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She Taught 1st Graders How To Masturbate, When The School Responded She Flipped Her ****


Justine Ang Fonte, a former teacher at Dalton School in Manhattan, New York, says that she resigned her position after the school refused to back her against parents who were upset at her sexualizing children. She showed the children sexually charged videos, dealing with young children touching themselves and masturbation. Fonte insists that teaching kids as young as six about masturbating is the right thing to do.

A gruesome thought occurred to me as I read about Fonte. How many kids are experimenting with each other? Children, especially young children are taught right from wrong at an early age and when these children are old enough, sex will not be taboo to them, it will be normal.    And probably at a much younger age than would be normal. The last thing we need is mass pregnancies in our Middle Schools.

The teacher, who also worked for elite Columbia Prep, recently came under fire for teaching high school students about pornography, kink, and BDSM lessons. She never asked for or received parental permission to teach these subjects to the kids. Columbia prep was forced to apologize to parents for the lessons Fonte was teaching. Even scarier is the fact she now intends to write children’s books and if Biden gets reelected those books could be in schools soon.

Fonte now stands by the lessons she was teaching and is angry that the schools that employed her would not stand by her as well. The question that remains is whether she will find a school that will support the lessons she teaches. I can’t see any elite private schools that would hire her and anger parents who spend big money for their children to attend the school. Her best shot is a public school where they dictate to parents who cannot afford to send their kids to private schools and whose school board is ultra-liberal.

From The Blaze

Of her experience at Columbia Prep, Fonte said that she desperately hoped to believe that the school was “ready to take on these issues in an educational, intellectual way.”

“At least one person at that school trusted that I could do it,” she added. “And I did. But they weren’t ready to back it up, and it cost me my safety.”

The outlet also reported that Fonte suffered a variety of attacks on her reputation, including “violent threats in her inbox” as well as the “experience of being doxxed.”

According to the Times report, Fonte is now planning to write children’s books and more.

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Jesse July 11, 2021
| |
This woman should be stripped of her credentials to teach for life and banned from having anything to do with anyone under 18 including her own children if she has any. This woman is like most Democraps WILLFULLY IGNORANT and DANGEROUS to anyone around her. 
Rick July 10, 2021
| |
pull her teaching license PERMANENTLY for every country in the world INCLUDING the USA
fighting 69th July 10, 2021
| |
Prosecute Fonte for endangering the morals of a minor.
Red July 10, 2021
| |
John F Edwards July 10, 2021
| |
Yet just another low life liberal that needs to just crawl back under the slimy rock she came from.
Mary Baker July 10, 2021
| |
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