Governor Nullifies All Federal Gun Restrictions


Finally, some good news in this country!

While the left is working overtime to run this country into the side of the mountain to help China become the sole world power and export their dystopian form of crony communism around the globe, there are still patriots on the state level making big moves.

We have often discussed secession being the only viable option to preserving freedom on planet Earth.  As this becomes more and more obvious, Governors are becoming political leaders, garnering national attention.

With DeSantis making waves down here in Florida and exploring running for President in 2024, most Floridians don’t want to lose him as our Governor and the last firewall between our great state and the federal dictatorship.

Now, Montana’s governor is making big news and joining other red states in acting to preserve our God given freedoms …

Newsmax reported:

‘Gov. Greg Gianforte on Friday signed a bill that prohibits state and local law enforcement in Montana from enforcing federal bans on firearms, ammunition and magazines.

Supporters of the law have said it would protect the Second Amendment from stiffer gun control laws that could come from federal legislation or executive orders by President Joe Biden in the wake of several mass shootings that took place this year, including a shooting last week that killed eight people in Indianapolis.

Opponents of the bill have said it would make it difficult for local law enforcement to collaborate with federal authorities on issues beyond gun access when such collaboration is essential to protect public safety, including in cases of domestic violence and drug offences.

Montana law would prohibit law enforcement officials and other state employees from enforcing, implementing or spending state funds to uphold federal bans on particular kinds of firearms, ammunition and magazines.

Biden announced this month several executive actions to address gun violence, including a move to crack down on “ghost guns,” homemade firearms that lack serial numbers used to trace them and are often purchased without a background check. The U.S. Justice Department has not yet announced its new rules regarding ghost guns, which are expected to be released in the coming weeks.

Montana is one of at least a dozen states that have sought to nullify new gun restrictions this year. The state’s Republican-controlled Legislature has attempted to pass similar measures into law for almost a decade. Such bills were vetoed by former Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock in 2013, 2015 and 2017.’

This comes as Joe Biden’s handlers have him calling for confiscation of so called ‘assault weapons’.  One thing that those calling for this ‘assault weapons’ ban do not tell you, is that nearly every single modern firearm would be a considered an ‘assault weapon.’

Those on the left, who either have no knowledge about guns whatsoever, or are Stalin level tyrant, want to classify all semi automatic weapons as ‘assault weapons.’  This would mean nearly every gun other than muzzleloaders would be confiscated.

If you don’t think that, that would not lead to a Civil War … think again.

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Amelie Marsden July 23, 2021
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Desert Dweller July 23, 2021
| |
Where is ducey in Arizona on this?  Or is he still trying to decide if he is a patriot or a marxist??
Kimberly K. Padilla July 23, 2021
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Will April 25, 2021
| |
Maybe each state should laws like Switzerland because it has... NO MURDER OCCURRENCE! SWITZERLAND 'S law requires that EVERYONE to own a gun and maintain marksman qualifications regularly because citizens are the military. This would support second amendment and end the democrats from destroying it.
GRA April 24, 2021
| |
I hope this passes in Texas this legislative session.  The bills have already been filed and are moving through the process.
Arthur Ronald Bedell April 24, 2021
| |
Why isn't Florida nullifying these federal gun laws also??? 
Missy April 24, 2021
| |
Every governor in every state in the USA needs to follow suit with what Montana Governor Greg Gianforte is doing. A true American Patriot.
Skeptical April 24, 2021
| |
"We have often discussed secession being the only viable option to preserving freedom on planet Earth." Asserting legislative nullification of unconstitutional federal acts by the states, each reasserting sovereign states rights, averts the need for the highly provocative, and frankly unconstitutional idea of secession, while due-process is in effect. Geographic federal territories are not going anywhere.  
bob April 24, 2021
| |
All states need to push back, biden's goal is to take all of our God given rights away.
jim April 24, 2021
| |
It's about time, Damn!