 😉

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Garrity June 8, 2021
| |
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Black Knight June 8, 2021
| |
My answer is simple. Quit complaining about a handout you did not earn and get a job
Babsan June 8, 2021
| |
Will Democrat voters ever wake up and realize that they have always been used for votes only.Pandering and promises have never been kept and still the Democrat voter keeps voting for the same.If you voted for Biden,all I can say enjoy
2mil May 13, 2021
| |
Its all about ME! Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee, gimmee! You owe me free stuff! You promised! Another leftist who wouldn't be happy no matter what. I think these people cannot be happy unless they're upset about SOMEthing. Thank you lack of education system!
Pemberton May 13, 2021
| |
 This kid seems more worries about the freebies he is not getting than the problems Bidens government is creating for the American people.
Thomas April 18, 2021
| |
Suck it up cup cakes 74million voters were wise to the democraps fraud and mail-in-voting scam and no-body wanted Princess Spread Eagle ever siince the primeries, heels up harris.
wboehmer April 18, 2021
| |
Q. Whaddya get when you vote for the dumbest presidential candidate? A. The dumbest president, of course.
messup April 18, 2021
| |
A good first step, now time for all American Patriots to Act on corruption! Create an America Watchdogs 501(c)(3) "hold 'em to the fire." Two tools:1) OMA - Open Meeting Act. The right for Citizens to participate in Public Meetings (and Deliberative Process). 2) FOIA- Freedom Of Information Act - Gives the PUBLiC qualified access to government information "On Request." Two guys did this in Illinois: RESULTS, 186 indictments; 28 Convictions and 425 corrupt officials and bureaucrats fired from office. We The People have to hold government accountable & publicize officials misconduct. Why Do We Have To Do Medias Job? Because all government (Democrat & Republican) is corrupted Top To Bottom. 2020 Elections tells us about this corruption. Pray. Amen. Read A Bible.KJV. Psalm 128. Then, 10 Commandments everywhere. Amen.
Vic Anderson March 9, 2021
| |
Because, ALL $erial Lying DEM RENEGERS !
Diane March 9, 2021
| |
Where are the comments?????????????????????
Diane March 9, 2021
| |
His only complaint was not getting $2,000 when in fact $600 has already been received. Obvious to me that his only reason for voting for Biden was to get a handout, no different than so many other parasites whose only reason for giving Biden their vote was their 'gimme attitude'.
Craig Swenson March 8, 2021
| |
I have to wonder what the average citizens can do when government officials surrender to Leftist extortion or say one thing and do something else. Average citizens don't have the resources to start political action movements. Tell the ballot box is the answer, but when elections are stolen and the Left voter numbers are increased due to illegal aliens, felons, and unsolicited mail-in ballots. Militias are merely blowing off steam. No citizen militia can win against any Army or National Guard units with armored personnel carriers, tanks, helicopters, rockets, and support airplane fighters. Crazy. Not the answer anyway. This is moot when guns are confiscated anyway. What the hell are we supposed to do when freedoms are so quickly removed?!!