Video: Biden Humiliated By Heckler, His Response Says Everything


President Joe Biden appeared at a campaign event in Virginia and was heckled by some folks in the crowd. Biden tried to brush them off by making fun of Trump rallies, which obviously went over like a lead balloon because at Trump’s rallies there were more people standing in line to use the bathrooms than the number of people who attended Biden’s rallies.

In Arlington on Friday for a rally for Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe Biden came to speak on behalf of someone I believe should never be allowed to hold public office again.

Terry McAuliffe was governor of Virginia in 2016, was succeeded by Democrat Ralph (KKK or blackface guy, we still don’t know which) Northam, and now wants to run for the office again.

Many people either don’t know this or forget but McAuliffe in 2016 first tried to declare that felons had the right to vote. Before his rise to governor McAuliffe was a political operative for the Clinton crime family and as a payback for all of his hard work covering for their shenanigans, they helped him campaign for the seat. In 2016, McAuliffe wanted to help Hillary Clinton win The Old Dominion state by adding felons to voter rolls when it was illegal in the state for felons to vote. A judge rightfully blocked him from doing it. That’s when he did what any Democrat does when the law doesn’t allow to do what they want to do; they abuse a lawful power they do have. In this case, McAuliffe pardoned 60,000 felons so that they could hopefully vote for Hillary Clinton. It was enough to turn the state too. In typical Democrat fashion he didn’t give a damn about their victims or what a tragedy it was to pardon people for political partisan reasons. I don’t remember the mainstream news media pouncing on him for doing it, probably because they secretly applauded the scumbag move by McAuliffe. And now he wants to be governor again.

The teleprompter told Biden to start his speech by talking about COVID-19 vaccines. He ribbed conservatives for allegedly getting on the vaccine jabwagon.

“And by the way, you know that old expression, you know there’s a lot of our very conservative friends have finally had an altar call. They’ve seen the Lord,” Biden said. “Whether it’s on Fox News or whether it’s the most conservative commentators or governors.”

Biden then at first complimented Governor Kay Ivey of Arkansas until he realized she is the governor of Alabama.

“Thank God the governor of Arkansas – excuse me, of Alabama – had one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country – is now, and I’m genuinely complimenting her,” Biden said, and it was at that point he was interrupted by hecklers.

President Biden responded to the ridicule by saying, “This is not a Trump rally, let ’em holler. No-one’s paying attention to them.”

The hecklers had nothing to do with Trump who obviously lives rent-free in Joe Biden’s head which would be easy to do as there’s probably a lot of empty space in there.

According to reporters who were covering the event, the hecklers were anti-pipeline protesters who were shouting, “Stop Line 3!” They were referring to the Enbridge Line 3 which is a proposed pipeline expansion that would go from Alberta, Canada to Superior, Wisconsin. The hecklers want Biden to illegally write more executive orders to stop Enbridge Line 3 the way he illegally stopped Keystone XL.

There were pro-Biden shouts that followed, where some people shouted, “Let’s go, Joe!”

In June, McAuliffe won the Democrat nomination to get his old job back and he will go up against Republican Glenn Youngkin who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

During the campaign event, with an estimated 3,000 people in attendance, Biden taunted Trump by bringing up the 2020 presidential election.

“Terry and I share a lot in common — I ran against Donald Trump, and so is Terry,” Biden told the crowd. “And I whipped Donald Trump in Virginia, and so will Terry.”

A Democrat winning in Virginia is like praising the Pope for winning the Catholic vote among the Cardinals.

Biden told the crowd that Republicans offer “nothing more than fear, lies and broken promises.” It sounds more like the Democrats if you ask me.

“The United States is based on — the only country in the world based on the proposition, ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident,’ that all women and men are created equal, endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” he stated. “We’ve never met the test, but we’ve never walked away from it like the Republicans have.”

It is insufferable to listen to Democrats claim that it is the Republicans who have completely abandoned the Constitution. Democrats are right now trying to force through the “For the People Act” which would violate the Constitution’s Article I, Section 2 that declares only state legislatures may create or change state election laws and the For the People Act would force federal election laws, created by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, over all 50 states. It would legalize election cheating by allowing things like ballot harvesting.

Biden said of McAulliffe and the Virginia election:

“You’re not gonna find anyone, I mean anyone, who knows how to get more done for Virginia than Terry,”

Biden said. He’s right there. You won’t find anyone else who pardoned 60,000 felons for votes.

“Off-year election, the country’s looking. This is a big deal,” President House Plant said.

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Ivan July 26, 2021
| |
So, Virginia is a demonrat cesspool. Good to know for future reference of places to NEVER go
Michael Hicks July 26, 2021
| |
Terry McAuliff is as bad as they come. If the people vote him in they get what they asked for, 0ne big liar, just like biden, just like hillary. 
Sunshine Kid July 26, 2021
| |
When a politician cannot recognize good from bad, that is a bad politician.  Joe could not even recognize his own supporters!
Amelia Percival July 26, 2021
| |
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blondie July 26, 2021
| |
We thought Biden's brain was nearly gone & now we know it's all gone, if he thinks he beat Trump. Cheating dog, who has zero morals & can look himself in the mirror & have any remorse, knowing that he lost the election & now is just a PRETENDER,,,,,  
Philip Hammersley July 25, 2021
| |
  Joe is going to ANSWER to the LORD one of these days because of his personal life and support for godless policies of abortion and sexual perversion!
ROND July 25, 2021
| |
Missy July 25, 2021
| |
Sleepy Joe's daddy should have pulled out.😎