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Leftist Terrorists Attorneys Who Firebombed Cops for BLM Can Still Practice Law in New York, Rudy Giuliani Cannot


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A pair of Brooklyn-based far-left attorneys who firebombed the NYPD during last year’s deadly Black Lives Matter riots can still practice law in the State of New York, while former New York City Mayor and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani cannot, with his law license suspended for the crime of questioning the 2020 Presidential Election.

Colinford Mattis, who works as a corporate lawyer, and his co-conspirator Urooj Rahman, a so-called human rights attorney, both face federal charges related to the firebombing of an NYPD police cruiser and could face sentences of at least 45 years in prison.

Despite the extremely violent nature of the attack in which Rahman reportedly tossed a Molotov cocktail into the console of a police cruiser before hopping into a getaway car driven by Mattis, and the fact that the pair of left-wing attorneys were found to be producing and distributing Molotov cocktails to Black Lives Matter and Antifa-aligned radicals, federal prosecutors have been working hard to hammer out a plea deal for the pair of violent offenders.

According to the New York Post, both parties remain locked in negotiations with federal prosecutors and a federal judge has granted the pair a number of opportunities to work something out with the prosecution before having to face trial like a mere ordinary citizen. Both Mattis and Rahman remain out of jail, standing in stark contrast to the treatment received by January 6th Capitol Hill demonstrators who have reported facing Gulag-style conditions and severe physical abuse while awaiting trial in a Washington, D.C. jail on nonviolent charges.

Additionally, Mattis and Rahman both remain fully and legally capable of practicing law in New York State, their law licenses still listed as “currently registered” with no disciplinary history mentioned when searched via the New York State Unified Court System licensing lookup tool.

While the pair of violent, far left-wing attorneys are still permitted to practice law in New York, Trump attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is not, having seen his law license suspended without any form of due process by the New York State Bar Association for daring to question the Democrat-media complex narrative surrounding the 2020 Presidential Election.

While Giuliani is reportedly entitled to a post-suspension hearing, commentators on both sides of the aisle predict that regardless, he will be disbarred by the Democrat Party-dominated New York State Bar, banned from practicing law in the state over constitutionally protected speech.

The suspension of Giuliani’s law license has been blasted by critics far and wide, including liberal Alan Dershowitz who called the politically motivated attack on Giuliani unconstitutional in a recent op-ed. “Rudy Giuliani has been suspended from the practice of law without a hearing, based largely on First Amendment-protected statements he made outside of any court of law,” Dershowitz wrote.

“Every citizen should have the right to express controversial views about a contested election,” Dershowitz wrote. Going on to write that “every citizen should have the right to hear such views and make up their own minds,” a notion considered to be of the utmost danger by the far-left.

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Zola Holt July 5, 2021
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A few times a week we receive news like this, reminding us how screwed up things are - and that we are on the right side. Sad but gratifying. A good impetus to keep working at it tomorrow.
Stephanie July 5, 2021
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confusednomore July 5, 2021
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What we all need to understand is the left thinks this is fair.  It is what Trump Derangement Syndrome is alll about--destroy anyone who supports Trump regardless of how ridiculous their claims are.  What we all need to undeerstand is that the left is NEVER held accountable for their riots, rapes, murders, or looting.  
Irishgal July 5, 2021
| |
Political witch hunt. Same with 'indictments' BS for Trump Org. CFO. Unless NY gets smart! and finally votes A REPUB. The definition of insanity will continue. Keep doing the same thing over and over and over expecting a different outcome. They will continue to fall!
Desert Dweller July 5, 2021
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I was right a few years back to try to sell that shythole nu yuck to canada, but canada was too smart for that LOL