September 27, 2022

Facebook, Twitter, Et Al Are Finished As Trump Makes His Statement On Which Social Site He’ll Use

President Trump will be holding a press conference on Wednesday when he is expected to make an announcement on which social media site he will be using.

It has been rumored for months that Trump was starting his own social media network to make sure he does not get censored anymore.

If this is true, do not be surprised to find it has tens of millions joining within one month of its inception.

he press conference is slated for 11:00 AM and will be broadcast from Trump’s New Jersey golf course. Trump has been hinting at his own social media platform. Why would that be important?

Trump kept getting fooled by people like Gen Mattis and AG Bill Barr, so doing it himself guarantees that won’t happen. That could also be a good indication that he plans to run in 2024. He’ll need a platform he can count on.

Creating his own platform should drive the numbers down for the Big Tech companies such as Facebook and Twitter. Who wouldn’t want to be on a platform that does not censor conservatives?

By 2024, the number of people on a Trump platform would be incredible.

Trump had a website before but it went down the tubes because people could not respond to posts and make their opinion known.

Another source said that Trump is going to talk about the various social media platforms or it could be both. If you are going to launch a platform, you want to know how it is not like Facebook and Twitter.

If trump launches a platform, you better believe I will sign up as soon as humanly possible.

From The Blaze

On Thursday, former Trump team members launched their new social media platform called Gettr, which was supposed to compete with Twitter, but the former president told the media that he was planning his own app. Gettr was briefly hacked within hours of being launched when someone was able to change screen names of famous accounts and post pro-Palestinian messages.

In March a source from the Trump team told Fox News that they were taking their time on the new social media platform because they’d only get one chance to get it right.

G. Lamar Wilkie July 13, 2021
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If President Trump starts his own social media site, it will be no-platformed within 24 hours. Bet on it. Big Tech will have the domain name revoked; no online payment processor will touch it; and the web hosting provider will take down the site due to "hate speech". Why he won't come to Gab is beyond me: Gab has faithfully mirrored everything he's tweeted or posted, on an account reserved for him. Since Gab's already been no-platformed for 5 years, it is nevertheless growing & thriving. It would be the perfect place for President Trump, since he would be beyond the reach of Big Tech... his video messages would have a home on Gab TV, a censorship-free YouTube alternative.  
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