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Eric Swalwell Flips His S*** After Tucker Carlson Called Him A …


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Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), the rabidly anti-Trump Congressman made famous when he allegedly broke wind on live television, appears to be highly upset that Fox News host Tucker Carlson attempted to communicate with him and called him a “coward”.

Tucker Carlson recently covered Swalwell’s latest scandal, in which Carlson revealed that Swalwell spent thousands of dollars at a hotel where his wife is an executive, and on other extravagant purchases that Carlson says “seem suspiciously like personal luxuries.” Carlson then noted, “Most interestingly on the disclosure form, more than $20,000.00 of Eric Swalwell’s campaign expenditures went to the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Half Moon Bay, California. Now, weirdly or maybe not so weirdly, Eric Swalwell’s wife is an executive at that very hotel.” It is important to note that campaign finance reports are factual and required by law, not something Carlson or Fox News invented, as Swalwell seems to claim.

Then, as is typical for a journalist, Carlson attempted to communicate with Swalwell, likely to offer him an opportunity to respond to his extravagant spending at his wife’s business. “Eric, it’s Tucker Carlson. Please give me a call on this number,” wrote Carlson in a text message posted to Twitter by Swalwell yesterday.

In response to Carlson’s text message, Swalwell responded with a diatribe in which he accused Carlson of inciting death threats against his wife. “Tucker, I’m hesitant to do that. You falsely smeared my wife on Tuesday and she’s getting death threats. That’s way out of bounds.” Again, Carlson simply read campaign finance reports and noted that Swalwell spent $20,000 at his wife’s business using money raised from his political supporters. “She’s a pregnant mom of a 4 ear old and a 2 year old. Hit me all you like. But to go after here. That’s just wrote,” wrote Swalwell, with notably bad grammar. In response, Carlson simply replied, “Coward.”

This apparently infuriated Swalwell to the point where he posted the exchange on social media. “After years of lying about me and my family, @TuckerCarlson is losing his mind that I won’t return his calls,” wrote Swalwell, while presenting absolutely no evidence of Carlson “losing his mind.” He added, “Who knows what lie he’ll tell next?”

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Radman414 July 26, 2021
| |
The Chinese sure seem to have developed a number of "assets" who infiltrated the Democrat party.  For example Diane Finestein's driver for what, 20 years and "Swallowell's" paramour, Fang Fang.  How the hell is he still on any committee that deals with foreign "intellegence," let alone still retain any a security clearance?  That's just insane!    
TruthLaser July 25, 2021
| |
Swallwell feigns concern for his family and acts as if he doesn't go after anyone unfairly. Frere Eric, Are you sleeping around, Ring the mornings, Fang Fang bang.
Melissa B. Hicks July 25, 2021
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Lisa July 25, 2021
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swallowell is  pond sucking scum and a traitor to the US of A...he slept with a chinese spy and he is on the intel committee? are you freaking kidding me? you have NO CREDIBILITY left swallowell
Ella Harvey July 25, 2021
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paw July 25, 2021
| |
And where is "fang fang"? What does your wife thing of "fang fang" Swalwell? While you were banging "fang fang" you obviously did not give a rats about your wife with the young child? Did she know you had "fang fang" on the side  while you were sleeping with her and getting her pregant? Filthy hypocrite.... Swalwell.... go back to your septic tank and chill out with Pelosi, Shift and Schummer. 
John July 25, 2021
| |
DevilDog53 July 25, 2021
| |
I wonder who got the pillow-biter's wife pregnant?
chas July 24, 2021
| |
hahaha fartwell youre the dupe