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Lawsuit Filed Against GOP-Led Senate Over Audit Information


The Arizona Republic is suing over the Republican-led Senate audit of Maricopa county. They are asking for all records on financial records and communications about the audit from the [Arizona] Senate and Cyber Ninjas.

They are getting desperate.

They know the results of the audit will be coming soon and they are looking for anything they can find in an attempt to discredit the damning report.

A lawyer for the paper claims that the information must be disclosed because the audit is being conducted for the Arizona Senate. But, I question that they have to turn the information over before the audit is complete, after all the numbers won’t be complete until it is.

A court will decide, I’m sure.

David Bodney, an attorney representing the newspaper, said:

“Arizona law entitles the public to know how this audit is being conducted and funded. And the Arizona public records law does not permit the Senate to play ‘hide the ball’ by delegating core responsibilities to a third party like Cyber Ninjas and concealing records of government activities and public expenditures in Cyber Ninjas’ files.”

The audit is being carried out by Cyber Ninjas, that the Democrats are trying to smear. As if the two companies Maricopa County hired to do their totally inefficient audit who regularly are hired to say that Dominion machines are the greatest thing since sliced bread. They apparently do nothing else in the way of audits because they let their licenses elapsed and had to renew them before they could do the work.

The lawsuit comes suspiciously just as Senate Majority Leader Karen Fann, a Republican, told the Epoch Times that Maricopa County officials are still refusing to hand over subpoenaed materials needed for a complete audit.

Fann said:

“The Arizona Senate has extended our contract with the State Fairgrounds for two weeks at the Wesley Bolin building. Our vendor is finishing the aggregation process which is double and triple-checking the tallies of the hand counts, spreadsheet, tally sheets, image scanning, etc. This is a critical step to ensure the tallies can be accurately verified which will give us a path forward in completing the audit.”

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