September 27, 2022

US Military Leadership Compromised, Considers You & I ‘Nazis’ … WHILE Trump Was POTUS

General Mark Milley, the woke chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, compared supporters of former President Donald Trump to Nazis, according to a new book. This man’s job is to advise the president and he’s referring to supporters of a president as Nazis? Hyperbolize much? This man should be fired immediately.

Milley, who has been extensively criticized for being “woke,” claimed that Trump was preaching “the gospel of the Führer” when he contested the results of the 2020 election, something that was his Constitutional right to do. Did he feel the same way about Al Gore when he questioned his loss to George W Bush?

Milley went on to say Trump took the US to the brink of its own “Reichstag moment,” referring to 1933 when Adolf Hitler consolidated his political power in Germany.

Trump appointed Milley as Chairman of the Chiefs and he speaks about him this way?

New York Magazine reported:

… the general’s worries grew rapidly as the president plunged the nation into chaos following Election Day. Seven days later, Milley got a call from “an old friend” with an explicit warning that Trump and his allies were trying to “overturn the government.” Milley was confident that any attempts by Trump to hold on to power would be thwarted, because the military wouldn’t go along. “They may try, but they’re not going to fucking succeed,” he told aides. “You can’t do this without the military. You can’t do this without the CIA and the FBI. We’re the guys with guns.”

Milley is a raging lunatic. He does not have a command structure. He can’t order anyone to do anything. He’s an adviser to the president and the Secretary of Defense.

In the book it’s revealed that Milley said of the January 6 Capitol riot, “These guys are Nazis, they’re boogaloo boys, they’re Proud Boys. These are the same people we fought in World War II.”

I wonder what Milley thought when the Democrats breached the Capitol building during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and took over Senator Chuck Grassley’s office. Grassley was then Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and was at that time the Senate President Pro Tempore. Did Milley think those Democrats were Nazis at their Reichstag moment?

The outlet then winds of revealing that this suck up clown in uniform on Biden’s inauguration day approached Michelle Obama and said, “no one has a bigger smile today than I do. You can’t see it under my mask but I do.” That’s a man who desperately wanted to keep his job.

My friend just ordered some Mark Milley tap shoes.

A separate book documented a separate incident that happened with Milley when Trump was in office in which Milley snapped at Senior White House Adviser Stephen Miller after Miller warned Trump that far-left riots were destroying America last summer.

In a new book by a Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Bender, Bender writes Trump seethed at Milley, shouting, “I said you’re in f—ing charge!”

Milley is said to have shouted back at the president, “Well I’m not in charge!”

“You can’t f—ing talk to me like that!” Trump supposedly shouted back.

Milley allegedly then went around and appealed to others in the room and then Attorney General William Barr reportedly backed him up.

Trump unequivocally denied this ever happened.

Trump told Axios via an aide: “This is totally fake news, it never ever happened. I’m not a fan of General Milley, but I never had an argument with him and the whole thing is false. He never talked back to me. Michael Bender never asked me about it and it’s totally fake news,” adding later, “If General Milley had yelled at me, I would have fired him.”

It is already known that Milley was subverting civilian control of the military long before the 2020 election happened. On February 29, 2020, the Trump administration reached a deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan to end the 20 year US military involvement in that country. It was what Trump said he would do when he ran, get us out of never-ending wars. Instantly, the Mark-Milley-led Pentagon conspired to kill the deal against the wishes of the Commander-in-Chief. They are not allowed to do that under our Constitution, yet they did it anyway.

According to a report by Grayzone, “With startling swiftness and determination, Pentagon officials and military leadership exploited the open-ended terms of the ceasefire to derail the implementation of the agreement.” General Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff went outside the Constitution and actively gave commands, something he had no authority to do, and no informed person denies it happened.

In yet another unbelievable action, the Pentagon, acting unilaterally, launched over 30 drone attacks and 8 Special Operations night raids against the Taliban. This led to the peace deal ending. They killed the deal going against the orders of the Commander-in-Chief. And Milley is still Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

Kenneth MacKenzie, head of the US Central Command testified before Congress prior to that saying the withdrawal deal would be determined by “conditions on the ground.” Our system says the decisions and orders are given by civilian leaders in Washington, DC, and not the Pentagon.

The reason our system says that civilian leaders make the military decisions is because they are elected by the American people. The generals at the Pentagon, and especially Mark Milley, were never elected by anyone. They acted like they run the country. Every one of them should be court martialed and thrown in the US Disciplinary Barracks of Leavenworth prison for what they did.

What the hell is going on?

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Milley is over weight and out of touch with our fighting troops and VETERANS.There is not enough crazy SOBs like him to push people around.In Vietnam his kind did not last long.HE AINT ANY GEN PATTON!Just a tub of guts with a CCP flag on his ass.
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National Socialists, or Nazis, are leftist fascists. Key characteristics of fascism include identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause; rampant sexism; controlled mass media; obsession with secureity; protection of corporate power; suppression of labor power; obsession with crime and punishment; rampant cronyism and corruption; and fraudulent elections. That's EXACTLY what the Democrat Party is currently all about.
Omega 2 July 17, 2021
| |
Missy July 17, 2021
| |
Higher-up US Military leaders during the Geo W Bush administration, played parts in the events on 9-11.. as co-conspirators. In WW2, allied forces, ie. Winston Churchill and FDR collaborated with Communists to beat Hitler's Germany. Who was fighting the Communists.. trying to rid the world of Communism. Many Jews fought for the German Wehrmacht aka 3 brances of the German Military.. as well as, the Waffen-SS.. as well as, serving in the SS higher-ups. The founder of the SS was a guy named Emil Maurice, a Jew. So, Hitler was not anyiSemitic. He was anti-certain people who just happened to be Jews. Ie. Jewish bankers. Soviet Russian Bolsheviks. Only members of the SS were Nazi's. Members of the Wehrmacht could not be politically affiliated. The US Military "leaders" of today.. are easily influenced and need to get their minds right. Nazi's would NEVER have done what these miscreants are saying about Conservatives, today. The US Military leaders have lost their way. Calling Trump supporters 'Nazis.' What a bunch of crap. Nazis were fighting the good fight.. along with the rest, against the commies. Nixon then, Clinton had signed free-trad with Communist China.. thus, allowing US corporations to send American jobs to Communist China for cheap labor thus, more profits. Basically, throwing Americans under the bus. Now... all of a suggen, Communist China is bad. China told Trump *NO* when he asked them to deal with N Korea regarding the allowance of a Rothschild Zionist central banks into N Korea.. so, the Zionists could control N Korea. Trump.. being the vindictive ass he is.. sent China the gift that keeps on giving, ie. Covid-19.. a bioweapon created in a US bioweapons lab... in 2019. It was sent to other places, as well.. including NYC. Trump has blamed China to cover his own ass and sadly, Americans believe him.. mainly because, they want to believe him. I knew Trump was a Zionist puppet/shill from the very beginning but, didn't know how far he would go to keep his Zio-handlers happy. Now, I do. Yet, something must've triggered the Zionist Cabal.. and they chose Sleepy Joe to be POTUS. Most likely, ultimately.. to get Skankala Harris in as POTUS when Sleepy Joe goes completely hay-wire.. which, it is quite easy to see.. thats surely the direction he's headed. Harris is no more qualified to be president as she is VP. Not a natural-born citizen. Not that, THAT is such a big deal, anymore. Barry Soetoro was born in Kenya. POTUS' have not been "elected" in decades. Zio-Cabal selected and placed into office. George H.W. Bush was selected as VP to Ronald Reagan. Mike "Pedo" Pence was selected for Trump... who was selected, as well. People are ignorant per WW2 and Hitler has been demonized. As have the Nazi Party. By those of whom have made it illegal to even as little as *question the "Holocaust"*.. with prison time in parts of Europe. Since, TRUTH stands upon itself.. and 'nay-sayers' have rights to their own opinions.. think these ADL types are truthers are liars from Hell? Hint : Not truthers. Not at all "anti-Semitism"... just *Truth.*