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New Yorkers Turn On Mass Murderer Governor Cuomo


It takes a lot to get New Yorkers to vote for a Republican but the Cuomos can do it. Mario Cuomo was the governor of New York but angered the voters and that led to the election of George Pataki for two four-year terms. And now it appears that if Andrew Cuomo runs for reelection, a Republican can once again be in charge of the Empire State. That number is even more amazing considering how badly outnumbered the Republicans are in that state.

That means a lot of Democrats have soured on him.

The pandemic is the main reason why:

His policies led to the deaths of thousands in the Empire State’s long-term care facilities.

He tried to cover up the deaths he caused.

He lied to New York lawmakers about federal investigations of his deadly policies.

Reports surfaced that he gave preferential pandemic treatment to family members.

Multiple women came forward to accuse him of sexual improprieties and harassment.

Several politicians, staffers, and media members shared stories of his bullying.

He accepted millions of dollars to write a book touting his leadership during a pandemic.

The Siena survey of New York voters conducted June 22-29 that 23% want him to resign and another 39% do not want him to run for reelection and only 33% want him to be reelected and that number includes just 43% of the Democrats polled.

If Cuomo runs in 2022 and becomes the nominee only 35% of those surveyed said they would vote for him. 56% said they would prefer another candidate.

Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg noted that it was good news that only 23% want him to resign before the 2022 election, the fact that another 39% don’t want him to run is a huge obstacle to overcome.

It is a monumental task to come back from such a deficit.

From The Blaze

By a nearly three-to-one margin (60% to 22%), New Yorkers said he did a “bad job” versus a “good job” on the nursing home issue.

Not surprisingly, 81% of Republicans said he did a bad job. And 64% of independents said the same.

The bad news for Cuomo: a plurality of Democrats (49%) agreed with Republicans, saying Cuomo did a bad job on the nursing home scandal. Only 30% said he did a good job.

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sonia July 3, 2021
| |
eventuelly even a blind man sees the light. cuomo should have been hung from the nearest tree, for what he did to all these familys. there is no excuse, the man is a pig. just like his cnn brother, they have no integrity. they are scum. i feel sorry for the women he touched, just the thought is revolting.
HankRB July 3, 2021
| |
My question is this who the hell are the 30% that said he did a good job on the nursing home issue? Serial killers, murderers, thugs, gangs, anti-fa, BLM rioters and looters, anti-American college profs, CNN morons, leftwing media, SloJo Bite Me,  Fredo, Madcow, Tapper, who?
Jesse July 3, 2021
| |
Cuomo will be to bust fending off law suits to run for re-election. I mean all those WRONGFUL DEATHS he caused plus all the Sexual assault/ Harrassment cases he will be very busy not counting broke from all he will have to pay out in those lawsuits. Democraps will be running away from him in droves so he won't have their support. 
Doris H. Pinion July 2, 2021
| |
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