Government Corruption

OMG: Biden Regime Officially Makes Intel Community Above The Law


I will be the first to admit that I really had hope that ‘justice’ still existed within the federal government.

I had ‘high, high hopes’ that, first Attorney General Sessions, then Attorney General Barr would actually investigate the ‘spying’ that took place on Trump’s campaign and presidency.

Here we are, 5 years later and boy do I feel stupid.  Not quite s stupid as I did before I read this piece from The Conservative Treehouse … Not only will no one be punished for what amounted to the first attempt to sabotage Trump’s campaign, now the ‘ DOJ Now Barred from Investigating Intelligence Community Leaks to Journalists.’

The Conservative Treehouse reported:

‘Once you take a nuclear action on something corrupt, there is no return.  The Obama-era weaponization of the intelligence apparatus for political purposes was one such nuclear action.  That weaponization was an escalation of action that forever sealed the need to hide it.

The intelligence apparatus, including the DOJ/FBI and aligned agencies, in addition to the DOJ officials within the Mueller probe, previously exploited their surveillance access to records and communication of Donald Trump and his administration.  Those intelligence operatives then spun and leaked parts of those records in order to build a fictitious Trump-Russia narrative and simultaneously distract from the prior unlawful surveillance.

Today the AP is reporting that Attorney General Merrick Garland is barring any DOJ office from seizing the communication of any journalists.  In essence Garland is providing cover for the prior and ongoing coordination of Intelligence Community leaks to media allies.  Remember, the Intelligence Branch operates as a public-private partnership; part of that purpose requires an alignment with corrupt U.S. media.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Attorney General Merrick Garland on Monday formally prohibited federal prosecutors from seizing the records of journalists in leak investigations, with limited exceptions, reversing years of department policy.

The new policy largely codifies the commitment Garland made in June, when he said the Justice Department would abandon the practice of seizing reporters’ records in leak investigations.

[…] Garland was moved to act following an outcry over revelations that the department during the Trump administration had obtained records belonging to journalists at The Washington Post, CNN and The New York Times as part of investigations into who had disclosed government secrets related to the Russia investigation and other national security matters.

Others whose records were obtained were members of Congress and their staffers and former White House counsel Don McGahn.

Garland’s announcement came after President Joe Biden said he would not allow the Justice Department to seize journalists’ phone records and emails, calling the practice “wrong.”  (read more)

The fourth estate (media) has collapsed under the weight of the Fourth Branch of government, the Intelligence Branch…

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