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Toyota Signals They Don’t Want Trump Supporter’s Business, It’s Boycott Time!


Toyota is the latest company to back away because of the cancel culture crowd. They have announced that will no longer contribute to Republicans who voted against the certification of the 2020 election.

These companies feel comforted to go against Republicans now that the Democrats are in power but next year that will all change when Republicans take over both houses of Congress.

Then what? Biden could certainly veto anything those corporations they don’t like but can’t get the new legislation they need.

The Japanese automaker announced on Thursday when just two weeks ago they defended those very same contributions. They were threatened by the neo-liberals, The Lincoln Project.

Now, Toyota says that their shareholders were unhappy with the donations and they will halt them immediately.

They will continue to contribute to Democrats. They will also have to pay homage to the Lincoln Project.

The statement from Toyota:

Toyota is committed to supporting and promoting actions that further our democracy. Our company has long-standing relationships with Members of Congress across the political spectrum, especially those representing our U.S. operations. Our bipartisan PAC equally supports Democrats and Republicans running for Congress. In fact, in 2021, the vast majority of the contributions went to Democrats and Republicans who supported the certification of the 2020 election. We understand that the PAC decision to support select Members of Congress who contested the results troubled some stakeholders. We are actively listening to our stakeholders and, at this time, we have decided to stop contributing to those Members of Congress who contested the certification of certain states in the 2020 election.

From NBC

The Lincoln Project also criticized the cable company Comcast for refusing to air their advertisement and “opting instead to shield corporate advertisers,” the group said in a tweet. Comcast owns NBCUniversal, the parent company of NBC News. A representative for Comcast did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Toyota had previously defended their donations, saying the contributions were “based on their position on issues that are important to the auto industry and the company.”

“We do not believe it is appropriate to judge members of Congress solely based on their votes on the electoral certification. Based on our thorough review, we decided against giving to some members who, through their statements and actions, undermine the legitimacy of our elections and institutions,” a company spokesperson said previously.

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ROY S. MALLMANN II August 4, 2021
| |
When a major corporation starts taking sides in politics it is a step on the pathway of self-destruction.  I am sure that Toyota which is so large they can withstand that this decision, made without checking the mountain of evidence, not heresay, but actual evidence, that President Trump did win his second term.  I have an idea that they like others are looking at the Democrat Party's talking points on court "cases" that proved they were wrong, when they and everybody else know that only ONE COURT ever took the case and examined eywitness testimony and other evidence.  That Court the PENNSYLVANIA Supreme Court was set to find for the Trump team when the last Justice, a lady of color, voted against it because the major vote counting centers involved in the fraud were in areas heavily populated by people of color, so the lawsuit was "RACIST".  Now is that really a valid argument to not finding a count was fraudulent?  The Trump team was up against a big "Blue Wall" as nothing as absurd as this has every happenned in our entire legal history.  The judges refused to hear the cases for one ludicrous reason after another, like the case was presented too early or the case was submitted too late.  I n Georgia, "If Trump won, it would not affect enouch votes to change the election outcome".  That one was pathetic as most of them were.  So if Toyota wants to go "over the cliff" based on a lie by the DEMOCRAT Party, that proof shows stole the election, so be it  There are so many other brands available.  One of the biggest "rules" of marketing is to not take sides in politics.
Sandra Lee Smith July 10, 2021
| |
Well, Toyota, if you don't want to support those who undermine electionlagitimacy, STOP SUPPORTING GLOBALISTS who lie, cheat, & steal to win (that would include your own, as well as ours!).  Only evil can come of supporting Satan's people & agenda!  They are not restricted to party lines, here & likely not in Japan either.
ROND July 10, 2021
| |
DINO DAT July 10, 2021
| |
Guess they had better move back to the SDRC. Truck plant and HQ are now located in Texas. 
confusednomore July 10, 2021
| |
in that case, Toyota should make NO political donations so as not to piss off half the country.   Yoyotas are not a great vehicle anyway.  Personally, I wouldn't own one.  Now it's a given, I'll never buy one.
Mary A. Baker July 10, 2021
| |
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Dee July 10, 2021
| |
Toyota. I quit them decades  ago! 
CarlsDDservice July 10, 2021
| |
Was considering Toyota as my next car.  Now they can forget it.
Babsan July 10, 2021
| |
One more America hating foreign company to boycott heavyly.Toyota must be cut out as a good America supporting company,no more vehicle buying at all,period.
ABUTOM July 10, 2021
| |
ABUTOM July 10, 2021
| |
Ruth B. Watkins July 9, 2021
| |
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Patrick B Hayes July 9, 2021
| |
Toyota is committed to supporting and promoting actions that further our democracy. Then why does Toyota continue to support the Democrats? I was considering a new Lexus but not now.
Swave n deBoner July 9, 2021
| |
Another cowardly company. Hey Toyota, get woke, go broke!
rebel July 9, 2021
| |
no love lost here lmao