Famous Democrat Busted Spending Big Campaign $$ at Strip Club


It seems like everyday I stumble across a story like this.

Politicians, more often than not, Democrats, using funds that, people who (mistakenly) believe in them, donated to them, on the most selfish, frivolous and indefensible Bravo Sierra known to man.

Now keep in mind this is the same man who was just in the news for cheering on Bill Cosby after his release from prison.  Thus, I suppose it should come as no surprise to learn the man is blowing campaign donations at a strip club…

Fox News has the story:

Michigan state Rep. Jewell Jones, a Democrat, is defending spending hundreds of campaign dollars at a strip club earlier this year in what he described as a “meeting” that deserved no further explanation.

Jones, who was elected in 2016 as the youngest representative in state history, reported spending $221 of his campaign funds on March 8 at the Pantheion Club, a gentlemen’s club in Dearborn, according to his campaign finance report reviewed Monday by The Detroit News.

Jones explained to the outlet that the club had a “lounge” atmosphere and “great lamb chops,” and that he has to “meet people where they’re at” sometimes as part of his job.

“No need to explain the transactions,” he separately told WDIV-TV. “I noticeably picked up the tab at these meetings. Got to meet the people where they’re at.”

According to the disclosure, Jones spent more than $6,400 this year at restaurants and lounges for what he described as “meetings,” including $696 at Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar in Las Vegas on March 22, The Detroit News reported.

“While this sort of spending isn’t uncommon, sadly, the venue Rep. Jones chose truly pushes the limit of credulity,” Simon Schuster, executive director of the nonprofit Michigan Campaign Finance Network, told the outlet.

Jones made national headlines in April after he was charged with drunk driving and he allegedly threatened officers with a phone call to “Big Gretch,” referring to Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, during his arrest. His next hearing in the case is scheduled for August.’

Here is the video from a few months back when the state Representative threatened law enforcement officers with a call to the state’s top tyrant, Gov Whitmer, if they did not let him break the law with impunity:

America now has all the hallmarks of an all out tyranny.  Hug your kids and hold them tight.  Things may be stable right now, but if history teaches us anything, it is that societies with governments that are as corrupt as ours rapidly devolve into hell on Earth.

Remember, it is never too late to ask God for forgiveness … NEVER.

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DONALD July 29, 2021
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Georgia Dixon July 28, 2021
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Lisa July 28, 2021
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really dem voters? is this what you want for your representative? the man could barely keep his eyes open and now he is being investigated cuz he spent his campaign money at strip clubs? c'mon on man...WAKE THE HELL UP AND TAKE OFF YOUR BLINDERS
AL July 28, 2021
| |
Holding meetings at Strip Clubs?  Just part of the "cultural norms" for Democrats. Eric Swalwell D, CA, does the same kind of thing. Hey, that's it!  That's why Hunter Biden goes to Strip Clubs and cocaine parties.  Meet people where they are....
Natalie Georg July 28, 2021
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Budman July 27, 2021
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How can people be so stupid to elect scum like this.
Alicia Davies July 27, 2021
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