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Democrats Furious With Biden After The Old Man Refuses to…


The runaway Democrats from Texas think of themselves as heroes, including one woman who compared herself to Martin Luthor King. But living it up in Washington at nice hotels and meals in some of the best restaurants is the same as being clubbed by police in Memphis or Montgomery. They now have their panties in a wad because the president refuses to meet with part-time legislators from Texas where they are the vast minority.

The democrats are expecting to remain in Washington through the first week in August when the special session is over. That is asinine since Gov Greg Abbott has already announced that he will declare a special session immediately after this one is over. And that he will continue to call special sessions until the Democrats give up and return or they are arrested and forced to return to the chamber under armed police.

Texas House Democrats fled for Washington to urge Congress and Biden to pass the “For The People Act,” which allows for many different ways in which they can cheat in elections. They just overestimate their value and self-worth. If you could buy them for what they are worth and sell them for what they think they are worth you would never need to buy a Powerball ticket ever again.

Texas state Rep. Richard Peña Raymond (D) told U.S. Rep Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas):

“He won’t meet with us on Zoom like this, and I’m trying to be tactful, but I don’t know how else to say it, man. I’m just pissed off at this point. He doesn’t give us the respect the way you have.”

State Rep. Sheryl Cole (D) absurdly proclaimed:

“All we can do is ask and push through our other congressional members. Throughout the country, we’ve received so much support that it has risen to a need for presidential attention.”

From The Blaze

The Texas Democrats, however, have met with Vice President Kamala Harris, House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.), the No. 3 House Democrat, and other top Democratic Party leaders while in Washington. During their meeting with Harris, the vice president praised the Texas House Democrats for coming to Washington, which she called a “great sacrifice.”

“I feel very strongly about this. I think you need to center and focus all of your effort on the president,” O’Rourke told the Texas Democrats last week, according to the American-Statesman.

In fact, O’Rourke said Biden needs to be held accountable because he is “not doing what is required,” a reference to the “For The People Act,” which has stalled in Congress.

They remind me of a story my mom used to tell. A woman complained to a cop that a man was bothering her. The coop replied that the man was not even paying any attention to her to which the woman replied, “I know, and it’s really bothering me.”

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Chipper July 26, 2021
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I think the Texas Legislature should determine just how much that little junket to D.C. is costing the Texas taxpayers and should be divided among the 57 and deduct it from their congressional pay and after their term ends, garnish their private citizen pay for the rest.  It is the taxpayers money after all.  This is like stealing.
Poppy Lewis July 26, 2021
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Gidge July 26, 2021
| |
Refuse to pay them, they will be on the first plane back to Texas.  As for saying MLK Jr. is OK with what they are doing, I don't think so and if he was here today he would tell you that you are all wrong. So don't invoke a name like his without him  defending himself.  
JimB July 26, 2021
| |
FOR THE PEOPLE'S ACT?  Sounds more to me like FOR THE CROOKED POLITICIANS ACT. If it is truly for the people then both sides should work together and come up with an honest solution to the voting concernes of all the American People. I believe if All the people wish to vote they will find a way to do so. If they do not have a proper Picture ID they do not care enough to vote anyway. Stop with the excuses.
James July 26, 2021
| |
The only way to make your communities safer is to vote out every last democrat. Before that, though....election integrity HAS to be restored, or we'll never get rid of the democrat cancer.
Nicolas P Cignetti July 26, 2021
| |
Stupid is as stupid does. Take that bunch and add up their IQs together and you won't even get close to 100.