THIS What Happens When You Choose To Stop Being Gay


Milo Yiannopoulos is a well-known political pundit who was outspoken about his support of President Donald J. Trump in 2016 when Trump was a candidate.  Known to most as “Milo” he was so comfortable with his gay lifestyle that in 2017 he totally misjudged the amount of truth people could be comfortable from him,  made an unfortunate statement and he ended up getting banned from speaking at CPAC.

Perhaps it was a cry for help? At any rate, Milo’s career took on a different path, and he was more difficult to find, he sort of went underground for a while.

About a year ago, Milo returned and made an announcement that he was no longer practicing homosexuality.

This week, Milo shared his thoughts with Militant Church about his transformation from being homosexual, and it is a very honest and thought-provoking look at the human struggle and courage he has.

This was then:

And this is now</div

In his op-ed piece Milo wrote:

A year has passed since I accepted God’s will and pledged to banish sodomy from my life. It’s a complicated, painful odyssey of spiritual recovery designed to liberate me from old ways of thinking. I have accepted the embarrassing truth about my homosexual urges, which I now realize are illusions — disordered manifestations of abuse and abandonment. Overall, I’m making good progress. My resolve is fortified by the many thousands of prayers, letters and reading suggestions I’ve received from generous and wise readers all over the world.

And yet, there is a creeping strangeness in my life that makes me feel like an impostor in it. I am observing a steady trickle of little changes in myself — subtle adjustments to my behavior, temperament, tastes and habits. I can’t explain them; they have no obvious connection to the demons I am battling, and I’m not making them on purpose. The changes seem universally for the good, but they have left me feeling disorientated and impotent. In the early hours of the morning, I wake up thinking about itching but not itching, on some level convinced I am in someone else’s skin. This must be how the transgenders feel. No wonder they’re always in such a mood.

The good news is that dogs have stopped barking at me. That’s not a joke. I was, for the first 36 years of my life, one of those people around whom dogs go berserk, possessed by a frenzy that renders them deaf to commands from their owners. This might strike you as a mere minor inconvenience, but the reaction from some dogs was so strong that it risked serious injury to the dog. So this minor inconvenience yielded debilitating social consequences. I couldn’t ever visit friends who had dogs. I became a liability and an annoyance at public houses and hunt meets. Plus, of course, aside from the practical considerations, it was upsetting because I like dogs, and I want them to like me.

Then, one morning, shortly after the life-changing vow I made, the hex was lifted. I woke up dog-friendly. It’s even swung the other way: They seem to like me the best out of everyone they meet and never want me to leave. How are we to make sense of this bizarre-but-true state of affairs? Personally, I am inclined to believe that dogs have a nose for demons. They pick up whiffs of sulfur at levels far too subtle for human beings to detect. Anyway, what I’m saying is that no one can tell me why, all of a sudden, I don’t trigger psychotic reactions in dogs anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the barking has stopped. But I remain queasy about the whole thing, absent a good explanation. I invite the Church Militant audience to weigh in if there is some occult domain expertise I’m lacking.

here are other changes happening to me, more personal, and, therefore, terrifying — but which make more sense. Over the past 12 months, I’ve noticed many of my tastes, preferences, sensitivities and even habits shifting, as if reorganizing themselves, without any conscious effort from me, and, occasionally, in the face of some resistance. For instance — you’ll laugh, but let me explain — I have started to care intensely about movie spoilers. I said don’t laugh! I’m telling you this for a reason.

Read the full article at The Church Militant.

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Sandra Lee Smith July 7, 2021
| |
It seems likely, based on the dogs' behavior, at some point in your earlier life, you did, howver inadvertently, invite a demon into your life.  Animals in general are much more attuned to the spiritual as well as the natural world, especially the higher mammals, & they sense a threat to their safety, hence react aggressively, as they natrually would, in the wild, when confronted by a larger predator.  Some of God's work in your soul, to date, has evicted that demon, so the dogs no longer feel threatened by that presence that used to travel with you.  I often see my cat staring into a corner where 2walls meet the ceiling, where there is not so much as a cobweb to draw her attention, but she clearly is watching something, without fear.  I think she senses an angelic presence.  She's calm but attentive, not in "huntress mode" either, & usually atop her tree or a piece of furniture, as close as she can get to whatever she sees there.  But there are people who come around she wants NO part of, too, for all she's pretty social, & likes people & attention; generally, those she doesn't like, I also feel uncomfortable around.  So, just thank the Lord for freeing you from that, & enjoy the dogs!
A-Jay July 6, 2021
| |
Seemingly, in a number of situations, it appears that sexual orientation tends to be more of a biological issue and not a drive and/or an emotion that's readily and simply turned on and off.  Apparently the emotional drive and sexual impulse is not that easy to overcome without relapsing into a lifestyle that one doesn't often relish and willing choose mirroring the persecution but accepts after finding there's an innate inability to achieve a complete conversion from homosexual to bisexual to heterosexual.  Milo's transition, with spiritual intervention, has seemingly transformed him for a state of apparent emptiness to a transient fullness, an achievement many have not been able to attain totally and successfully be it mentally and/or subsequently physically. The emotional stress and the challenges homosexuals and bisexuals physically and mentally endure and encounter isn't a path that’s fondly and gleefully chosen. That being said it appears Milo has successfully changed his lifestyle overcoming such obstacles through spirituality.  Sadly, it appears he will be attacked and even demeaned many assuming he hasn’t attained a true physical and emotional plateau which others claim they can’t nor perhaps want thereby only believing it isn’t a lasting achievement without occasionally relapsing and even totally failing in the ability to fully and comfortably transition. It’s certainly presents a dilemma for a number of people regardless of their sexual orientation, religious, and/or non-religious affiliation. Who know what will evolve in future generations and how the issue is dealt with, addressed, and/or accepted?
Wilicaut1946 July 6, 2021
| |
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jan deen July 6, 2021
| |
This is a wonderful transformation and spiritual evolution.  Great courage and I like that Milo is aware of the sensitive nature of dogs.  Stay with it.  When you see the horror of the "relativism" of many in our current society, it will make you sick and will become effortless to validate your actions.