We Found The Man Who Put AOC In Power And It Is Far Worse Than We Imagined


In 2016 we witnessed Donald Trump’s hostile takeover of the Republican Party.  

While Trump had no previous political experience, his successful business record and promise to end the corruption that plagues Washington’s politics, made him an attractive alternative to disenfranchised Republican voters who had grown tired of being lied to by party regulars – Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney, John McCain, etc.

In 2018 it was disenfranchised Democrats turn to conduct a hostile takeover.

Enter the far-left Justice Democrats funded by, among other people, Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks.

According to Christopher Patrick Kohls, freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) actually auditioned for the role of congresswoman.

As evidence, Kohls, who goes by the name Mr. Reagan, shows a clip from a Justice Democrats video.

“Back in 2016, we put out a call for nominations,” says the group’s executive director, Alexandra Rojas. “We got over 10,000 nominations. Out of those 10,000 nominations, we found Alexandria.”

This would explain why AOC rarely follows up with cogent questions and resorts to reclaiming her time to avoid exhibiting her lack of knowledge.  When she does she is prone to putting her foot in her mouth.

Like the time she declared that unemployment was only low because everyone has two jobs.

Essentially she is a puppet that can easily be controlled by those who put her in office.  

Uygur, a radical leftist, was the financial backer of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  

It appears Uygur got more than he paid for in the personable and telegenic Ocasio-Cortez.

Less than three weeks following her being sworn into office NBC News reported that seventy-five percent of Democrat voters would consider backing Ocasio-Cortez for president… if she were old enough.

Only weeks after that she declared herself the boss:

Now, in the aftermath of Mueller’s failure to prove collusion, Uygur wants further investigation into post-election collusion.

WTF is Cenk Uygur talking about?

Aside from the fact the Trump has been pretty tough on Russia since taking office, even if he weren’t, that would fall under the protective cover of foreign policy decisions.

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Mueller’s investigation is finished.  As are the ones conducted by the House and the Senate.  Now Uygur, and the left-lurching Democratic Party are demanding quadruple jeopardy for President Trump.

It’s only March of 2019 – 20 months from the 2020 election – but AOC’s puppetmaster, Cenk Uygur, is leading the Democratic Party on a leftward lurch they’ll never be able to recover from… in a sane world.

Tucker Carlson explains how this happened:

Well, for the last two years, Democrats have been very distracted. They have spent all of their time hating Donald Trump and none of their time thinking about what they would do if they ever took charge, as they just did of the Congress last November.

So, they arrive in Washington in January, and they have no idea what to do. Lucky for them, someone had a plan. She was a 29-year-old bartender from the Bronx, and she showed up with a brand new Democratic platform already written. She imposed her Green New Deal on her party.

About Jack Crane

Jack Crane has been a writer and journalist for over 17 years. He has volunteered around the world with humanitarian projects and has several books and memoirs partially written, and hopes to finish them all some day.

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Robert S. Pelno July 19, 2021
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A round on me bartender. 
Brook July 19, 2021
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Kinda like Joe Biden...but who is pulling the strings besides Barry & Rice?
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Desert Dweller July 18, 2021
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Cenk must have hit the bottom of the sink when he started screwing that dirty little barfly communist whore!  imho
Gerald S Ladd June 24, 2021
| |
The bar slut was put in by low IQ voters.
Gilbert Levy June 24, 2021
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Ollie June 24, 2021
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R June 24, 2021
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Barbro May 8, 2021
| |
America needs a non Democrat intelligent REAL FBI,CIA and DOJ as every body else is falling into the putrid Swamp of fraud,sedition and treason
Ollie May 8, 2021
| |
Yep ! The young TURDS certainly excelled with intellectual ability in getting the services of AOC into congress, both have Mental Disorders and a dislike foe the Truth
dumps cc April 19, 2021
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capoprimo March 4, 2021
| |
I actually have a box of rocks that have higher IQ than AOC. That is really saying something and it reflects very poorly on the Democrat Party!
Desert Dweller March 4, 2021
| |
So peel 1 inch strips of skin off both the dirty traitors and hang them with their own skin!! imo
Elsie March 4, 2021
| |
Uygur, swarthy, nasty looking Pig who ran for office and got his ass handed to him . When I want a great laugh ,I watch 2016 election night with that band of pond scum The Young Turks. Only time in my life I watched that collection of misfits. It was EPIC. My hopes were that night , that all of POS would go into complete A Fib and do the world a service. Sadly they didn't, but, boy it as close. Hope springs eternal.
Marcia March 4, 2021
| |
AOC is as brainless as Biden--God help our country--
Leroy March 4, 2021
| |
She needs to be horse ......
Michael Maston February 12, 2021
| |
Always thought Cenk Uygur was a fucking idiot...now there's proof.
Babsan February 11, 2021
| |
The Criminal activity in the Democrat/Communist party makes the old USSR looking like a sandbox of children
Ted R. Weiland February 10, 2021
| |
FAR, FAR, FAR WORSE! The men and women who put AOC into power are: 1) Those who, in Article 6, banned Christian tests and thereby mandatory biblical qualifications. and 2) Those today who support those identified in #1 and/or Article 6 and the rest of the biblically seditious Constitution. For more regarding Article 6's Christian test ban, see Chapter 9 "Article 6: The Supreme Law of the Land" of free online book "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective." Then find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the right-hand sidebar and receive a free copy of the 85-page "Primer" of "BL vs. USC."
bobbie February 10, 2021
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You ARE NOT THE BOSS of anyone, Miss aoc!!! You are just a puppet on a string!!!
Rebmush July 13, 2019
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Jim March 31, 2019
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Why hasn't someone taken out Soros and taken all of his assets? This man is pure evil!
Katee March 28, 2019
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Anyone ever seen her IQ score? Can we believe that she has at least 1 brain cell? ANYTHING????????
Bernice March 24, 2019
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